simple website development contract


Party A:

(simple website development contract)Party B:

After friendly negotiation between Party A and Party B,Regarding Party A's entrustment of Party B to carry out on the WeChat platformH5The development matters have reached the following agreement。Both parties declare,Both parties have understood and recognized all the contents of this contract,Agree to assume their respective rights and obligations,faithfully perform this contract。

Chapter One cooperative contents

Party B develops for Party A【】H5page。In the form of web animation,show【】Arrangement,Show the reader intuitively【】。

Chapter two Rights and obligations of both parties

(simple website development contract)1. Party A's rights and obligations

(simple website development contract)A) The right to require Party B to follow the entrusted business agreed by both parties,Complete the content stipulated in the contract within the time agreed by both parties。

B) Actively cooperate with Party B during the project process,At the time of signing this contract, come up with the opinions on the confirmed entrusted matters。

C) In the operation of WeChat activities,should comply with national law、Relevant regulations of policies and industry management and social and public interests。

D) Pay the relevant fees in a timely manner according to the contract。

2. Party B's rights and obligations

A) According to the entrusted business agreed by both parties,Wechat provided by Party A within the time agreed by both parties as required by Party AH5Development and Operation Services。

(simple website development contract)B) Payment according to contract,Charge contract fees。

C) Party B is making、Infringement of third-party rights during the development process(including but not limited to personal rights、property、intellectual property),Party B shall bear all responsibilities to the third party,Party A shall not bear any responsibility。If Party A undertakes any legal responsibility for this,cause any economic loss(Including but not limited to compensation paid、Compensation、Litigation costs、Arbitration fee、appraisal fee、damages、attorney fees, etc.),Party B shall make full compensation。

third chapter Cooperation Process

1.sign a contract

Party A and Party B have reached an agreement on the development and operation of WeChat activities,and signed《【】H5Page Development Agreement》。

2.Provide event information

from the date of signing the contract【】within days,Party A provides Party B with writtenH5Production material information,These materials include but are not limited to:【】。The impact caused by the untimely submission of necessary materials and the extension of the time for Party B to complete the entrusted matters,Party B is not responsible。

3.After Party A submits all the materials required to complete the entrusted business, Party B shall,Arrange developers for design development,Among them, Party A according to the contract,Full payment and delivery on timeH5After designing related materials 【】 working days,Party B deliversH5Test version on Party A,The system goes online after passing the test,Party B provides technical support during the online period。

Chapter Four Liability for breach of contract

Party A shall actively cooperate with Party B during the development and operation of activities,Provide valid revisions or confirmations,If during the project,Party A is at a standstill,That is to say, neither effective revision opinion nor affirmative confirmation is given to the work results provided by Party B.,If the dead time exceeds【】day or more,It is deemed that Party A confirms the work results of Party B;Party A and Party B shall not terminate this contract without reason。Party A terminates the contract without reason,No right to ask Party B to return the fees already paid。Party B terminates the contract without reason,Fees already charged should be refunded,resulting in losses to Party A,Party B shall compensate,Losses include but are not limited to direct losses、indirect loss、Indemnity or compensation paid to third parties、Litigation costs、Arbitration fee、lawyer fee、appraisal fee, etc.。

(simple website development contract)

chapter Five other conditions

1.Both parties shall provide all the undisclosed information of the other party that they learned during the performance of this contract.、Information is subject to confidentiality obligations,Party A and Party B shall not disclose all information and materials to third parties,It shall not be used for projects other than those stipulated in this contract.,If unauthorized disclosure or use causes losses to the other party,The observant party has the right to claim compensation for all losses caused(including but not limited to indemnity or compensation、Litigation costs、Arbitration fee、lawyer fee、appraisal fee, etc.)。

(simple website development contract)2.After this contract is signed,Agreed by both parties,Changes or additions to the terms of this contract may be made,But it should be confirmed in writing。The parties to the conclusion of this contract、explain、fulfill、Disputed validity, etc.,should be dealt with through friendly negotiation,If the negotiation fails, both parties can file a lawsuit with the people's court with jurisdiction in the place where Party A is located.;The conclusion of this contract、explain、fulfill、The validity and dispute resolution shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China。

3.This contract is signed and stamped by the authorized representatives of both parties,Effective from the date of signature。

4.This contract is in duplicate,Party A and Party B each hold one copy,It has the same legal effect。

5.The place where this contract is signed:【】。

Chapter Six payment method cost〔RMB〕: 【】 Yuan,RMB【】Yuan whole;

2.Party B's account:

company name:【】

Tax ID:【】

(simple website development contract)address:【】


(simple website development contract)depositary bank:【】

account: 【】

Party A:

authorized representative:

(simple website development contract)time: year moon day

Party B:

authorized representative:

time: year moon day

(simple website development contract)