unit 6 website development assignment 2


one、Website planning

Before making a website,Be sure to plan a whole plan,That is, according to industry characteristics、Business advantage、Product selling point、Target customers、Competitor、Profit model、Credibility, etc.,Plate the website,According to marketing ideas,Overall plan for the website、Page Layout、Literary refinement、Credibility、User experience, etc.,Such a complete marketing mode,Plan a direction for the production site,Also beneficial to improve website inquiry。

two、Domain name

Domain names are not only important to promote,It is also important to optimize,Select the domain name,Unable to,Be sure to choose related to the company,In order to make it easy for users to remember,Improve promotion efficiency,Directly use the pinyin or collapse of brand words,This convenient memory and direct input,Save promotion cost,Improve promotional effects,Here, companies need to pay attention to the mainstream domain name,General suffix is.comdomain name,Where to communicate in a well-known service provider,Otherwise there is any problem,All find people。

three、Website server

Server or space,Both are used to store the website related files,Servers or space quality,Directly affect the opening speed of the website,And stability,Space,Choose according to your needs,There are a lot of models at present,If more,More information,That directly selects a separate server,If you know,Select the website space,Prerequisites must be a well-known service provider,This kind of cheap is,Be sure to see the specific configuration,Otherwise the website is unstable,Regularity can't be opened,This seriously affects enterprise network marketing effects。

Four、page design

After the plan,Next is the page design,For corporate websites,Don't be too cool,Be sure to be simple、atmosphere,It looks very comfortable,Give the user a good browsing environment,Of course,In addition to design results,Need to consider design elements,That is, the color of the website、Font、Material, etc.,These are all very contact with corporate brands.,Need to consider the actual production process,Cutting complexity,user experience,And marketing thinking,This is not a simple design.,Still need to consider a lot。

Fives、Website production

Website,Mainly the cropping of the page、Procedure、Editing of the content, etc.,Want to consider the websiteSEOoptimization、user experience、Website security,Only meet the optimization needs,Get search engines recognition,Can get good rankings,Meet the user experience,Convenient users quickly find their own needs,Enhance the viscosity of users,Meet the security of the website,It is conducive to the website to run long-term operation,Will not go wrong,Leading user,The same content editing,It is also very important,Extraction and optimization layout。


websiteSEOGood optimization is good,At the time of building,It is necessary to handle it.,Structure of the website、Simplified page code、Optimize the use of labels、URLPseudo-static、Key words layout、Website chain, etc.,These are considering when they are stationed.,Of course, some is when I edited at the website.,Just consider,Meet search engine optimization,Improve the good feeling of the website。

Summarize,Whether there is a team of teamwork,Still find the station company to make a company website,Need to understand these website development processes,This is also helping companies get quality enterprise websites.,Most companies have no construction team,We need to find a third-party building company,At the time of the station company,Will involve communication to these contents,Of course,Besides,It also needs to consider the strength of the station company.,Technology with the station team,Ensure that companies get a high quality marketing website,Help companies solve corporate network marketing problems。If you don't know the choice of the station company,Please continue to browse《Which website construction company is good?》。