website development html css creating a single page website


Why do companies build a website?,What is the purpose of building a website?,Is to improve the sales channel of enterprises through the website,Need to make a high quality website that meets the search engine requirements,Homoker get the website keyword rankings,Not only can you bring traffic and access,Can also enhance the conversion rate of goods,Ordinary template station、Imitation station is not marketing,Facing the intense competition,No good marketing means,The company's website is difficult to survive in the Internet。

Website construction7Basic steps:

① Website demand determination

(Website Development HTML CSS Creating A Single Page Website)② Website domain space

(Website Development HTML CSS Creating A Single Page Website)③ Home initial plan

④ Website page design

⑤ Website development

⑥ Website test release

(Website Development HTML CSS Creating A Single Page Website)⑦ Website maintenance promotion

website development html css creating a single page website(Website Development HTML CSS Creating A Single Page Website)

one、Website demand determination

(Website Development HTML CSS Creating A Single Page Website)No communication、communicate with、Discuss,Is unable to understand customer requirements and user needs,Correctly do the website you want,I can't reach what kind of function or use value,Why do you choose to do a website?,The purpose is to promote corporate brand image、Promotion company products、Service good customer,These features need to be established。

therefore,Website construction company launched a variety of website production methods,Corporate website construction、Brand website construction、Marketing website construction、School website construction、Hospital website construction、Tourist website construction、Decoration website construction、Mall website construction、Industry portal website, etc.,Different types of functions given by different sites,Enterprises must understand what website construction is to understand when choosing websites.。

two、Website domain space

Enterprise construction website will not open domain name and space,No domain name,Users find the website,No space,The website can not be used,The two are missing。

Have a good domain name for the website,We are more common with a common domain,Basically, companies are choosing.comand.cnMore,Website domain name is generally full of enterprises、Abstract、Industry as the main body。

Space is the program file and database used to store the website,The content contains web pages、picture、Video and other related materials。

Under normal circumstances,websiteICPRecording needs25Working day ,Before the website has not started,Just complete the website files and,Make synchronization with the website。

website development html css creating a single page website

three、Home initial plan

(Website Development HTML CSS Creating A Single Page Website)The initial plan should take into account the website business model、Website operation ideas、Website design、Website development model、Customer usage habits、Structure of the website、Column settings、Website style、Color match、Layout of layout、Writing image, etc.,This will affect the timeliness and rationality of the website.,Want to operate from the website for a long time,Once set,Don't change easily。

If the website structure plan is confusing,Will directly affect customer browsing experience,Only reasonable website structure design is the fundamental of optimizing website keyword rankings,Otherwise, the search engine can't grab the page.。

Website make reasonable planning and design,You can guide the major search engines to get more、More valuable web page and conveyed content。

Four、Website page design

Before designing production, you need to collect more materials.,Including text content you need in your site、Pictures and videos related information。

In the early days of the design website, we lay out on the website.、content、Picture for conception,Design the website of the website based on the type of website and the crowd,Page design is not too messy,Be sure to be simple,Guaranteed user experience design,Let visitors have a feeling,Did users' ideal results,Such a website has played a role,After the user enters the site,I can touch it through the website design、Direct attract customers,Instantly let customers understand the company's products and services faster。

Fives、Website development

(Website Development HTML CSS Creating A Single Page Website)After the website page is designed,Start making the front end of the website(Html)And development background(PHP)。

The front end is usedHTML、CSSCode Realization Page Reconstruction and Page Logic Jump,UseJavaScript、JQueryOptimize website browsing experience,Implement the development of the website interaction and the development of the background function。

Website development purpose is to implement backend data storage、Add to、Revise、delete、Inquire,Website programming languagePHP、Asp、Net、java、CLanguage orC++Wait。

website development html css creating a single page website(Website Development HTML CSS Creating A Single Page Website)

six、Website test release

Complete background program development、Front-end page call,The website is just a prototype,Also continue to do our website,Need to test the test assessment,Observe from the user's angle、Experience the wind station and there is an imperfect place,Just find that the problem is found in time,Repeated test,If there is no big problem,You can upload all the files all files to the virtual host space,Do a good job of domain name analysis、Space binding,Users can browse the website through the domain name.。

seven、Website maintenance promotion

(Website Development HTML CSS Creating A Single Page Website)For a new website just launched,Do not promote promotion work,The website will sink in millions of websites.,Only by search engine bidding、SEOoptimization、Media platform、Information portal、Forum and blog release website information,Let more people see our website,The purpose is to expose company introduction and domain name,Let users know how to enter our website,Only in this way can you get precise customers。

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