website development checklist pdf


Now the website is not unfamiliar for us.,But I can tell you,Establishing a website is still something that most people can't do.,Although I can build it as soon as you follow the free tutorial in your network.,But this is still a relatively high threshold,For this reason, please people do the mainstream of the website or the construction station.,So,What do people need to be a website??

website development checklist pdf

1.Building method

How much does it cost to build a station?,The main difference is that the construction method is different and the price is different.:

①Website development

(Website Development Checklist PDF)Website development is relatively high,Because the website development needs to re-use the front end of the website,If some of the responsible website development company,Will be re-made to some slices,Everything is new,The function you requested will also be designed,It can be said to do the style of website you want.,General cost4000Above,It is important to see the difficulty of development development.。

(Website Development Checklist PDF)②Template building

And the template building is simple.,A lot nowseoCompanies are serving customers through template construction.,In fact, there is nothing wrong with this.,Although not customized,But it is good to reasonably,Generally, hundreds of pieces are enough.,And the template regularly has free maintenance。

2.Table type

In addition to the difference in the construction mode, the cost is different.,The type of station also has an impact:

①Single page website

Single page website is developing,May be more affordable,And the template does not necessarily have a lot cheaper.,General website development and template's price is almost,If you have a friend who knows the site, you can do less hard money to be a brand new website.,beneficial toseo。


Enterprise station I feel that the template building is more appropriate,After all, whether it is functional or experienced template, it's good.,No need to spend a big price to do a website development。

(Website Development Checklist PDF)③Large site

Large site,We refer to platform websites,I feel directly to hire professional programmers.,Doing website development and later maintenance comparison reality,After all, there are too many problems in the big website.,Require professional maintenance。

④Special category

Special website refers to,Some websites require special,At this time, you should choose the website development.,Although it is a little more,But as long as the other party is a responsible company,There have been problems that can be solved very quickly.,Of course, there must be an agreement at the beginning of development.。

(Website Development Checklist PDF)Summarize:Ask someone to make a website, how much is the problem?,Let's discuss here,the above content,for reference only。