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He Shijun,usernameHax,person「He Lao」,seniorWebdevelopment expert。BeliefWebstandard,HTMLPurist+CSSidealist+JavaScriptreformist+RESTbeliever。The current head of the front-end architecture group of People's Network。

Help the best programmers discover betterofferYes100offerVision,It's them for seniorwebInterview with expert He Shijun,authorized,share with you。

(expert website developer)1997year,HaxEntered into the liberal arts base class of Fudan University through the independent admission test,Served as Fudan Institute of Chinese Studies《common sense》Editor-in-Chief,until the newspaper was banned,It can be seen that his sharp writing and critical spirit have a long history。Except for the newspaper,Spare timeHaxall in the engine room,2dollars an hour,until graduation,Internet charges exceeded2000Piece。

After graduation,HaxAccidentally entered the government department of Shanghai Jiaotong University,During the period, he was responsible for the website development of a national social science project.,From front to back,Haxwith a few students,Almost everything is hands on。2004year,Website goes live,daily averagePVup to60Ten thousand。

2004Teacher's Day,HaxAbandoning the official establishment of college teachers to leave the school,Invest in a future you know nothing about。before leaving,hisTitleIs the technical director of a national website under the Ministry of Education。half a year after leaving,HaxGet your first full-time job,TitleYesLead Software Architect,Fired after half a year。half a year later,found a job again,Titleis an application software engineer。only a year and a half6months of official work,TitleQuickly shrink from technical director to code farmer。Haxjoke:「I don't know if I was a coward,But my wife always boasted that she didn't abandon me back then。」

Today, more than ten years later,Sitting in the office of located in the Xuhui campus of Jiaotong University,It seems fate has drawn a circle,HaxI like the current state:「I'm nothing in ten years nowTitle,But everyone knows I'm a front-end。

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Recognize technology drivers,Determine career direction

From colleges to foreign companies,Then to Shanda, two in and two out,Even part-time training institutions,ExperiencedHaxExperience with different types of companies。In this age40of「senior programmer」it seems,to avoid「The technique is not good,product not made」pain of,Identify yourself first。

Divided by passion for technology,Generally can be divided into two types of programmers:

1product engineer

「function implemented、generated value」,Is a technology driven product engineer。Their goal is to create a product that can change the world。This type of programmer is more suitable for developing into a full stack engineer,requires extensive research,Switch between various technologies at work。

2Technical experts

「solved the problem,explored uncharted territory」,is the inner power of the technologist。This type of programmer is suitable for choosing a technical field and digging deeper。

There is no difference between the two,But it will determine your career direction。So what you need to consider is what kind of person you want to be more in your heart,It's the ability to work with product people or even single-handedly to make a world-changing product,Or to be the industry's top in a certain technical field。A very individual genius can do both,But most people can only choose one direction to work hard。

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How to make your next career choice?

In this undersupplied market,Good programmers never lack job opportunities,So,In the face of many types of job offers,How to make the right choice?Haxthink,You need to consider at least the following two points in your career planning:

1Determining ideal working conditions

Different types of companies will bring you different working conditions。In a business unit that lacks a technical expert team,HaxWas worried about the bottleneck of technical ability、Lack of teamwork。obvious in the grade、Shanda lacks innovation mechanism,HaxI also experienced the powerlessness and frustration of individuals under large companies。

And in companies with a culture of engineers,everyone will be interesting。Whether you roll up your sleeves and write code yourselfCEO,Or financially interested in writing code、customer service,Will bring you the positive energy of work,This is alsoHaxOne of the reasons for choosing。

2Clearly pursued work goals

at different stages of work,Everyone may have different job pursuits。After more than ten years of code living,After coming out of Shanda Innovation InstituteHaxNot in a rush to find the next job,In his opinion,can「Practice career ideas」is the main indicator of job selection,And this is often not possible in large companies。

