wbs for website development


today,The small game brings everyone to the dry goods——WBSCreation。you。Is it ready??

wbs for website development

one、what isWBS?

WBSEnglish is full of EnglishWork Breakdown Structure,Chinese meaning work decomposition structure。Is the project team to implement project objectives、createRequired resultsNeed to be implementedHierarchical decomposition of all work

createWBSThe process is to put projectsDelivery results and project workDecompose into smaller、More easy to manage components。

(WBS for Website Development)

two、valuableWBSWhat characteristics?

valuableWBSKey feature:Based on deliverable, not task or activity。Means of,WBSWhat is going to deliver?,Not how to deliver。

Main benefit:

1.Conacular to early understanding of work

2.Conservative to deliver the expected results

3.Conserve allocation and explanation

4.Provide a baseline for the range change control

5.Improve communication,Reach a consensus

three、How to create valuableWBS?

(WBS for Website Development)

First show aWBSpicture:

wbs for website development

So,AboveWBSHow the chart is made?20The decomposition step summarizes the following:

wbs for website development

under,Let's explain in detail one by one.

Planning phase

one、Get input

●project files:

Project scope manual(Detailed description deliverable、Project scope)

Demand file(Detailed Description Single Need How to meet the project business needs)

●Project management plan:

(WBS for Website Development)Range management plan(Define how to create according to the project scope manualWBS)

●Career environmental factors


●Organize process assets

createWBSPolicy、Templates and procedures

Past project file、Experience

two、definitionWBSCreate a team

Determine who will help us define and verifyWBS,, For example, related parties、team member、Experts and sponsor, etc.。

three、Analytical work range

(WBS for Website Development)Together with the team defined in the second,Identify and analyze the work required to complete the project。This is a process of repeated iteration。

(WBS for Website Development)In order to complete the manuscript,We need to survey summary、Chinese manuscript、Revise、Layout design, etc.。

Four、Determine ifWBStemplate

WBStemplate,Especially from the past similar itemsWBStemplate,Be preparedWBSA good start。

Fives、SureWBSOrchestration method

Determine how to arrange and organize work。E.g,WBSThe second layer will be deliverable、Stage of project、Sub-project or other。

Below we take several website construction projects as an example:

wbs for website development

six、SureWBSExhibition form

There are three main forms here.,Tree chart、Outline、Table format。

(WBS for Website Development)wbs for website development

The main contrast of three ways is:

wbs for website development

According to the actual situation,The best way is to prepare and improve the form.WBS,Team and monitor the range after approval。


WBS Chart Pro,Mindview,Microsoft Visio and WBS Modeler,Spresd sheets(Spreadsheets)Wait

implement+Surveillance phase

Eight、Application decomposition technology

●Upside down-Work pack(WBSMinimum work)

(WBS for Website Development)●Decompose the project range and deliverable results from a smaller、More convenient management level(Ability to estimate resources、Expected cost and time。)

To be delivered in the long run or component,Currently may not decompose。Project management teams thus often need to wait for a consensus on deliverable or composition,Can only makeWBSCorresponding details。This technology is sometimes referred to asRolling planning


WBSContains all products and project work,Including project management work。PassWBSAll work of the underlying summary,To ensure that there is no missing job,There is no extra work。This is sometimes called100%rule。

(WBS for Website Development)

To determine if the decomposition is correct,Just check it out:DeliverLower levelWBSAssembly,Can you deliver?Higher levelCorresponding delivery results。

(WBS for Website Development)

ten、Check the level of decomposition

Upside down,When can I stop decomposition??If you can estimate the decomposed component area、When resources and cost,You can stop decomposition,And determine it as a work package。


Each formation has oneIdentification encoding according to the hierarchy,Also known as“WBSLogo”。These identifiesWBSCan't repeat。

Generally,use“1”Code to the first layer of formation。Decompose by layer by layer,Determine the encoding of the lower component according to the encoding of the upper layer。

twelve、Insert hierarchy

If you need to use different colors or other methods to distinguish each level,Then you need to insert each level corresponding to the legend。(Different levels of different colors)

wbs for website development

Thirteen、Check component name

WBSComposed of deliverable results,So generallyNouns and adjectivesCome to naming components。

(WBS for Website Development)

fourteen、Add the required component fields

andWBSVarious information related to components,AllWBSField。

Mandatory field:Must be includedWBSField in the component,for exampleWBSIdentification and component name

Selective field:Add from yourself,Other information related to components,If the responsible person、Cost, etc.。

fifteen、Solix the relevant party's opinion

Discuss with project teams and related partiesWBS,Start a series of iterations and modifications,Until the key-related party recognizesWBS。

sixteen、prepared byWBSdictionary

WBSdictionary:is directed atWBSEach component in,Detailed description deliverable、Files of activities and progress information。

wbs for website development

Ending stage


Once approved,Only a formal change control process can beWBSto modify。

(WBS for Website Development)

eighteen、Communication range

Convey to the relevant partiesWBSandWBSdictionary,Make sure they all clearly understand the scope of the project。

nineteen、BundleWBSLink with progress plans and budgets

Progress plan:A series of activities and milestones organized together

WBSIs the input to formulate progress plans,Is the basis of definition activities

●make sureWBSAll the work defined in the middle has the corresponding plan,And will be implemented;

(WBS for Website Development)●Ensure that only approved work。

pass throughWBSID can beWBSLinking with progress plans,As shown below:

wbs for website development

twenty、Establish range baseline

Range benchmark:Approved scope manual、Work decomposition structure and correspondingWBSdictionary。

Complete this twenty step,We can create a valuableWBSLa。you,Did you learn??

(WBS for Website Development)More project management knowledge sharing,Please pay attention to the public number【Project management community】


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