seattle website design and developments


along withwebUndending in the construction, such as high-end technology。Per yearwebDesign is progressing,NewwebDesign will appear,2015I have passed a half in the year.,I can see itwebDesign trend,Let me take a look at what trend。

(Seattle Website Design and Developments)1.The rise of flat design in web design

We used we may feel that flat design and web design andUIThe design is very different,People who will design can not be able to do web design,But this concept is to innovate。Actually, good plan designers will integrate their own flat design cubthes to web design.,If we are studying web design, just refer to the website design,Then we will never break through。Whether using a flat design as a background,Or use a flat design element as a web control or decoration.,In fact, good plane design will greatly improve the visual impact of the website.。Such asGROBA

(Seattle Website Design and Developments)seattle website design and developments

2. tell a story+interactive

For the website,It is always very important to have a sense of amazing content.,And use these content telling stories more advantages。2015The year's website design is likely to focus on how to tell the user。

for example,Space Needle(USA Seattle Landmark Building Space Tower)The website is very beautiful,You can introduce by using a storytellingSpace

seattle website design and developments

3.Big title background image missing

Website design very popular big headline background image,There are often text descriptions above,This is also what most visitors see when browsing websites.。Just likeNew Wave CompanyThe website reflects these features。It uses a big headline welcome visitors,Big font is concentrated in web support,But there is no big background picture behind the title。This is an elegant practice,Effect is not successful in other popular website designs using large background images。

(Seattle Website Design and Developments)seattle website design and developments

4. Except for the necessary design elements

When all non-necessary elements are removed,Website design is completed。Except for the necessary design elements to ensure the best example of the website isRareview DigitalAgencywebsite,It also did not use a big background image title greeting visitors。They choose to be clearer、Simple website design,Attention、Pictures and color of the current website,These design can not help but look forward。

seattle website design and developments

(Seattle Website Design and Developments)5. Fixed width center website layout

Website layout in width,It allows pictures or visual extensions to exhibit all fixed width trends in the entire browser viewport. It seems that it is more modern.,Just the website and its contents are no longer in the side of the viewport.,Some websites choose the maximum width,To ensure their content is in the center of viewport。Michele MazzuccoThe website is like this。

seattle website design and developments

6. Professional high quality custom photography

Stock Photo still plays a place in the design,But for most new situations,Stock Photo Standing high quality professional photograph,They are usually unique,Designed for website custom shooting。for example,Grainand MortarCustom photo of the website uses the headline of the site,This shows a personalized effect

seattle website design and developments

7. pop up/Slide the application menu

Responsive website design has been popular for a while,But until this year,Most websites design focus on the desktop device look better,And I can see it on the phone or tablet device.。。for example24waysandRawnetDid you show this idea

seattle website design and developments

8. Hide main menu

This is the pop-up discussed above/Slide out the application menu,I look forward to more sites to hide the main menu for visitors for the first visit to the website.。Only when the visitors are ready to move and click the corresponding icon,These hidden menus will only display。This response design technology is beginning to appear in the website design,Not only in small viewports。Brian Hoff DesignNew website is the best example。

seattle website design and developments

9. Very big font

2014year,Font play an important role in many website design,I have not found this trend in the short-term change.。But2015year,I see the title and font in the website become bigger and bigger.。Exaggerate,Even the aircraft on the sky may see the words on the ground.。When you visitTinyGiantSite,You will see a big font。This is actually a statement,Because that will first attract your attention。

seattle website design and developments

10. Web sound

More and more web design will add some sound effects in the page,Can be a web background sound,Can also be a page scroll sound,It can also be the sound effect of the element when the focus changes.。And these sound effects are very delicate and slight.,Gently embellish,Just like the sound of rotating the housing knob,Brittle and pleasant。This will not give the viewer to increase unnecessary troubles.。More and more browsers in order to prevent users from being troubled,Added the function of closing the current page sound。for example:

seattle website design and developments

11. Performance and speed

Under the trend of many designs,The speed of the website is faster,Consumption broadband traffic,But the optimization of the website is still continuing。Most trends may need to reduce the site,For those mobile phones、Flatboard or slower network users find faster load methods。Website designers and developers are more and more strongly aware of their weights of their website.,How do users interact with them?。Responsive website design has helped alleviate these concerns。Slow speed and equipment type and other factors forces designers and developers pay close attention to their documents and website size,Website load speed is not the same under different network speed conditions。No surprise,2015It needs to be loaded faster year year.、Seamless website without lag。

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