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Generally, the construction site will involve:Planning website、Website domain name、Website server、Website record、Build a website、Website test online。Design and production costs are charged,Domain name and space costs are paid by year。If you have a station, you can self-study the construction station. It is mainly cheap.,But it is recommended to choose a basic study station will be better.。If the company is building, it is recommended to find a reliable website construction company.,After all, professional things are still giving them to the professional.。

(Website Design and Development C OST)website design and development c ost

What is the specific cost and maintenance cost of website construction??The price of the current website construction is already very transparent.,From hundreds to millions of millions。Why is the same website construction,The price difference is so big??Xiaobian will take everyone to find out~

The general steps of website construction are as follows:

First registration domain name,If the user wants to access your website,You can enter the website directly in the browser to directly access the website.。Three major principles to choose a website domain name is convenient to enter、easy to remember,Representative meaning。Generally, it is better to use a well-known brand or website name as a website domain name.。Today's domain name has a variety of suffixes。But it is recommended to usecom、cnandnet。There is a favorite website domain name, the better, the better,To prevent being robbed by others。Website domain name,Generally100Yuan or so,Prices may be slightly adjusted every year。

Then it is the basic construction of the website.,Now that the general website is planned to be templated.,Professional name is calledCMSWebsite system。This type of website construction is characterized by the website construction speed.、Affordable,Just add data information,Pay some cost。The disadvantage is that the design style is the same.,Functional curing,At the same time, there may be many websites on the Internet and your website mode framework.,Just the website name is different。

If you want to have your own design style or functional adjustment,Extra customization fees must be paid。Another way of building is self-developing,Suitable for large websites。From the construction requirements to style design,Rebate to function development,It is tailored by the station team.。The advantage is that only if you can't think of it.,Not doing。The disadvantage is that the development cost is high.,Cycle length,Expensive。

If it is a template building,Generally, from a few hundred yuan to a few thousand yuan.。If it is an independent development design,Ten thousand yuan is less。Actually,This depends on the requirements of website construction and development cycles.。

Then buy the server or space.,Small and medium-sized websites general data is not too much,Rent space is suitable,Large website to buy a server and host。After the purchase is successful,To make a website file,Projects need two weeks,You can upload the website and bind a good domain name in advance.。Space is charged by year,Generally a few hundred to thousands;Server wants to spend money,Generally tens of thousands of pieces,Also payment fee every year。

(Website Design and Development C OST)Generally,The first year of the template construction is in3000Yuan or so,Then pay only space and domain name charges each year,Substantially1000Yuan or so。The development and design cost of large websites is between tens of thousands and more than ten thousand yuan(Even higher),Space fees and domain name fees are required in the same year。also,If the content maintenance is invited or outsourcing,Need additional payment,Basically, artificial salary;If it is your own maintenance,I don't need to worry about this cost.。

website design and development c ost

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