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We are in the production network,Decoration online store,Many times you need to make a banner picture,Banner on top of the website,Mobile phone banner,E-commerce activity promotion banner,If you don't make a picture,I don't know how to design,You can try to make a banner template,As a case,Copy a banner template,Edit the pattern on the template,Text and other content,Easy to modify,Make a banner with your own distinction is not difficult,Let's take a look at the process of making it.。

website development banner




Banner template

Production steps:

(Website development banner)1、Search for Joyu cloud official website on the computer,Enter the homepage of the official website,Right click【sign up for free】Register a Joe Duo Yun's account,You can log in to the background product center。

(Website development banner)website development banner

2、Register with personal name,You can also register in the name of the company。Personal registration,At the company name,Just enter text,Continue to register。

website development banner

(Website development banner)3、Register,Log in into the product center,Find【Cloud design】Click【Manage】,Open flat design template center。Search keyword banners can find related banners pictures,Can also be in the classificationPCEnd banner、Mobile phone end banner。

website development banner

4、Choose a banner template,Start editing,Picture of the top of the banner,Word,You can change directly after you click。

website development banner

Banner with template,The process is simple,No need,In Qiao Tuoyan official website cloud design template center,You can find a lot of templates。Friends who want to do banners can try this method。