website development tasks


Website building steps are not complicated,A little understanding will greatly improve communication efficiency when docking with website development companies?Today, the new editor will tell you the website construction process and detailed steps。

Website construction process:need to organize--Demand submission--Web Design--page confirmation

website development tasks

one、need to organize

Website development requirements are generally put forward by Party A,You can also form a document and submit it to Party B after communicating with Party B。Requirements sorting is a very important step,Need to establish the general direction of the company's website。

two、Demand submission

Hand the organized requirements to the web designer,What should I do if I can't organize the needs??Let me give you a few tips;

Browse some excellent peer-to-peer websites,List the advantages and disadvantages,Form simple requirements report

(website development tasks)2.Communicate with the web designer on the phone or use WeChat,Can't write requirements, you are lazy and don't want to type,Then use voice。

3.Face-to-face communication with website design companies,Let designers and technicians help you organize your website needs。

three、Web Design

Page design is a very important step and requires a lot of effort,First out the website home page draft,Every website focuses on the homepage,If you can't see the company's key content on the home page, it means that the home page design is very failed,Only users with good homepage design will click on the content page to browse the next step,Only after the home page is determined is the design of the column page and the content page.。

Four、Home Confirmation

The homepage is the most important page of the entire website,After the home page is confirmed,Other pages are basically stereotyped。The importance of the home page was briefly explained just now。After the first draft of the homepage comes out, in most cases, it needs to be revised in multiple directions.,If the previous requirements are submitted in sufficient detail,That will greatly improve the satisfaction of the first draft。