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A bit title party suspect,However, it is true that the main body of the website is completed in two days.,Behind just grabbing the material and perfect details。The following is definitely naked dry goods。


More than two and a half months,Three major modified version,Seventeenth small revision。le1024Finally, I will meet with you.。

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)le1024Recommended every day1~3part,interesting、lovely、Story video。

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)Work for you、Learn、In addition to the rest of life, a little feeling。


Preparation for the preliminary website:

1、Buy domain name

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)2、Rental server

3、Write a website code

Overall three steps,But every point has a lot of places that you must understand.。

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)Use of tools

1、New network domain service




5、nginx + mysql + ubuntu + rails

6、Baidu network disk,Seven old cloud storage

Look at the final renderings

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)website development spartanburg sc


1、How to buy domain names?What domain name is better??How much domain name is dominated?

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)2、How to rent a server?What is the difference between domestic servers and foreign servers??

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)3、How to bind the domain name andIPaddress?

4、I will notCSS,How to write a beautiful interface?

What should I buy a domain name??

for example,Everyone is born,There will be a string of numbers,This string number will be more than yourself。It is an ID card,14xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThis string is the unique identifier you live on earth.。But considering its practicality,When your parents call you, you can't call your ID number.,So I gave you a name.。Doggy

DoggyCorrespondence14xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx。Go to school, call youDoggy,Teacher call youDoggy,Girlfriend calling youDoggy。Others just need to know your name is good.,Don't know how much your ID card is。

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)In the Internet,Each machine device has a unique identifier,IPaddress。But memoryIPThe address is too unreliable.,So some people think about a trick,Give it a name.。

Such as,A company,Buy a public network server,There is a public networkIPaddress(It is equivalent to having a son,The son has an ID number),But I want to let people outside know,Buy domain name to domain service providers(Give your son a name)Put the domain name and purchased public networkIPAddress binding(Public Security Bureau Office),Both are associated together。

How to buy domain names?

Domestic famous domain provider has new network、Wan Net。

Since the landlord has always used the new network domain name service,So here recommended new network

Before purchasing domain name,Brief introduction to the type and some characteristics of the lower domain name

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)one、comdomain name

1、English name company

2、.comIt is currently the most popular universal domain format

3、comfor Commercial organizations Abbreviation,Business organization,company。.comIt is currently the most popular universal domain format,The world's users exceed1.1Billion。All international companies will register.comdomain name。

4、.comDomain names in the Internet domain system are a top-level domain name(TLD)

5、IfSEOoptimization,And Google Advertising Promotion, etc.,please usecomdomain name,cn,infodomain name,These domain names are higher in search。If you register a suffix isxxDomain name,It is an illegal website for someone else.,I am not interested in browsing.。

two、orgdomain name

1、English name organization

2、.orgSuitable for all kinds of organization,Non-profit group。Registration,orgThere is no restriction in the qualification of the domain name.,Individual or enterprises in any country can be registered。

3、.orgDomain name·comand·netThe same is currently the most popular general domain name format。

three、netdomain name

1、.netIs the most popular general domain name format。Generally used to engage inInternetInstitutional or company related network services,It is a global commercial brand,The first choice for international image

Four、medomain name

1、.meThe domain name is the country of the country of Europe, the Republic of Montenegro(Montenegro,Originally part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia,2006Year announced independence)Country domain name。.meDomain name is the world's latest top-level domain name

2、Register.meThere is no restriction in the qualification of the domain name.,Individual or enterprises in any country can be registered。Although there is no limit,But in Beijing.medomain name,Failure will definitely pass。

Back to previous problems。Since I did the introduction above,Recommended purchase.comdomain name

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)Domain name must be simple and clear,Such as Baidu(, Google( Google China Domain Name),dota(,Information introduction,The average length of the website of the well-known company is7.5。

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)and,Try not to add as much as possible in the domain name“-”(Horizontal line),Because it will reduce the weight of the reptile retrieval。

Before purchasing domain name,You can search for your beloved domain name being purchased.

website development spartanburg sc

In summary,The landlord purchased

first,lerepresents hapiness,Pleasure。1024Expressed meaning,Similar“top”、“Great”。

The purpose of the website is,Share fun,lovely,Valuable story。Everything is centered on happiness

(Website Development Spartanburg SC).comdomain name,generally48RMB/Per year

How to choose a server

1、Domestic server recommended

Ali Cloud(Stablize,Safety,good service),The price is relatively moderate

Dual-core,2GRAM,2Mbandwidth,20GBSSD 194RMB/per month

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)Why is Ali Cloud??Because Ali Cloud provides filing services,Just provide ID card and website person in charge(Ali Cloud cooperates with photo,Free photo,Fee Ali Yun),After the information is ready,FinallyICP(Internet content provider English full name Internet Content Provider )Review,After waiting for the review,ICPWill send a text message to inform you。

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)Domestic play video,Videos must be handled。

Domestic server advantages:high speed,Network relatively stable,Ali Cloud,Expansion is more convenient

Domestic server disadvantages:Must be filed,No file,Domain name will not resolve to public networkIPaddress

Notice:Don't believe,A treasure,A day, fast filing advertisement。

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)Spit,TV drama,Movie has audited,Production website also needs to be reviewed,Google,facebooketc,China is getting farther in the country's closure locks。

