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BBCNot only has a profound impact on the spiritual cultural life of the British,It is also a standard and expression of the media industry.。The author investigates in the United Kingdom,andBBC、Production companies and research institution managers exchange,I deeply feel the traditional media of the world in content production.、Technical application、Innovation and practice in production processes。

(Website development in Birmingham)Although the media environment has a big difference,But the BBC(Hereinafter referred to asBBC)As an internationally renowned traditional media,Development path with new media fusion transformation is representative。For the British Radio and Television Industry and Society:BBCThe value is not only reflected in the size and market share of dominance.,It is a wind direction of British media and society.,Social politics、Economic and cultural development has played a role。in other words:StudyBBC,We can understand the British media standard and development phase。byBBCWhat changes have been spent on behalf of the British Radio and TV media in the new media environment,What kind of cultural inheritance and spirit are sticky,There is a certain reference for the news that we are developing.。

Meet the needs of demand,Audience requires constant changes

British broadcasting media is guided by audience,The initiative to adjust the development strategy based on audience needs is impressive。The audience is the direct expression of media value and influence,Scientific survey、Accurate assessment of audience market is the basis for developing correct media production and sales strategy。The British media generally believes that the demand for audiences continues to change and diversified.,Only understanding and meeting the content of audience needs can succeed。research shows:British traditional media audience usage habits tend to multi-platform,Young people are getting away from traditional radio and television hugging mobile Internet,BBCR & D is launchediPlayerPlayer and successfully propose、the Internet、Mobile priority strategy,Will be positioned in your youthBBC3Change to network viewing channel。BBCReconsiderate its resource allocation by paying attention and understanding of user needs,Accelerate investment digital news services,Actively change the content propagation method,Attract the target audience。BBCThe basis of change channel change strategy is the audience research。BBCAudience survey was conducted since the establishment,Persist“Audience satisfaction”Is the key to survival。Currently,BBCHave a more than 100 people's audience investigation department,In addition to the professional ratings investigation company(BARB)Outside of the data provided,I also have audience committees and national models.,from2005Employing an independent investigation company for qualitative research on sampleholds,Content involves user pairsBBCDemand and major competitorITVandC4Wait18Channel requirements and content satisfaction。In recent years, special attention is specially concerned about social media comments.,Implement full media monitoring,MasterBBCStatus in competition,Adopt audiences in time,Adjust the broadcast TV program。BBCPay attention to the audience,Directly affect serviceBBCOutsourcing production company。TalentTV movie company independent producerTony HumphreysExpress,Be in touch withBBCAnd other media cooperation,A program is from ideas to make a general need1~2Time,Most time and energy for audience and market research,Argumentation of its feasibility and market prospects。He believes that the research audience is an important part of the creative production.,Making a show cannot be imagined,If you don't understand the target audience,It's hard to succeed。

Compared with the UK,Domestic radio and television pays more attention to the audience,Specific performance:First,Content positioning is performed based on its own resources,Promise the target,Lack of normalization, pre-production test and broadcast evaluation of content innovation,Thereby, homogeneous competition or does not match the contents of the target population。second,More placed in research,Method、There is a large gap between sample quantity and confidence。In the new media environment,The first line is generally reflected, I don't know which people should be positioned.,What is the target group??What channel arrives at the target population?at the same time,Cannot meet advertisers' demand for accurate user data。These issues are currently plaguing us to improve content quality,Production of obstacles that adapt to full media dissemination。Want to make the content of the audience,Let's know the audience first。We should first establish the concept of audience needs,Increase audience research,Give policy support and material input。The form of a combination of internal leading and outsourcing has long been developed for a period of regular audience,Continuously understand the feedback from the audience,Mining new demand,Enhance content competitiveness。

The content is the king concept.,The standard of good content is changing

British school and industry,It recognizes the rapid rise of new media.,But when I talk about the core competitiveness of traditional media, I still mentioned the same way.“Content is the king”。in England,The content of the king has not changed,Change is a continuous improvement process,Enhanced content production standards。Production separation promotes professional division of labor,Standardized production,Professional talent maturity,High reference value。Mainly reflected in the following three levels:

First,Deepen production separation,Introduce marketization operation。Production separation is a long-term strategy involving the cultivation of industries and talents,To fully consider advancement speed,With the continuous maturity of the industrial chain,Steady advancement。The UK is the birthplace of broadcast separation,30Searching practice of surplus years,Make the United Kingdom to occupy the leading position of TV development and mode output,Has the most independent program production companies in Europe。1990year,The British government enforces the national levelBBCandITV25%Non-news program must be purchased,Since then, the production chain of these two television homemade self-propelled programs。2007year,Taste the Sweet SweetBBCTake the initiative50%Non-journalism program is made by independent production company;ITVEffect and announce60%Program outsourcing。This prompss a lotBBC、ITVSenior producer、Directors have dawn。2014year,BBCExpenditure,Announcement50%Self-made program of employees to the market,Can beBBCProgram,Can also serve other tables,Non-news programs are fully open,Table team and other companies compete together。

