website development grand rapids


Everyone knows that a website must be profitable, you must have traffic.,There is traffic,First of all, have a good ranking;Have a good ranking,We must find a way。So what is good??Here Xiaowei summarizes some methods of improving website traffic from themselves.,Mainly8Aspect,Hope everyone likes it。

website development grand rapids

1、Choose a good domain name

The domain name of the website is very important,、.org、.netThe weight of the domain name is higher than、.bizHigh domain name。Search engine will first consider such a website when it is ranked from the website.,Your website content will be pushed to more。I suggest that you choose when choosing a domain、.org、.net,This is quite advantageous for website rankings and traffic!

2、Page quality

The page quality determines the overall level of the website。If your site can solve the problem for users,Naturally can trigger user forwarding and sharing,This also became part of the outer chain.,The effect is also far better than the garbage chain。Soft text is a quite effective outer chain,On the one hand, because the content of soft text is high.,Prospecting the quality of the post-outer chain in some platforms with high weight,On the other hand, soft text can have a good attraction to users.,When soft text content can stimulate user interest,Users are likely to enter the website to get more understanding。

3、Refined website content

The content is Wang at any time.,Good content is the best guarantee that attracts users.。Here, everyone is best to adhere to the update every day.,And timing quantification。The content of the website is best to do,If you have some exquisite videos, it's better.,The more you look beautiful,The more you can bring your user a good experience,The more you attract them again。These are essential practices that bring high flow to the website.。

4、To optimize the image

If you have your heart, you will find that most of the picture of the picture above Google is with keywords.,So optimize the picture without doubt that can increase the traffic of the website!Although Google is very powerful,But now I still recognize what is the picture?,So you have to tell the search engine This picture is expressed(Rename,Alt,Even the specifications of the picture)。

5、Optimize youMeta Label

Let's take a look at BaiduMetaDefinition:On the web pageHTMLAn important code in the source code(That is,METALabel)。METATags are used to describe oneHTMLAttributes of web documentation,For example, the author、Date and time、Web description、Key words、Page refresh, etc.。

6、Web page compatibility

Sometimes because of compatibility,In some browser, our web page will deformed,This will give a website user a very bad image,I believe many people will definitely choose to leave immediately.。Here therefore,It is recommended that everyone will debug all mainstream browsers before doing websites.,Let all browsers can look at their own website very beautiful。The improvement of these two aspects will bring a small increase in the traffic of our website.。

7、Website should be adaptive to mobile phone

The traffic of the mobile terminal has exceededwebEnd of traffic,You have to make your website to adaptively adaptive forms to increase users' visits.。Remember the search engine care is the user,Not your website!

8、Improve the opening time of your website

this is a must!How can you ask users to patiently be patient before the computer, etc.10Second,This is not possible,I don't want to continue with a bad website open speed.。