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  Foreign trade website production has become an indispensable marketing tool for foreign trade customers development,Whether it's Google Optimization,Google promotion,Still doFacebookAnd other social marketing,Alever or to do Alibaba and other paid platforms,Enterprises need to have a separate website of our own,Brand and product propaganda。And now there are many online companies that do websites on the market.,Also launched a variety of packages,Thousands to tens of thousands,Let the business are dazzling。So what points need to be concerned about foreign trade website,How to make foreign companies like??The following Yuncun network will come to you to introduce it to you.。

fbla website development

one、Open speed

  The opening speed of the website directly affects the effects and transformation of the website。According to the statistics,Website open speed exceeds8Second,80%Users will close the website directly。When enterprises do foreign trade sites, they need to turn the website to open the website.3Within seconds,Don't exceed your maximum7Second。There are a lot of ways to improve website open speed.,For example, the selection of the server,Simple website code,Reasonable use of pictures,Reduce video use,Do not set up the homepageflashAnimation, etc.。These are all required to build a station company.,Enterprises need to do it, check the website on the website before online,In particular, the detection website is open at the target market.,Because some websites are open in China,Opened abroad but very slow。

  two、Website design is in line with customer aesthetics

  Visual marketing is very hot in these two years.,In fact, the purpose of marketing is achieved through visual effects such as website design.,User enters the website,The first impression is from the website design,If the design is in line with the aesthetics of customers,Then leave“profession,authority”An impression,Establishment of follow-up trust,Customer transformation is very helpful。Industry of the company,Target customer group,It is also different from needed design style.,Need to understand the aesthetic habits of the target customer group,And local native outstanding website design style。

  three、Valuable content

  The purpose of users entering the website is fundamentally to get information,So enterprises need to invest well.,Provide it with information it needs。So a detailed introduction such as products,Company Profile,Company History,Certifications,Cooperative case, etc.,Let users find it very conveniently。You can set it outFAQSolve some common problems for customers,Not only can save the company's efficiency,And you can get good feelings of customers。

  Four、Link social media

(FBLA Website Development)  Enterprises can connect websites and social media platforms,On the one hand, you can use social media to drain the website.,On the other hand, visitors entering the website can also drain into the social media.,This is very helpful for customers.。Website product,Articles and other pages can add social sharing buttons,How do users share this page,Then there will be many users in the social media to see your information.。contact us,Message box and other parts can also be addedFacebookSocial media buttons,Convenient customers to click the corresponding position directly into the companyFacebookAnd other social accounts。

(FBLA Website Development)  The above is how to get more foreign businessmen in the production process of foreign trade website.,I hope to be helpful。

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