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website development greenville sc

◆Greenville Party Member Cadres in Learning Party

website development greenville sc

◆Greenville underground public health security Internet of Things Data Management Platform,Has been put into use in multiple application scenarios

website development greenville scwebsite development greenville sc(Website development Greenville SC)Taihai Net7moon1Day message(Strait Guide reporter Chen Yuanqin)Time in development,Technology in progress,Always constant, stick to the initial mission,It is the responsibility of the establishment of a new bureau from innovation.。

Ming dynasty。Greenville(Xiamen)Internet of Things Co., Ltd.“Red gene spirit”,Uncommon all employees,Active transformation and innovation,Comprehensively enhance business strength,Stick to do things that make the public feel comfortable,Continuous improvement of smart city construction level,Improve the quality of people's livelihood,Enhance the happiness index of residents,Excellency the excellent answer from the party building leading the innovation and development of smart cities underground public health safety governance,Strive to open a comprehensive new journey with high gesture,Congratulations to the founding of the party with excellent results。

Do not forget the mission,Powerfully underground public health

(Website development Greenville SC)The arrival of a new round of information revolution,5GTechnology brings new motivation for the development of information industry,Greenville(Xiamen)Internet of Things Co., Ltd. is the tide of this technology revolution。Greenville5GActive layout,Taking cloud network to the foundation,A new“+5G”Smart City Underground Public Health Safety Ecological Circulation Governance System,pass through“Source monitoring+Platform warning+On-site treatment+Resource cycle use”model,Do industry technology innovation、Mode innovation leader。

Greenville developed smart city underground public health security Internet of business data management platform,After more than three years of technical team、test,To achieve the best technical status,The platform has been put into use in the Xiamen Housing Security Center and Jialian Street Square.,Running smoothly,Well-reactive。This platform is based in Xiamen,Going to the national market,Establish East China、South China、North China、Wu University of China and Western Regions,The nationalized industry layout is gradually constructing and implemented。

The relevant person in charge said,This platform makes full use of information networks and cloud computing.,Geographic information system、Urban grid system and digital urban management system,Design from Smart Municipal Planning、Build、Operation management、All life processes such as municipal facilities equipment operation management,All aspects of the municipal sewage pipe network and septic tank facilities and related systems are all-round in information processing and utilization,Effective perception of urban public resources、monitor、Management and collaborative operations,Toxic and harmless gas concentrations in municipal sewage pipe networks and septic tanks、Collection and remote monitoring of relevant information such as liquid level and well cover safety,Through basic equipment、Core Technology、Unique algorithm、Platform service and end users achieve overall platform docking,form“Source monitoring”-“Platform warning”-“On-site treatment”-“Resource cycle reuse”Mature ecological circulation closed loop,Make sure the municipal sewage pipe network facilities are safe operation。

(Website development Greenville SC)Stick to the responsibility,Crack waste circulation

Urban underground public health safety warning platform is the core of smart city construction,Smart city with5GCollision will bring industrial innovation,5GSolution to create a full business scenario under the era must rely on the power of the ecology。

Greenville, developed investment main body,It is a company and a country that is dedicated to urban underground public health safety ecological circular governance system construction.“Sewer chemical septic tank maintenance cleaning specification”Group standard drafting unit,Provide industry full set of solutions and standardized management service providers for the city,And have formed urban feces garbage source reduction、Harmless treatment、Resource utilization of ecological environmental protection management industrial chain。Master a number of world-leading environmental handling technology and ownership40A number of national invention and application patents。

“We have through the complex environment in the underground pipe network,Install monitoring equipment,application5GWireless transmission technology,Level、Toxic and harmful gas and well cover displacement, etc.、real-time monitoring,And automatic sampling detection for pathogens。Municipal sewage pipe network、sewer、Septic tank monitoring data collection to the Internet of Things big data platform,Underground environmental status of chaos that invisible to the naked eye,Forming visualization through large data platform、Digital management。”The relevant person in charge of Greenville said,Through the Internet of Things Big Data Platform,Put the original passive wait mode,Transition into active cleaning,Prevention,Prevention and treatment,Standardize service flow,Effectively reduce casualties。Especially for the old community、Underper's underground public health safety management effect,It can also greatly reduce the work strength of property management community property management personnel and improve safety.。

at the same time,Establish end recovery system——Circular Economic Industry Park,City feces garbage、Livestock and poultry breast waste garbage,Slaughter、Food factory organic garbage、Rural organic waste, etc.,Transition into biological organic fertilizer by professional process,Can be used in mine repair、Soil improvement、Organic crop planting,Improve quality of agricultural products,Form a resource recycle reuse,Provide powerful support to promote rural revitalization。

According to the Fujian Provincial Housing and Construction Department《Notice on Doing Well, Treated Treatment and Equipment Work》Require,Septic tank、Drainage pipelines are dredied every half year。It is worth mentioning that,On-site treatment,Unlike previous manual processing,Greenvil has developed a core technology to fill the national blank sewage purification,Equivalent to a mobile small urban fecal waste disposal center。Treatment vehicle“Dehydration extrusion、Solid-liquid separation、Purification、Intelligent computer control”Waiting for a series of feces garbage treatment processes,Urban sewage pipe network、Depth cleaning in the septic tank and rainwater well,Has fast cleaning speed、High safety performance、The advantages of low labor intensity and no secondary pollution,Enhance residents' feelings and happiness。

Yongxin's true color,Practice industry benchmark mission

Adhere to the faith,Continuously maintain innovative entrepreneurship creation,Courage leading the industry development、Adhere to innovation、Creating industry benchmarks is the unremitting pursuit of Greenville。

Greenville Chairman Wu Daze“Excellent Communist Party Member of Huili District”title,2007Year of the Top Ten Youth Assaults in Xiamen Special Economic Zone,Under his lead,Party branch,Party member pioneering model,Create a technical else、Job standard、Team for service standards,Sincere service、Excellent products and excellent technology have won numerous customers praise。The company also received highly recognized by the government and society.,Selected2021Xiamen Industry and Information Technology Bureau“Website development Greenville SC(source)”,Taihai Net“2019Report to the party 丨 Greenville”Midong modern technology2021Create smart city(Greenville Party Member Cadres in Learning Party)。

“Report to the party 丨 Greenville,Midong modern technology、Create smart city、Greenville underground public health security Internet of Things Data Management Platform、Has been put into use in multiple application scenarios、Report to the party 丨 Greenville,Midong modern technology、Create smart city。”Report to the party 丨 Greenville,Midong modern technology、Create smart city,Taihai Net,moon,Day message,Strait Guide reporter Chen Yuanqin,Time in development,Technology in progress。