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O'ReillyRecently released the survey report on the website,Among them, it mainly involves salary of website developers.、Commonly used operating system、Language andJavaScriptframe。

In the past few years,O'Reilly MediaContinuous computers for computer talents around the world。Latest release2016-2017 WebThe data of the salary survey is from2016year3Month4Month2000Survey of multiple developers。John·gold(Andy Oram)Representing the respondent is their choice,Not random sampling,So most may be usedO'Reilly MediaProducts and resources,Therefore, the results of the investigation are for reference only,Do not represent the entire field。

The survey results show that the median of the salary of website developers is78000Dollar,in75%Remunerator's remuneration50000Dollar or more,25%Reporter said the salary109000Dollar or more。The rapid development of times and technology,Many respondents said that the salary rose.,17%It has been increased in the past three years.20%arrive30%,16%It is said that the wages have doubled in three years.,Of course5%Respondents said that the salary drops。

The median and four differences in the salary of each region are given in this table.:

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From the above figure,We can see that the salary of the United States is the highest.,Average98000Dollar。Canada's salary is not low,Median79000,Australia/New Zealand is followed74000Dollar。Mid-range of compensation in the UK and Ireland62000,And other European regions are relatively low in the median43000Dollar。The remuneration of other regions is as follows:Average salary in Africa is23000Dollar;Asian average salary21000Dollar;Latin American average salary is21000Dollar。

Below,The blue circle provides information about the number of interviewes in each category.:

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From the table, it can be seen that salary increases with age growth.,But this is just a surface phenomenon,The reason for truly makes the salary is the experience of years of work experience。

Report:When empirical is quite,26-30and30-35Respondents in two groups are significantly more advantageous than other age groups.,The average salary is3932and3357Dollar。With the same experience61-65Group is lower than young respondents。

(Website developer VA)The report believes that the experience of each year,Remuneration will rise1350Dollar,in addition,Compared to women,Men's more favorable。

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Besides,The report also pointed out a new discovery:That is, the impact of education is very big for salary.。Now there are many developers who are based on online teaching videos or materials.,There is also a part of the developer to be through the short-term vocational training.。Compared to these developers,An income of developers with doctoral degrees is more than they10434Dollar。But strange,People who have a master's degree will earn less people。

About operating system、Survey of programming language and framework,Since the respondent can be selected,So the percentage added more than100%。

(Website developer VA)MacOSIs the most popular operating system,Accomplishment64%,LinuxandWindowsThe proportion is57%,This share isWindowsIt is unexpected small。There are many respondents who sayUnixThe proportionIOSandAndroid,It is because the sample data itself exists.。

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JavaScriptGet it in the most favorite programming language of respondents91%Ultra high support rate,There is no doubt that it is the most popular programming language。HTMLby84%The support rate follows。PythonandPHPThey are the highest salary and lowest language in popular languages.。In all languages,SwiftandScalaThe highest income,But the number of developers is very small.。

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althoughjQueryDevelopers' salary is low,butjQueryHas been the most popular so farJavaScriptframe,andBackbone andReactDevelopers' salary。

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