ada compliant website development


What is usability?

Availability or user experience is to make your website simple,User-friendly and easy-to-use art。Understanding your customers' online behavior allows you to understand which valid,What is invalid。One of the best books on availability is“ Don't let me think”Steve·Kruger(Steve Krug)。The title clarifies the rules of the design website.–Make your users,They will stay;Very difficult,They will leave。Some of the most basic and verified prompts include correct use of slogans.,Intuitive navigation,Simple content and strategic use visual effects。Avoid confusion。The link and button should be displayed as a clickable state?Whether the website is logical?Can you find important information clearly??if not,Then, your website is not designed for usability.。

Why is usability is important?

HubSpot.comResearch on progress,When asked the most important factors in the website,Exceed75%Respondent said,They are easy to find this information at the top。If you are more complex navigation,It is difficult to understand the content or unused design functions to build a website,Your website will not be able to achieve its goals,And will lose business。

(Ada Compliant Website Development)ada compliant website development(Ada Compliant Website Development)

So...How do you design a user-friendly website??

Secret is in the appropriate plan and comprehensive test。Most old companies take special designs in their project processes.,Taking and eliminate potential availability issues。This step is called a line diagram or prototype production。The wireframe is essentially a schematic of the website content.,Blueprint or pencil sketch。It usually has no design elements or colors。But focus on the substance。The only focus is content,structure,Process and function,Without other visual effects to disperse。

ada compliant website development

If you operate, a government or non-profit website,It may be necessary to studyADA(《US Disability Act》)InvolveWebMany aspects of barrier-free,Including the appearance and feeling of the website,Image alternative text, etc.。WebAccessibility refers to the practice of designing a website,People with different levels of ability can access and use these sites more easily。According to law,Government website must meetADAspecification;but,Many experts think,conform toADAWebsite design is a good practice for every website。In retaining multi-user pairs(Or higher version of the design)Comments,Feedback very precious。This feedback can be included in the early stage of the project。If you have no budget hire professional companies to manage focus groups or availability tests,It's so easy to create a company with your customers or using online services.。

Can help your customers' experience

Successful websites always use customer-centric。If you help customers solve problems or solve their pain,They will like this website and reward you through its business.。If you have a function of sacrificing ease of use.,The loss will definitely exceed the obtained income。Each website experience must be designed specifically,To solve problems with the most effective and user-centered manner。There are many successful stories on the network,Although the website is not the first in the same kind,But its success is the best result。FacebookNot the first social network,But it makes contact with friends easier than others.。GoogleNot the first search engine,But it produces better search results。

ada compliant website development

Be careful not to over-operate。Whenever you want to add other ringtones or whistles to your site,Please ask questions。Why bother?Why do we have to add it??Is it worth our customers??We will discuss feature creeps in the back of this book,But please pay attention,Adding features increase complexity。You don't want to solve a problem and create another question during this process.。When adding new features,Please remember“The more simple, the better”the rules。

The best experience is very simple

(Ada Compliant Website Development)Let us useApple Inc. for example。AppleThe product is known for its full-featured products.。iPhoneexist2007Thoroughly changed the smartphone industry,But this is not only because of its new features.。Actually,There are other smartphones with the same or similar function.。Apple makes these features easy to use。Use the same principle in website design,To ensure careful implementation of each function,Make your customers more than competitors。E.g,Are you selling a variety of complex products or services?Design a interactive guide,Can help customers choose the right product according to their own needs,This may change your website。

Availability or user experience is to make your website simple,User-friendly and easy-to-use art。

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