salesforce developer website


salesforce developer website

Salesforce Is famous for the United States CRM service provider,Also earliest SaaS One of the companies that serve。

Salesforce was founded in 1999 year,The founder is Mark·Beniv(Marc Benioff)。

Benivi has already entered the software industry very early。1986 year,He started Oracle Work。Because personal abilities are more prominent,he is Oracle The upgrade speed is like a rocket,Just use it just 10 Year time,That is 1996 Yearn,Just up to the company's senior vice president。This is a position that many people struggle for a lifetime.。

Beniv is still deep Oracle Time CEO、Nowadays CTO Enthusiast Lari·Ellison(Larry Elison)Favorite。exist Oracle,Beniv is smooth,Pingdian,Future。

However, Beniva at this time began to get tired Oracle work。Accompanied by tiredness,He feels that he should think about what to do next.。therefore,He decided to take a long holiday,Running to the beach of Hawaii, starting to think about long life。

At that time, the software industry was very prosperous.,The Internet just exhibits a seedlings。Beniv feels that the emergence of the Internet will inevitably change the future of users in nature.。Just starting at first, he can't understand,What is this change?。I have been thinking about it for a long time.,He finally a little enlightened,And start more hate Oracle This work environment for selling software。

Beniv feels very different from the way in the future.,Software will no longer exist,Leave it is service。Business people pay for various services,No longer need to buy software,And own maintenance software。

This concept is now deep into the hearts of people. SaaS Ideil。Although it is today,This concept is something that everyone engages in computer industry。But when 1996 year,That is 20 Many years ago,Beniv's idea is undoubtedly very advanced。

(Salesforce Developer Website)After this concept,Beniv wants to put it into practice。Although he will do to himself?,What kind of service is it still not clear to customers?。But this does not prevent him to start practice。he thinks,Customer relationship management (CRM) Software is especially suitable for practicing this idea。So he chose to choose the field you want to subversive. CRM superior。

salesforce developer website

(Salesforce Developer Website)The biggest market CRM Company call Siebel。It is based on founder Tom·Hebe(Tom Siebel)Name named。Beniv is one of the early investors of this company。So this investor and Oracle Senior Vice President,Beniv quickly got and foundedHebeMeet the meeting CRM Opportunities for subversion products in the field。

(Salesforce Developer Website)Two people talk about very much,HebeI am very interested in Beniv's ideas.,And invite him to join Siebel A doing career together。But later Beniv did not join Siebel,Instead, I got a company.。As for the reason,Unknown。

1999 year,Beniv established this name called Salesforce company of。While the company is established,He rented an apartment next to himself,And recruit three software developers Parker Harris、Dave Moellenhoff and Frank Dominguez Office in this apartment,Come to develop a new generation in his mind CRM Serve,Cloud computing SaaS service system。

These three developers are very efficient,A prototype system is made after a month,Then the first edition Salesforce。

Ellison is really a very user heavy Beniov,In the case where Beniv has established its own company,Also have been retaining him Oracle Work,And continue to pay for him。But after a few months,Beniv Finally can't support two work,Decide to resign and run your company。

later,Ellison has given Beniv's company. 200 Ten thousand U.S. dollars。This is both a value to Beniva,At the same time, it is afraid of Beniva. Oracle Dig。therefore,One of the conditions of investment,Beniov promised he won't Oracle Excavate people to enrich his own company。

(Salesforce Developer Website)Leave Oracle back,Beniv began to fully operate its own company,Cautious people。arrive 1999 In the second half of the year,Salesforce Have 10 Employee。The company has finally moved from the apartment next to his home to a building in the center of San Francisco.。

at the same time,Beniv has also begun to release the soon through his channels. Salesforce Strive。1999 year 7 moon 21 day,Wall Street Journal officially published cover articles:Canceled Programs: Software Is Becoming an Online Service, Shaking Up an Entire Industry。This article is also unclear whether it will give Beniv's advertising articles to promote the software is dying.,And online service is rising。Salesforce This name also caused everyone's attention for the first time.。

6 Month,Salesforce Officially released。For this conference,Beniv put a lot of money。Its main propaganda is still the article of Wall Street Journal.:Software is dead,Service。He said that he was more than the leader of the software industry.,Salesforce The mission of this entrepreneur is to provide a more leading way and traditional、Low-efficiency hardware and software purchasing model battle。

In order to highlight your own philosophy,Beniov requires his team to appear software This word,Whether it is in the relevant website or in the promotional information。Beniv also said,Salesforce The service is against the software。He even used 1-800-NO-SOFTWARE As the company's phone number。(US often uses letters as a phone number,There will be multiple letters corresponding to a number on the phone number disk.)。

Salesforce Very Destruction,In addition, it is very advanced.、Very superior,So when I first started,Business is not smooth。However CRM This area may be really suitable SaaS of,Plus Beniv this person is very inciting,so Salesforce This company has always been a market team to do more cattle than the development team.、Be more。

salesforce developer website(Salesforce Developer Website)

one way or another,Salesforce Still gradually grow up,The results are more, the greater。2004 year,Salesforce Successfully listed。

Accompany Salesforce exist CRM Field development,Beniov also realizes simplicity as a CRM Service provider,Not enough to support Salesforce Continue development。2005 year,Salesforce Made a huge transformation for your business,release and AppExchange。The launch of these two platforms,Let Salesforce from a single CRM of SaaS service provider,Transformed into an application platform provider。

simply put, is a third-party Salesforce Open your own expansion application website。The open application is made by Salesforce to provide operation and maintenance。and AppExchange a third-party app store,Third-party application developers can publish their own applications,For others to use for free or for a fee。

The launch of these two platforms,It has attracted a lot of third-party developers to enter。Various applications,There are so small how to make Salesforce of CRM and Microsoft's Sharepoint integrated,There are also a whole set of personnel management systems.。

The emergence of these applications has greatly enriched Salesforce the entire range of services,and built Salesforce application ecosystem。and as“Ecosphere”Cornerstone,Salesforce Provided both infrastructure and operations,enriched his CRM Product interaction with other mainstream products。It can be said to kill two birds with one stone。

2006 year,Salesforce programming language Apex,dedicated to Salesforce on the platform,Allow users to easily develop their own applications。so far,Salesforce completed from the simple CRM Service Provider to Platform Provider Conversion。from now on,No more power can stop Salesforce developed。

2006 years later Salesforce,experienced a series of developments and acquisitions,But generally not out of 2005 The foundation laid during the transition,And there is no qualitative change worthy of a big book。until recent years,Big data and artificial intelligence begin to develop。Salesforce Started rolling out its own AI-based data analytics platform:Einstein。

What will the development of the Einstein platform be like?,It's too early to draw conclusions。But this is since 2005 year Salesforce The biggest innovation attempt since the transformation,Maybe in time you'll see Salesforce Substantially changed again。

In the history of computer development,A lot of forward-thinking companies have died,and Salesforce but survived。when starting a business,Is it good to have an advanced concept??dear reader,what do you think?