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website development st paul mn

Labor's labor in Latin America has attracted international companies to maintain support offices in the region for many years.。However,Nanning District Block Chain Development Company learned that the recent government's commitment to the development and innovation center,Plus growing middle class leads to mobile devices,Make Latin America to a primary field of global technology companies aiming at local consumers。E-commerce system development,Nanning Hongye Software。

More and more foreign technology companies have entered the area confidently,Using most technically insufficient industries。From Amazon to Alibaba,Let's take a look at how Latin America attracts some world's largest technology companies.。

Continuous demand for cloud services

Nanning District Block Development Company learned that Amazon has expanded its business around the world. - Especially its cloud computing operations and services。In Latin America,Amazon Network Service(AWS)I recently established a new data center in Argentina.,Added it in Brazil,Chile,List of existing offices in Colombia and Mexico。

Increase in ArgentinaAWSThe center means the importance of Amazon's cloud computing services to technology companies in the region,And the demand for these services is growing。Establishing data centers in vicinity helps companies reduce costs and increase data speed,Thus no need to rely on services other than its country or region。Never say,Argentina is one of the largest and most successful technology companies in Latin America.,useAWSofMercadoLibre。MercadoLibreexist16Country and exceed3,200Operating staff,in800people atITDepartmental work,Use multipleAWSProduct fast,Easily develop a real time solution。

NanningAPPDevelopment company discovered,With recent world venture capital companies(Such as saica capital and soft silver)Investors' interest in Latin America,Development of technology companiesAWSSome support services are increasing。according toGartnerA report,Global public cloud service market is expected2018Year will grow21.4%,Income will reach1864One hundred million U.S. dollars。Amazon's expansion in Latin America may be a strategic initiative,This market opportunity can be used,And leading its competitors Google and Alibaba in the global cloud service field。

(Website Development St Paul Mn)Brazil new generation technology workers

Brazil isGoogleOne of the top three countries in daily active users,And Portuguese is the second most popular language for smartphone assistant usage.。intelligentAPPDevelopment company discovered,more importantly,Sao Paulo has more than2,700Home active technology company,And is considered to be the most mature entrepreneurial ecosystem in South America。therefore,Meaningful,The city isGoogleofLaunchpadOne of the latest members of the accelerator and campus space network。

In addition to guiding and training local entrepreneurs,GoogleRecently launched a nameGrow with GoogleCommunity plan,This plan provides free training courses,Tools and activities,To help anyone develop their skills,Occupation or business。The plan has been carried out in four cities in Brazil,Has been trained more than17,000people。

This technology giant has been continuing to launch new initiatives in Brazil.。E.g,WomenwillAnotherGoogleplan,It helps training2500Multiple women,Leadership,Negotiation strategy,Personal wealth management and digital marketing。Google also announced allocation100Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Used to support local non-profit organizationsInstituto Rede Mulher Empreendedora,And in the next two years for Brazil135,000Female providing training。

E-commerce is still developing,Full potential

Almost half of the online purchase of the Latin Americans。“Latin AmericaeBay”Is the largest e-commerce market in the area,exist15Country has more than1.742Billion user。Although it has been operating for many years,There is almost no external threat,But there is still a lot of opportunities to make more Niki e-commerce websites and other global e-commerce giants profit in this field.。E-commerce website development,E-commerce system development,Nanning Hongye Software。For many years,Global heavyweight characters like Amazon and Alibaba remain far; However,Now this situation begins to change。

Alibaba has taken a series of initiatives,Indicates its interest in the field of Latin E-commerce。The company has not only signed three memorandum of understanding with the Latin American government.,Also established partnership with local postal service agencies。Alibaba also launched a variety of plans,To help Mexico and Argentina such as cross-border transactions and trade become easier。Amazon is also strengthening its status in the region,In Brazil launched a number of services。Another e-commerce giant in Mexico and the entire Central America is Wal-Mart。

Latin American e-commerce market is expected to grow annually in the next five years18%,But it still only accounts for only the global retail market.2%,This means that the market still has a considerable gap,And a large number of e-commerce companies greet challenges。

Latin American technology is accelerating

Service from small business owners to larger retail selection,Many industries in Latin America still lack technology,Amazon,Google and Alibaba are of course not the only industry that is noticed.。E.g,Latin America is currentlySpotifyandNetflixGrowth fastest market。Nanning District Block Chain Development Company,Nanning Hongye Software Technology Discovery,For month users,Mexico and Brazil areFacebook Messenger,InstagramandWhatsAppMajor market。In fact,almost100%Brazilian useWhatsApp。Global ride leader(Uber)Also noted that the top three in the top three are in Latin America.。

With more and more large-scale technology companies enter the area,They not only brought innovative solutions and hired local technical talents.,And they also inspire the latest generation of entrepreneurs,And established a favorable partnership in Latin Americas,Bringing new wave of energy and exciting the potential of the area。