website development brooklyn


website development brooklyn

Catherine·Mingshar(KathrynMinshew)Is a female job hunting siteTheMuse(Muse)Founder and CEO。Before the founding of the website,She isYCombinator(Silicon Valley top-level entrepreneurizer)Graduate。2011year,born in1985She is called by Forbes“30Position30Rich”one。2012Year was rated as“The technology industry is worth paying attention15Plazale”one。

Catherine graduated from Duke University,Graduate for the top entrepreneurizer of Silicon Valley,She previously works for Clinton Health Creativity Organization。FoundTheMuseLater,She has introduced this website that I participated in the founding.,“TheMuseIs a career begins10to15The most trusted professional website,We help each month more15010,000 answers this question”。

Catherine is in an interview,Asked,“What is the hardest part of a female founder?”?She replied,As a female founder,Raising venture capital has always been a fascinating experience.。She said,Need a certain courage and determination,Continuously re-prove,Your firm belief,To determine as much as possible。During this process,Successful women tend to become more secure。She also believes“Perfect work”The idea is a myth,Each position has excellent disadvantages,“I believe that everyone has the opportunity to find the passion with us.、Work of values and advantages”。

(Website development Brooklyn)Catherine and her joint founder Alex·Cavolakos、Merisha·Mcryi three people founded in Brooklyn Brooklyn,WillTheMuseThe website is headquartered in New York。“This is absolutely a suitable place for us.。”Catherine said。

In Catherine and the two joint founders andTheMuseUnder the efforts of all employees,Muse has become the most innovative in the world.50One of the companies,In2015year5moon14Day acquisition1000Ten thousand U.S. dollarsARound financing。

(Website development Brooklyn)at the same time,Catherine is still a public speaker and writer。She used to《Harvard Business Review》、《Fast company》、《Enterprise Weekly》Waiting for the publication。She is still in《Today's show》(TodayShow)、Bloomberg TV(BloombergTelevision)、Fox(FOX)、Microsoft National Broadcasting Company(MSNBC)Waiting for professional experts in the program。also,She is still often in technology、Metead speaking on media and human capital and other activities。She created《New rules of work》(TheNewRulesofWork)Book2017year4Monthly By Crown Business(CrownBusiness)And Penguin Landon(PenguinRandomHouse)publishing,Soon become《Wall Street Journal》Bestseller。

Catherine laughed in an interview:“You rarely see me at work.,I am a traveler who likes an adventure.,I've been there60Country,And still increasing。”