second,Strengthen team building,Introducing flexible employer mechanism。The purpose of team building is to improve the quality of content production,Refining division of labor and professional talents are effective operations,In the early stage of team building,It is necessary to promote the team to develop a team of professional marketization.,Professional people doing professional things,Improve production standards。go through30Perfect development,British TV broadcast separation has formed a highly professionalized industrial chain。On this chain,Independent production company is responsible for creativity、Make,TV station is responsible for purchasing、Arrangement、Broadcast、advertise,Mode company agency program copyright sales,Terfeter。Most of the thousands of independent production companies in the UK focused on the production and production of a certain area。In addition to the company's company,There is a large number of secondary contractors and freelancers responsible for a specific production affairs in the British TV industry.,These institutions or individual full-time video、Lights and clips, etc.。Freelancers are the backbone of the industry,Existing production director、Producer、director、Core planners such as screenwriter,Also cameras、Sound effect、light、Props、make up、Sub-class work。They are neither affiliated to the TV,Non-production company's fixed staff,Is a full free mobile professional TV。Usually the independent production company gets the order of the TV station,The first thing to do is to recruit project teams,Determine the production director according to the budget and program type、Producer、Director and other important positions,Then you choose the grassroots employee,Video、light、Sound effect、Props、Moderator, etc.。All staff combine with project operation,After the end of the project“Free man”。ShinenorthProduction companyBBC、ITVAnd other platforms provide large programs creative and production,directorAlex ConnockIntroducing the company's situation:Although the company's core layer has only more than a dozen people,But after the order is got, the number of employees will rise to dozens of people or even hundreds of people.。Each type of work is a circle,The basis of establishing a good reputation for freelancers is professional skills。

third,Focus on multicast process design,Strengthening production standards。recent years,Foreign TV model introduction gradual trend,Although some programs can be fired,However, at the same time, accompanied by a batch of homogeneous、Quality content。The root cause is only imitated in the form,Integrated resources to reduce production costs,Ignore the quality standard of content production。However, real innovation is not only limited to form,More comprehensive design from the standards of their processes and operability。Keep the content from the source,Standardize the steps from creative to spread,Based on this, the process and operation specifications of each step are refined.,Use this to promote content optimization。

The maturity of the UK content production is mainly reflected in the pursuit of processes and standards in its annual month.。A program sells from creativity to global,To experience ideas、Develop、Production、Broadcast、Global sales five links。In recent years, in the domestic heat“Program mode”Mainly generated in creativity and development links。Britain not only has a program,It is also specified for each different type of content Collection, the feature and content format,This style of writing is known as the model creation specification in the industry.。2000year,International TV Program Template Certification and Protection Association(FRAPA)Establishment,Its members share this type of standardized book writing format。BoxatricksProduction companyJohn Goughtell us,A book's writing specification involves all aspects of related content,Taking the company's main indoor quiz class as an example,Template writing specification requirements28Category315Related process specification。This type of book writing specification is essentially an operating standard that must be considered in the production.,Is the guarantee of content quality。John GoughConduct the negotiations in the model sales,For model copyright companies, even more compared to the introduction,Because this will directly affect the mode global sales。The usual mode of copyright sales include not only authorized fees, including consulting fees.。British mode company while selling copyright,Universally emphasize output quality standards。The pursuit of process standardization and quality standards in the British Media is the basis for the continuous improvement of its content.。ProducerTony HumphreysExpress,The creative and development link of a section is a process of constant correction.,The formation of a book requires time consumption1~2year,This is the cost of the market research and evidence.。He used a well-known Satellite TV as a consultant in the country.,Surprisingly, domestic programs can directly omit a lot of processes,exist1~2Finish creative broadcast in time。He wrote a few pages of reports to interpret the high-level interpretation process and standards of Satellite TV.。(Because in the UK,The core value of the pattern is the precise expression and quality of the process.)

Channel is the secondary concept,Refactoring adaptation vector change

(Website development in Birmingham)In the new media environment,With the changes of audience consumption habits,Broadcasting channels present cross-platform full media communication trends。BBCThe Media News Center is called a classic example in the industry.,It is a target study object for many traditional media full media news center construction.。Integrated resource production,The construction of multi-channel content distribution is a system engineering,Need from management concept、Organization、Production Process、People's skills, etc.。Throughout my country in recent years“Full Media News Center”reform,Most of the concept and technology,The current difficulties and contradictions are mainly concentrated on how to break the resources of the original channel and frequency.,Realize process reconstruction。BBCExperience that can be used, there is the following five points。

