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Social socialization in our daily lives is a kind of lifestyle.,The development of social applications can maintain communication in daily life.,Social software software is not limited by time and field in communication,Everyone can communicate with mobile communication anytime, anywhere.,Therefore, social software is also one of the most ordinary applications in our lives.。Social application software has become a normal situation in our lives。

social website development

social contactAPPDevelop

one、social contactAPPDeveloped market business opportunities

The population dividends of these years make mobile Internet have achieved good growth opportunities,And the popularization of smartphones,Simultaneous socializingAPPThe number of coverage equipment is getting bigger and bigger,I have already exceeded it.10100 million mobile terminals,Among them, the social and acquaintances of the mood are mainly socially socialized.。In front of this huge market development,Many products focusing on vertically socializing can also be divided into a cup.。For now,The market mainly with the WeChat andQQMainly,At the same time, a social platform can perform the corresponding integration of interconnection.,Users can achieve corresponding resource sharing,While reducing the company's cost,Ability to combine aggregation,Gradually deepening product services and functions。

two、social contactAPPDevelopment characteristics

1、Unfamiliar friend:Analyze different application mall download data,Many companies are ten minutes to love strangers social fields,This is especially true for vertical subdivision,This typeAPPGood development space。

2、Relational chain integration:Integrate a variety of different relationships,Explanation by indirect interface,Just like a letterAPPMulti-social relationships can be integrated。

(Social Website Development)3、Ride circle:The high-speed development of mobile networks makes more benign in the social field of acquaintances.,Look at this field,It is definitely the best of Tencent.,Especially WeChat、QQWaitAPPThe status of the hostel social intelligence cannot be shaken。

three、social contactAPPDevelop satisfaction needs

1、As a socialAPPDevelop a few basic needs,That is、Send a picture、Send a text、Send a video, etc.,This is currently a social relationshipAPPNeed to meet。

2、Video call is also4GSocial relationshipAPPThe biggest change,The social experience brought by video calls is completely flying over.。

3、In related medical social intersection、Educational social situation、Securities social and other related industry design,Need a professional customer service to answer users in real time,Meet the user to meet the corresponding needs。

4、The group chat mode is also an extremely important model in social interaction.,Where the voice room、Group video can bring excellent social experience to users,The atmosphere of group chat is excellent。

Four、social contactAPPDevelopment function

(Social Website Development)1、Chat function:As a socialAPPBasic function,Can send a text、picture、voice、Video, etc.,Also able to talk more about people。

2、add friend:You can search directly from other users' accounts or mobile numbers to add friends.,Or search according to related matching conditions。

3、Real-time walkie-talkie:Users can chat with a group of friends in the voice room,Chatting in the voice interior belongs to real-time message,Will not have related records left,And you can lock the words in the state。

4、Voice reminder:When there is a urgent party who doesn't look at the phone, you can call the other party in time.。

5、Private letter assistant:Open a private letter assistant to accept all relevant private letters,You can also close private letter to avoid being disturbed too much private letter.。

(Social Website Development)6、Circle of friends:userUGCDynamic content sharing,Pay payment,Sharing appreciation;Real-time information promotion,Multi-end synchronization display support/recommend/Topping/Popularization classification,Support graphic video,Enhance activity。

(Social Website Development)7、People nearby:Users can view nearby people through positioning,Singing some calls with nearby people can directly socialize。

(Social Website Development)8、Voice notepad:Users can conduct voice speed,At the same time you can use the video、picture、Text to make a note。

(Social Website Development)9、Account protection:Users can bind the account number at the Personal Center,Binding mobile phone number requires the six-digit verification code for the phone,After the verification code is passed, you can complete the binding,Binding mobile phone can log in via mobile phone,Can also be used to retrieve your password,Can be good to ensure account security。

10、circle:Users can create circles according to their hobbies。Integrate the fragmentation information of the same element。Cover map can be provided in the circle,Circle can set the right to speak,Get rewarded earnings。Circle can be rewarded with points(Circle owner's personal income),Show rewards and dynamics。Circle can be set to open circles、Private circle、Invitation to join、Paid additives and other forms。Circle managers can manage circles posts,Speed limit can be set,Private circles and payment, etc.

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