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A small plastic packaging box,A product that seems to be insignificant,But there is a pivotal position。No.,Sharp tool products will not have a safe feelings:No.,Built-in products lost a gorgeous coat。Chengdu Wynn Zhizhi Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the production and development of plastic molds,Create a boutique for the packaging product chain of woodworking tools,Silence to serve as each tool“Gossip”。

Chengdu Wynn Zhizhi Technology Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter referred to as“Wynn”)It is an innovative solid plastic packaging enterprise specializing in plastic packaging and mold manufacturing, industrial tools and related products.,company was founded on2007year,The plastic mold industry has been steadily forward.12Spring and autumn。

wynn design and development website(Wynn Design and development Website)

12峥 嵘,Ordinary mold processing plant from a name,Gradually become a plastic mold manufacturing technology company in the woodworking industry,It is precisely because of the wind and rain in the plastic mold.,It is only a good fortune today.。Recall the beginning of the creation,A Shuangliu District Wynn Mold Processing Factory has developed in Chengdu,Yang Gang, Yang, Yang, leading his team, sailing in the mold field.,I am eager to fight in new fields.,But the day is not enough,The factory that created only a year is ushered in.2008Earthquake,Let the company encounter,Have to overcome difficulties,Re-adjustment。Along with the company's development,The founder discovered that the road of the mold has not been able to meet the future development of the company.,Coincide,Corporate cooperation customers need new products for injection molding,Yang Popping is transferred to the field of injection molding production,Develop new development directions and woodworking tool products for the company。experience2011Turnover,Professional level and mature technical strength with the development of mold development and injection molding,Wynn is injection molding、Mold、Hardware and other fields rapidly rise,Comprehensive strength is rapidly improved,Size continuous expansion,In2017New year is now“Chengdu Wynn Zhizhi Technology Co., Ltd.”。

“Bao Jianfeng from grinding,Plum blossom from the bitter cold”。Along the way,Market fish mixed、Quality is uneven,Competition is very intense。More than ten years,Yongli's self-improvement technology product chain and barbaric growth of non-professional sales teams are among the industry。Become a leader in the same industry。Developing,The company has exquisite design teams and professional production teams.,Design for the product、R & D and production lay down the foundation,Use professional advanced injection molding machine、Machining Center、Engraving machine、Rocker drilling、CNC lathe、Spark machine, etc. to create a diversity process。also,Yongli also has a non-professional featured sales team,Use barbaric growth,Direct docking customers and manufacturers,Reputation。

(Wynn Design and development Website)Focus on achieving the future,Quality shaping image。As a company specializing in injection mold production and research and development,Yongli has already launched industrial tool packaging classes、Industrial supporting plastic products、Mold manufacturing and hardware manufacturing four excellent products。Talking about mold design,Popular appearance in the early industry,But Yongli does not follow the wave,Instead, it is designed to be different.“Square”Packing box,High impact resistance and superb crafts of their materials,Make such products more secure、practical。Facing high-end market,Yongli also launched a high transparent box,Such a design can be more intuitive to present the full picture of the built-in product,High transparency of materials guarantees the real effect of the product,at the same time,Appearance packaging and product match,Improve its exquisite details。Yongli's focus is in innovation to create countless injection molding boutique,Word of mouth。

wynn design and development website

Specialized for tool industry,High quality outer packaging

(Wynn Design and development Website)Mr. Ma Yun has a saying:The big environment is good to talk to us is not big.,The big environment is not good to keep in relationships.。Facing the current complex and varied market,Yongli believes that only do it, it is more important。Seize your own advantages,Catch a victory,Do the quality of each product。Based on the initial heart of interest to help customers,The price research and development is reasonable、Excellent quality products,Thus let the competitors look like,Give customers a reason to bought。Only in this way can continue solid standing,Based on the market,Use、Sincerely create a good brand。

“Do people want to be straightforward,Do things,There is a musical idea in my heart.,Full positive energy”。I believe that Wynn's future will continue to improve product quality in the future.,Continuous innovation and research and development products、Stabilized market and product channels,Let the brand go deep into the market、In-depth user's heart。Concentrate,Grow with employees,Successfully converted Yongli from the original machining enterprise into an autonomous self-piping company。

2020Year is a year full of opportunities and challenges。The efforts and creation of all employees this year,Yongli contributes a thin force to the injection mold industry,Also hand over an ideal achievement for the company and employees。Time is the scale of the trailer,It is the testimony of the Master's dream。future,Yongli will continue to ride the wind,Collect more technical talents,Deeper customers,Welcome the future with a righteous,Wisdom plastic boutique!