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If you are an entrepreneur,We are doing business operations,Usually, the first time will also choose to establish a corporate website to show your related products and services.,In the actual operation,We always encounter the problem of the website ranking。

Especially for new stations,Many business owners want to find a reliable optimization method.,But according to the actual operation strategy,Sometimes we really don't really give a unified standard answer,All this is based entirely on the needs of the business owner.。

(Website Development Strategy Templ Ate)website development strategy templ ate

So,SEOMarket,common5What are the ranking strategies??

Experience in the ranking of previous enterprise website rankings,BatmanIT,The following will be explained:

1、Quick ranking

For some newSEOIndustry's business owners,The other party is actually unclear ranking strategy andSEOWhat is the relationship between?,Usually,From now on,At present, there is a large number of marketsSEOCompanies will choose this strategy,Go to your users to rank,Generally divided into two cases,mainly includes:

① Word fast row:Usually based on the day,How much is a word?,General5Blockow。

(Website Development Strategy Templ Ate)② Whole station weight:Using fast-row strategy,Brush the entire station index ranking,Improve the entire station keyword rankings,Permit,Generally, different companies are different from their weight,The offer given different quotes。

(Website Development Strategy Templ Ate)advantage:Declaring time-ranking demand,You can rank in a relatively short period of time period。

shortcoming:Due to the adopted optimization strategy problem,Whenever the search engine algorithm is adjusted,Website ranking is difficult to have a stable ranking,Even the whole station encounters。

2、Old domain name strategy

For someSEOCannon,When we are doing new stations,Occasionally choose some old domain names,It is also currentlySEOMarket,A strategy that is often used,Thereby pushing the value of old domain name,It mainly includes two cases:

① Building an encyclopedia

(Website Development Strategy Templ Ate)generally speaking,Generally, if you use the old domain name,The other party always uses its entries in the company,Thus, accurate industries vertical flow,And in a new brand based on new,Choose a domain name for a suitable business brand to do a website。

(Website Development Strategy Templ Ate)Of course,If your company station,Does not consider the influence of domain names on brands,We can also choose direct use of old domain names.。

② Domain name redirection

against301Redirected problem,Usually the other party's operating strategy is direct orientation to enterprise official website,This allows you to transfer your old domain's search rights and trust to the new domain name in the short term.。

(Website Development Strategy Templ Ate)advantage:Old domain name strategy,It can shorten the search engine for the review period of the website sandbox,Quick participation website rankings。

shortcoming:Picking old domain names is very important,Not only to see the age of domain name,Need to see information about website history and other related information。

(Website Development Strategy Templ Ate)3、Enable station group

And for the station groupSEORapid to improve a regular use of Baidu Weight in the market,usually,It mainly includes the following two aspects:

① Enterprise station group

(Website Development Strategy Templ Ate)usually,Especially the sales chain,The other party chooses a lot of region keywords,Establish a hundred different regions of enterprise official website,Use this strategy to cover the industry related keywords。

Of course,There will be a company,Keywords against different industries,Each website selects a core word to do rankings,Based on the massive website of the company,We call it a company regular station group strategy。

② Station group system

The station group system mainly refers to the use of some pan-station group procedures.,Create a massive website directory,Batch fake original content,Strategy through the sprocket,Let the website links each other,To achieve the purpose of using massive station group to improve the target website keyword rankings。

(Website Development Strategy Templ Ate)advantage:Station group policy,Usually save a lot of external chain construction costs,Ranking and site grabbing frequency can be ranked in a short-term improvement website。

shortcoming:Station group strategy one but touch the threshold of the search algorithm,Very easy to encounter BaiduKstand,And lead to the whole station。


In the so-calledSEOresource,We mainly use white hat technology,A large number of necessary resources are ranked in the short term,Improve the whole station,Thereby improving the site rankings,for example:Growth of high quality outer chains,Usually we believe it is mainly divided into two strategies:

① Technical resources

(Website Development Strategy Templ Ate)The so-called technical resources are mainly:High quality content bulk output and related release of high quality outer chains,for example:You have a lot of news media resources,And the industry-related high rights station。

② Network resources

And so-called people resources,Mainly, you are very familiar with all the colleges in the relevant industry.,Can let the other party help you forward the website link,And with a large number of social media channels forming corporate brand network word of mouth。

advantage:Using conventional optimization strategies,Rapid ranking,And do not violate relevant search algorithms。

shortcoming:It is generally difficult to obtain relevant resources。

5、Baidu product

For Baidu products,Very new to enter the business owner, there will be such a hypothesis,We are when we enable some Baidu products,It may be beneficial to our website search natural ranking operation。

(Website Development Strategy Templ Ate)Inrectly,We believe that there is no intuitive impact in some extent,Maybe indirectly generate a certain impact,for example:Brand Cognition on Website Rankings and Click on Click。

Generally speaking, it mainly includes two strategies:

① General product:for example:Baidu official website certification。

② ranking of bidding:We usually so-called pay promotion strategies。

advantage:It is conducive to strengthening corporate brands,Cognition in search results。

(Website Development Strategy Templ Ate)shortcoming:Usually need to pay a certain fee。

Summarize:SEOMarket,We often use the strategy,There are still many details that need to be discussed,The above,for reference only!


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