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(Example Portfolio Website Web Developer)2022year2moon17day,Multicoin CapitalAnnounce a receptionWeb3Native computing platformFluence 900Wan Dollar Finance。Multicoin CapitalManagement partnerKYLE SAMANIDetailed explanationFluence。

Three things to do,And only do three things:

1、Storing data

2、calculate data

3、Send data to other computers(These computers are stored in data、Processing data and sending data to other computers, etc.)

(Example Portfolio Website Web Developer)No storage is not possible,So most the earliestWeb3The agreement is naturally focused on storage。This includesArweave(We are their investors)、Filecoin andSia。

For many years,We have been thinkingWeb3Field,And a number of investments:Livepeer,The GraphandRender Network。It is worth noting that,All threeWeb3Calculation primitives around a very specific、Highly specialized calculation type。

today,We are pleased to announce our latest investment in this category.:Fluence,We have recently been chantingFluence 900Wan Dollar financing,Other investors haveAlameda Ventures、Tiger Global、Protocol Labs、Arweave Capital、Polymorphic Capital、OP Crypto、Signum CapitalandUOB Venture Management。

understandFluenceA simple model is decentralized and no permissionAWS Lambda。FluenceCan be from any public data source(IPFS、Filecoin、Arweave、Ceramic、Ethereum、Polygon、Solana、FlowWait)Read data,And calculate it,Then store the newly calculated data back to any of these repositories.。

also,Copy the block chain of the same data as all nodes,FluencePoint-to-point (p2p) Network management execution,And can be customized based on each function、Fault tolerance and cost。

FluenceProgramming languageAquadrive,AquaDesigned to build a distributed system in an untrustful environment and manage crossp2pNetwork execution。Application developers can useAquaCopy data、Calculate verification、Failover and load balancing creation customizationp2palgorithm。In addition to scalable calculations,This is alsop2pThe design space of the system provides a space that is easier to build and seamless with each other.。

FluenceWhat is the use?Can be used to calculate at least one of the following requirements:

1、Need to verify in the public domain

2、Can't have a single point of failure

(Example Portfolio Website Web Developer)3、Request anti-review

4、Too heavy and cannot run directly on the block chain,However, the calculated output must be stored in public accounts.。

(Example Portfolio Website Web Developer)The following is some specific examples of these applications in practice:

1、Chain vote——User signs the transaction and send it toFluenceThe internet,FluenceNetwork will statistically and summarize all votes,And submit the final vote to the chain。

2、variableNFT——Change or allow restructuring and other mathematical relationships over timeNFTHave a huge design space。

3、game——As more and more games will homogenize and non-homogeneous coins for the game mechanism,The amount of these states and gameplay will be more and more。Many of these calculations are in centralized ways(For example Axiemiddle)implement。With more and more people get income from the encryption economy in the game,We expect users to be more and more transparency,They will be transferred from the centralization site toFluenceWaiting for the centralization site。

4、Chain calculation——Asset automatically transfer from a chain to another chain requires staff to detect events on the initial chain(E.g,Currency transfer orNFTdestroy),Generate the corresponding data,And send the generated transaction to another chain to cast assets there。

5、Intelligent contract automation——FluenceCan be implementedDeFiandDAOAll required features,Including limit orders、Automatic fluidity supply management、Debt position clearing protection、DAOProposal implementation and software update。

(Example Portfolio Website Web Developer)6、Predict——due toFluenceProvide a fully fully equipped framework for creating a detrimentary system,It can be used to create subnets with supported by consensus or any other data verification model。Developers can set up subnets to provide a link data feed and apply custom trust models。

7、Chainp2pCoordination and multi-sign wallet——FluenceProviding a solid foundation for the threshold signature settings and multi-party calculations。

FluenceReflected an extremely bold future vision:A logically centralized computer,Can be extended in fullness and modify and handle any quantity、Cross-data input function。

This yearFluenceA chain market for hoster and computing resources and code。Code author will share managed income according to the use of its code module。Uploaded code is not changeable,Can prevent malware from being inserted later,As long as the module is used and hosted,Dependency( dependencies,Terms used in programming a software component that needs to be run in a programming)Will keep normal operation,Not being deleted by the center party。With the developer upload more code,These code isAquawrite,FluenceNetwork will produce Deli。

also,FluenceImplement the ultimate dream of open source:Remuneration by writing high quality open source code that others can use。This monetary model isFluenceSpiritual core,Will help reshape our thinking about the value acquisition of the open source system。since30Open source since the year,Developers have always dreamed of this monetary model;FluenceMake it possible。

(Example Portfolio Website Web Developer)Fluence SDKNow listed,And there are already thousands of services running on the network.。