website development survey questions


(Website Development Survey Questions)With the development of the Internet,E-commerce has become a mainstream trend,Most companies will build corporate official website,Even product marketing,Many companies will build official website to improve the authority and visibility of enterprises in the market.。Corporate website construction is more and more,But many companies will ignore some problems.,And most companies ignore these issues。So what problems exist now,Why is there such a situation?

1、No one after the website is completed

Many companies' managers are in order to keep up with the network trend,Unclear construction enterprise website,But only,Do not operate after the website is completed.,Well put it so much。In fact, such processing methods are a big loss for websites and companies.。Website No one management will become a waste station,Can't keep up with the network and company iteration。Facade of corporate official website representative,A good website will bring good reputation and transformation for the company,identically,A bad website will also have a negative impact on the company。So after enterprise construction site,Still do a good job in the management of the website,renewed on time。

website development survey questions

Most corporate websites have problems?What should I pay attention to??

2、Website space lacks operation and maintenance

The host space used by the enterprise construction website also needs to do operation.。The security of the website is still a martial art,Enterprise website space lacks operations,Not only will the website access experience is getting worse,It will also cause website security to decline,This is an invisible bomb for the company.。If the website is black,The user's information is leaked. This is a very serious thing.,Loss is not estimated。If the company does not have this technical personnel,You can also manage your professional people.,The guarantee will be higher。

3、Blind promotion or not promoting

(Website Development Survey Questions)Enterprise website does not make promotion?How to promote?Many webmasters will ask such questions.,No experience, the webmaster or even the website,I thought it was, I will ranked myself.,Conversion。In fact, the website is promoted is definitely necessary.,But we must rationally,You can't watch someone else's website to do this promotion you will try it.。We should pay attention,Not all promotion methods are suitable for your own website,It is not the best way to imitate,According to the situation of our website,Corresponding promotion,Can you bring us good rankings and weights。

The above problem is that many companies will have,We build a website is to better disseminate the company's culture and products.,Bring exposure and transformation for the company,So doing well management is also very important。