website development brief template


one、Nanjing website construction process:

1、Develop a website construction plan:Determine the website construction plan,And determine the specific details and expenses of the plan;

2、Signing a contract:Construction site to sign a website development agreement with the company;

3、Design:Website designers conduct site-style design and website development;

4、Construction engineer development:Development completion,Upload test server,Enterprise review,And propose relevant opinions and ideas、Suggestions and other feedback;

5、release:Enterprise confirmation can be released;

two、Company official website website construction category introduction

(Website Development Brief Template)1、website homepage(Can be designed by website construction company);

2、about Us:Company Profile、company culture、Organization、Team introduction, etc.(Addable Delete modification);

3、News Center:company news、Industry news;Have a background added、Revise、Delete, etc.

4、Product center:Product display、Photo explanation、product category;Have a background added、Revise、Delete, etc.

5、Technical Support:After-sales service、Frequently Asked Questions, etc.;Have a background added、Revise、Delete, etc.

6、Recruitment:Talent Concept、Strategic cooperation、Recruitment information, etc.;

7、contact us:Contact information、Map navigation, etc.;

8、Mobile station navigation is consistent with the computer end column;Backstage added、Revise、Delete, etc.;

(Website Development Brief Template)9、domain registration、Website data storage space、ICPFiling, etc.(Can be active from the website construction company)

three、After-sales service

1、Infrastructure maintenance:Website domain name maintenance、Space maintenance、Website traffic report, etc.。

2、Content maintenance:Modify the page local text or image Add、Revise、delete、Make。

3、Technical Training:Training website uses background login and management。

4、Space and domain name:Provide domain name resolution andICPMake a record

5、Safe maintenance:Database Guide Export Maintenance、database backup、Website emergency recovery, etc.。