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(ACE Website Development)Domain( message,It is reported that,Yesterday morning00:00,New top-level domains that are concerned and controversial.wangHas entered the open period,Firstday registration14438indivual,The registration period before the previous period has also achieved a lot of registration results.,Registration results display957indivual,Strike registration price128Dollar bill-19998Dollar bill,Can see even if it is such a high registration price,There are also many domestic and foreign brand companies and investors, such as madness.。 The reason for snapped is.wangPotential value,Each of the Note in a good domain name has a large appreciation space。miss.wangDon't be discouraged by investors,Now registration is still coming,There must be a good domain name being omission。

according toWHOISInquire:Alibaba、Tmall、Alipay、Jingdong、Tencent、WeChat and other Internet large-scale enterprises have been robbed,Be“Note”Fertile,It is not、.cnThe third largest domain name,There are some questions recently.comSound,Say6It will be in the domain name industry“Lose favor”。Many well-known companies in China are,Even all multinational well-known companies are right.wangBe more concerned,Express very optimistic,Microsoft、Amazon、Rolex, etc. choice to rush to the characteristics of China's representative.wangSuffix domain name,For these international brands,register.wangMake close to the market with Chinese,Is a brand strategy that is an indispensable business in China。According to the domain expert forecast,.wangAs a new top domain name2014The year will become an unstoppable emerging main force in the domain market market.,The future trend is not underestimated,Value is not underestimated。

The advantage of becoming the main domain name is:First of all the ace.wangIt is confirmed by the Huangdao Registry to confirm the opening of the data analysis of Chinese network access behavior of Chinese networks worldwide.,it isICANNA new domain suffix for birth under the new policy,This domain suffix will create a、.cnThe third largest domain name。Secondly“.wang”Chinese characters“network”、“King”Pinyin,It consists of a maximum of Chinese community spelling and memory habits,Easy spelling and memory,Easy to promote,It is even more rare that he has no limitations of corporate types and industries.;In addition, you can have a good domain name with internationalization and the Chinese.。