action plan for website development


The so-called enterprise website construction plan,More often, it refers to the time when the website is initially built.,Relevant personnel are required to conduct some analysis。such as market analysis、Enterprise's own needs analysis、and a plan for what kind of logical structure the site should use。Do you build your own website or hire an outsourcing company,If you are looking for an outsourcing company, the cost of each link and the development cycle also need to be listed。

Combine all of the above into a written report,This is the content of the plan for the construction of the enterprise website。Don't underestimate the importance of website solutions to enterprise website construction,Whether you do it yourself or outsource,programs can provide guidance,Efficiency will also double,Specifically how to make a plan for the construction of a corporate website, you can refer to the following content。

1、The first step of the website construction plan is the analysis of the market situation:

Analyze the market background of the company's industry、Whether the market behavior meets the needs of network marketing,Most industries need this。In addition, analyze the competitors of the same industry,picture:Analysis of website inclusion、Analysis of opponent's promotion methods, etc.。

2、website theme:

(action plan for website development)  Understand what a business needs a website for,Whether to expand the business of the corporate website or just for display purposes。After determining the needs of the enterprise website construction,It is easier to find a website building company to make。

3、Solutions to technical problems:

web server bandwidth、stability、safety,Decide whether to use a server or virtual host for your website,Analyze the difference between the two。

For example, does the size of the server bandwidth affect the user experience?。

(action plan for website development)web hosting security、stability、What is the cost of maintenance。from antivirus、Consider vulnerabilities,to keep the website safe。

4、Keyword Value Analysis:

in keyword analysis,The most important thing is its value analysis。This is mainly biased towardsSEOWebsite optimization,If the site is not going to doSEOOptimization can ignore this。

The core of website optimization is keywords。A high index keyword can bring very considerable traffic to the website。Greatly improve the business of the company。

But if you want to do well,somewhat difficult,Therefore, it is necessary to carefully analyze the website for optimization and how to start。

5、corporate website architecture:

The theme of the website should highlight the detailed explanation and customer-friendly design of the products or services that the company wants or can provide for the interests of customers,enterprise-wide、The depiction of strength and other aspects is only a foil for the theme,Therefore, it is decided that the content classification should increase the theme content.`render,Priority should be given to the arrangement of the subject content on the page order。

6、Industry competitor website analysis:

  Ability to comprehensively analyze the fundamental situation of competitors,Understand the history of competing websites、record、flow、weight, etc.。

7、website maintenance:

website maintenance、Software and hardware maintenance and response speed to various problems。Mainly maintain and update website content,Functional changes are made according to the needs of website development。Standardized and reasonable website server maintenance mechanism。