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Brian·fargo(Brian Fargo)YesInterpalyandInXilefounder of,Led the team to create《wasteland》《ice city legend》《torment:Tides of Twisted Mura》and other classic games。the past ten years,Fargo has created sequels or spiritual sequels to several classics——But the veteran game producer is accepting foreign mediaGameIndustry.bizEmphasize in the interview,stay in the past,He prefers to look forward。

website developers fargo

“We can't rely on emotions to sell games。”Fargo says,“Emotions are a double-edged sword,Because many people's emotional attachment to old games is related to their life state and mood at the time,impossible to reproduce。”

“E.g,You may have stayed up late in the dorm with a few friends playing games,but can never fully reproduce what it was like to play the game at the time。Because you may have a life burden now,to make a living,The mood is no longer as easy as when I was young。”

Fargo says it is for this reason,InXileexist《new ice city legend4》(The Bard's Tale IV)During R&D, the old way of making the first three works will not be repeated。as aPCPlatform role-playing game series,《ice city legend》The trilogy was born in the last century80s,The publisher wasEA。

“I jokingly call it《ice city legend20》,because if《ice city legend4》really1995Annual release,Then it must be very different from what it looks like now。We have to consider the progress of the times,Can't imagine it's a1995product of the year。it's not smart……so,we try to keep《ice city legend》The essence of the series,At the same time, new perspectives and new elements will be added to the game。”

website developers fargo

(website developers fargo)Fargo thinks,likeInXileMake a game that completely restores the previous style,So modern players might give up after two minutes of play。

“I know there is indeed a group of people who would like it1995Year《ice city legend》。”Fargo says,“But if the game can only attract this group of people,my company has to go bankrupt。So we will provide core players with some familiar characters、Magical Skills and Places,Also need to make sure the game appeals to those who have never been exposed to《ice city legend》of players。they may beTwitchwatch other people play,thought:‘This game looks fun,I never heard《ice city legend》,But it feels good。’”

No matter which game you make,Fargo always wants to be innovative,He focuses on elevating certain details by,“promote(game)This art form moves forward”。specific to《new ice city legend4》,Fargo revealed that whenever a player loads the game,will see what tasks they have completed in a prompt scene,and what might happen next。Fargo hopes that by doing this,the novel、The basic storytelling skills of the film are incorporated into the game in a fun way。

In addition to game creation,Fargo also introduced his upcoming blockchain-based digital gaming storeRobot Cache。

(website developers fargo)website developers fargo

“I love new technology,like to connect the dots。”Fargo explained,“I made the first batchVRone of the games。I think blockchain technology is interesting,Has the potential to have a disruptive impact on the entire gaming industry……I don't like hype too much,But the blockchain industry did attract an influx of capital,There will be winners and losers in the future。”

Fargo believes,The decentralized nature of the blockchain and smart contracts greatly reduce the need for middlemen——Between game developers and players,The biggest middleman is the digital distribution store。therefore,Robot CacheAttempt to use blockchain technology,DoSteam、Originwhat digital stores are doing。but withSteametc. The difference is,Robot CacheOnly take game revenue5%(instead of30%)as a division。

in addition,Robot CacheWill also allow users to resell games they purchased through digital channels——Of the revenue generated from the sale of used games,platform extraction5%,And game publishers will get the70%。Why used game sellers are willing to accept only25%revenue from sales?Fargo said,“25%total ratio0%better”;He also added,Publishers may consider offering a higher percentage of revenue to players who sell used games。

(website developers fargo)Up to now,Inxilenot yet announced《new ice city legend4》specific release date,butRobot CacheIt is expected to be officially launched at the end of the second quarter of this year。