In this era of Internet vents where pigs can fly to the sky,Countless companies are expanding rapidly、recruiting horses,butHaxbutRefuse to join fast-expanding companies,because in his opinion,There are two problems that cannot be avoided:first,The company is moving too fast,Team size is too large,Will dilute the team culture,rapid aging;also,Haxmore realistic,When discussing the applicability of technical solutions,Need to calm down and evaluate trial scenarios,Discuss advantages and disadvantages,It's about speed、Impetuous company is difficult to do。

especiallyFront-end team,Often picked in big companies,split in a while,merge in a while。actually,How to use technology、why write,Related to the company's organizational structure。Front-end technology and back-end、design、products are related,Easily squeezed from all sides。As the last link of development,Front-end work depends on many departments,anddirty workmore,Therefore, you must be cautious when choosing a company。

How to grow into a good front-end engineer?

as a recognized seniorWebdevelopment expert,Haxthink,There is no set way to become a good front-end engineer,Everyone needs to explore their own way,and there is a way to measure。takeHaxin words,「programmers first,The second is the front-end programmer。」For front-end engineers at different technical stages,Haxgave different suggestions:

1Junior Front End Engineer Growth Guide

  • Lay the foundation。Learn some computer basic courses,Such as algorithm、data structure、Compile capacity, etc.。I have to master the knowledge of products and design.——This will affect the future height。

  • Learn to turn over the wallLearn to useGoogle,Learn to useGitHub、Stack Overflow、Knowing the community。

  • Actively participate in technical activities,Even if you have to participate in and communicate with your pocket,This is an investment for yourself.。Good people are more beneficial to get recommendation when hopping;If you are not good at mixed circles,Come100offerGood way to participate in the auction is not a disposable harvest bulk interview opportunity。

  • (expert website developer)the most important is,Unremitting。For example, a few days ago40ofHaxJust challenge the full English report,Because he knows,Learn English to get the most hands and information worldwide。

2What is the excellent front-end engineer??

If you have done more than?,Can only be counted as a qualified front-end engineer。existHaxThis seniorTech LeaderIn the eye,Can be in the interviewGet favored excellent front end engineersThe quality that should be included includes the following:

  • (expert website developer)Technology does not send。for example,Although the front end is relatively simple,But like other fields,Once it goes deeply,Algorithm will be encountered,Don't give yourself limited,To overcome the algorithm。

  • There is a user experienceSense。Front end, especially values,It can see the quality of people more than really,The things that excellent programmers do will definitely not rough。These details of these details,Can't stand alone,And to form a good habit。

  • have「curiosity」and「Lazy」Virtue。for example,If you are interested in exploring a compatibility problem,But when the exploration is completed,I am bored to write additional compatibility processing code for this problem each time.,So motivate yourself to find engineering methods to avoid duplicate things,This is the virtue that the programmer should have。

3What is the top leading engineer??

(expert website developer)In the front end, the most popular fields on the Internet market,Can be encountered、Front-end engineer appreciated by employersNeed to have:

  • (expert website developer)Very strong user experience and engineering capabilities;

  • Graphic Designer/Interactive designers and code capabilities。

One of the above two points can be proficient, very rare front end talents。It should be noted,Techniques for any slightly complex,It is very difficult to say that it is very difficult to define it.。Haxthink,Proficient「free」Definition。That is to achieve the target「Freedom」,achieve「Handle」Point,When it is possible to be proficient。

In short,Programmer,working,Keep essential for technical issues,AsHaxSaid,「Technically,No more true,I am afraid that I am afraid that it is not true.」。In the workplace,Be sure to put your mindset flat,「Failure is normal,Success is accidental」,Even the top-level engineers are not smooth on the workplace.Standing in the workplace,First of all, there must be confidence,Have a choice of right to explain that you are excellent;Secondly,Be sure to figure out your career goals,Be cautious to make the next career choice,Can realize your own value。


I have heard it forever.HaxBecause of sharp technical criticism,But I saw a smileHaxPresent,The previous 惴惴 惴惴 is swept away。HaxIs a typical technician,Honest,Rational and sunshine。BeWebGreat God in the development field,He not only concentrates on grinding technology,More willing to join the same generation,Sharing and discussing various technical communities。

Maybe,Programmer's career development road should not be silent and lonely,Free and enthusiastic exchanges can also promote your growing growth。

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