First,Integrate users and resources。Whether there is a high value of high value、Nice new media distribution channel for users,Is there enough content resource support platform to operate?,Comprehensive integration with multiple channels。BBCFour screens and one strategy and integration media news center operation is the traditional media adjustment process、Adaptation channel change、Optimization content and brand spread of the best embodiment。The so-called four-screen combined strategy isBBCBrand,Integrate existing resources、television、Mobile phone and tablet four screens,Form a brand new、Cross-media communication platform。The results of the production process restructuring with it are“BBCSnong Media News Center”Establishment and operation。BBCBreak your own broadcast、television、Network media boundaries,Resource integration,Process reconstruction。Headquarters in London、Manchester、Scotland、Birmingham division will broadcast、television、News reporter、Editing is in one“Solar”Open platform work,Big Editorial Department at the same time, there are three media forms.,In contentment is included、legal system、Finance、entertainment、Sports and other news。Each reporter interview、Edited manuscript、video,Place in public space,To share resources according to your own permissions。Video footage of TV reporter,Network editing can be broadcast after differentiation editing,Broadcast editing can also be broadcast based on its own laws and needs to make broadcast programs。Such a production method,Saved a big saving、Material and financial resources,Get maximum integration and utilization of resources。

second,Gradually reorganization process。The focus and difficulties of all media communication are the production process reconstruction,Unable to fundamentally solve the issue of staff and resources after the departmental merger recombination,At present, most of the traditional media reforms in China will temporarily put them as a difficult problem.。BBCThe internal organizational architecture adjustment and production process remittated in the media fusion mainly experienced two stages.。The first stage,Broadcasting channel integration。exist2006Architecture reform,Produce all video content,Circuit video、Network video、Mobile video,Merge into a large door-BBC Vision。Preliminary test water is uniformly planning for video content of different channels,Thereby improving the utilization and transmission efficiency of content in different channels。second stage,Production resource integration。2007year11moon,Broadcast broadcast、Television and network news center combined together,Establish a multimedia news center,Make the news content to consider the needs of different media platforms during the production process。BBCThe core of the full media news center is in advance planning and co-ordination,Cooperate with the previous three leadership teams,Each platform is still responsible by different people,In the planning stage, integrate with each other into the production and dissemination。E.g:In the early news selection,The on-chief of the three different platforms will negotiate according to your needs.,If the platform of news broadcasts presents a topic and ideas,The TV platform is based on this basis.,The network is integrated according to the resources of the two platforms.,And propose a way of rendering with network characteristics。After the production process reconstruction,The new department and the new position have been made。Integration of resources,There are two main sectors to coordinate production.。First,BBCCentral content group。The team is responsible for integrating planning28Language content production resources。Every day, according to the content hotspot proposed by each department, the audio and video version of the English is unified.,It is possible to transfer all local language versions in each language group.,Maximize human labor costs。second,Central Chart Treatment Center。Format the template of the chart to all departments,Localization processing by them。

third,Planning a first division of labor。Many domestic media institutions are brewing multimedia reporters,I hope that the collection and production work of multiple channels is taken by one person.,However, this may be a philosophy.。Multi-channel communication, although the skills and quality of personnel skills are higher,But the fundamental principle is still based on the channel characteristics,Not in one person integrates multi-channel content。BBCAll media fusion dissemination is not letting the grassroots producer one person,Instead, integrate into the overall planning on the basis of the division of labor.、The concept of multi-channel communication sharing。In addition to sharing various departments, resources must also contribute,This coordination mechanism is particularly obvious in the multilingual department.,Make the multilingual sectors to play a personality value under uniform dispatch。first,BBCI have held all language platform joint editors every morning.,Propose the topic、Reporting ideas and sharing methods。in addition,Establish a coordination editing,Bridge between various language groups and English sharing groups,Responsible from different English platforms including TV and broadcasting orders。

fourth,Encourage content to spread to multi-channel and platform。BBCLanguage department supervisorLiliane LandorExpress:Will continue to develop social media,At the same time, focus on digital and mobile markets,And adjust the news production method。BBCTry new media communication channels,It is an important means of cultivating traditional media personnel innovation and adaptability,Let traditional media people are always in a learning state。Whenever face new communication channels,Organize the corresponding training。E.g:how to useiPhoneShoot news pictures,How to make a video shot and clip,Development trend and communication skills of social media。Some new posts also increased during the fusion,First,Digital Media Editor。The main responsibility is to discover new media platforms,Design and practice content presentation,Promote successful practical experience。second,Mobile editor。The responsibility is to design and edit the content presentation of mobile terminal channels.。third,Social editor。Research on the development trend of social media platforms,Design and experimental content presentation and communication form。

fifth,Be brave attempt new technology。BBC iPlayerYesBBCAt2007A technical service launched by year。Be“Creative future”Planned heavy weapon,Bear“Terminal development”Important mission。In order to achieve this goal,BBCFully support research and development,since2005New year4Billion R & D upgrade fee。The huge investment is in exchange.iPlayerSuccess in the market,Founded to the fourth generation“Cognitive media”Aspect,It expands in terminal、International expansion and user stickiness have made important breakthroughs。For traditional media,The continuous innovation of technology is to achieve the protection of production and communication upgrade under the new media environment.。However, the research and development and investment of technology is also huge.,BBCThe staff of the R & D department frankiPlayerYesBBCOne of the success of many R & D projects,More behind it is a failure attempt and exploration。We must recognize the sustainability of technical investment,Behind technological innovation is a huge research and development、maintain、Upgrade cost,Because there is nothing better in technology innovation fields,Like content innovation,The development of radio and television technology also continues to improve with the times and demand,And never end。

(Website development in Birmingham)(Ph.D. in the School of Journalism and Communication, Peking University、Director of the Research Department of Beijing People's Broadcasting Station Research Center)