The rest of the domestic server has not been used,Inconvenient。

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)2、Foreign server recommended

Linode:AmericaVPSProvider,Focus onXENVirtualVPS,was founded in2003year,Office location in New Jersey。ProvidedVPSService is quite praised。But only support credit card this kind of payment method,More inconvenient purchases in China。The most basic service plan isLinode 1G,10$per month。

locvps: useIntel Xeon CPU,standard1Userver,ECCError test memory,GPort network access,Raid10+BBUDisk Array,Assure youVPSStable operation

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)CPU:2 CPUsRAM:512 Mhard disk:15 Gport:2 Mflow:Unlimited

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)Landlord uses locvps,reason,A fortune recommended。

Foreign server advantages:No need to file,Limit less

Foreign server disadvantages:Slightly slow

If you have some factors,Not filed,Choosing foreign server is a good choice。

How to bind the domain name andIPaddress?

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)First of all, I need to know,

DNS(Domain Name System,Domain name system),On the Internet as a domain name andIPAdd address mutual map of distributed database,Access to the Internet more convenient to use users,Do not remember to be read directly by the machineIPSeveral strings。Through the host name,Eventually the host name corresponds toIPThe process of address is called domain name analysis(Or host name analysis)。

in aTCP/IPArchitecture network(E.gInternet)Environment,DNSIs a very important and common system。The main function is to be easy to rememberDomain NameIt is not easy to rememberIP AddressConversion。AboveDNSService network host,It is possible to call itDNS Server。basically,Usually we all thinkDNSJustDomain NameConvert intoIP Address,Then use the foundedIP AddressGo to the connection(Commonly known as“Forward parsing”)。In fact,WillIP AddressConvert intoDomain NameThe function is also quite commonly used.,whenloginAUnixWorkstation,Workstation will go to see a check,Find out which place is connected from?(Commonly known as“Reverse analysis”)。

Here we introduce free of chargeDNSParsing toolDNSpod,DNSPodChina's largestDNSAnalytic service provider、First big domain hosting business。It takes effect in real time、Do not limit the number of domains and records added by users、supplyURLForward、Search Engine Optimization、Domain name sharing management、Domain name、IPv6support、Dynamic domain analysis、APIinterface、Advanced features such as bulk modification management,Also have:cloudDNS、DNSPod DNS Protector(DNSPod Independent research and developmentDNS Protective software)、Downtime monitoring、Security center、7*24Hour professional technical support。And all features are available free of charge。

Newly modified domain nameDNSdirectionDNSPodofDNSdomain name,althoughDNSPodThe effective time of the server is real-time,But because of all localitiesISPService providers refresh domain nameDNSTime is inconsistent,Therefore, the resolution is in effect in the world.0--72Hour

useDNSpodAnalyze domain name,Specific main process

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)one、In the domain name provider,Configure a domain nameDNSforDNSpodwhich provided

The specific operation is as follows:


2、choose[Domain management]

website development spartanburg sc

3、choose 【Domain name status setting】,First unlock the domain name(Otherwise you can't modifyDNS)

website development spartanburg sc

4、Then choose again 【Modify the domain nameDNS】

5、like【Current state】There are stateful information,Then and all states are moved to【Increasing state】Within the column;Continue steps

6、DNSAfter the address is changed, it will be【Domain name status setting】Restore。

7、Select the domain name server 【Fill in specific information】,Modify the domain nameDNSServerDNSPodof2indivualDNSShort address(correspond6Desk server)

website development spartanburg sc

8、Click to save,Then wait for the global recursiveDNSServer refresh(most72Hour)。

two、existDNSpod Management platform,Set the domain name,And resolve to the serverIPaddress


website development spartanburg sc

DNSpodAfter the setting is completed,The fastest to analyzeIPaddress。

I will notCSS,How to write a beautiful interface?

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)I will not writecss,I recommend Big nameBootstrap

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)BootstrapYesTwitterAn open source for front-end development kits。ItTwitterDesignerMark OttoandJacob ThorntonCooperation development,Is anCSS/HTMLframe。BootstrapElegantHTMLandCSSspecification,It is dynamicCSSlanguageLessWrite into。

For all developers、Designed all application scenarios。

Bootstrap Let the front end development faster、Simple。All developers can quickly get started、All devices can be adapted、All projects apply。

Demo one

website development spartanburg sc

Demo two

website development spartanburg sc

Need to know in-depthBootstrapGrid system

website development spartanburg sc

actuallyBootstrapAlso provided a lot of practical components,Such as

website development spartanburg sc

Ourselves,Research research,Can write beautiful web pages。

Server software installation

ubuntu Install nginx

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)ubuntu Install mysql

ubuntu Install rubyandrailsenvironment

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)Later

Make a website,Like girlfriend。Must be careful,Good for it twice,And must be responsible。

website development spartanburg sc

(Website Development Spartanburg SC)Modify self,Mr. Qingshui

As aITThe technicians hone their own technology is essential.,Pay attention to micro signalcoder_online,Programmer interactive alliance,Can discuss the topic of yourself at any time with big cow online.,Let yourself learn the most with the least amount of time(You can also make a teacher.),I am looking forward to your joining in the programmer interactive alliance.。