food delivery website development


With the improvement of the development trend of mobile Internet,The domestic catering industry has maintained an upward growth trend,The development of the food delivery industry is becoming more and more prosperous,Especially in the food delivery industry,Occupy a larger market share,And growing fast。Businesses must be efficient、High-quality service and instant delivery speed can gain a firm foothold in the food delivery industry。

Status of the food delivery industry

Now the commissions of major takeaway platforms are rising,Make it difficult for takeaway merchants with small profit margins to maintain their operations。But once you give up the online sales channel,then it may be difficult for merchants to compete with their peers,to this end,Many businesses are considering a new way out,And the self-operated takeaway system is one of the options.。Because the overall takeaway market in the country is very large,Therefore, even if the self-operated food delivery platform is small,Always take advantage of localization,It can also be recognized and loved by the locals。

food delivery website development

Advantages of self-operated food delivery platforms

1、Credits to attract local merchants to settle in

Takeaway platforms can bring more orders to merchants,thereby increasing revenue。but,Meituan raises commissions,Business profits decrease。Use a food delivery system to build a local food delivery platform,And invite merchants to settle in with lower platform commissions。Under the premise of being willing to bring traffic to the business,Merchants prefer to choose local platforms。

2、Self-operated food delivery system can reduce costs

The entry fees and commissions of food delivery platforms have been on the rise,And want to carry out store promotion and promotion is a lot of money,For takeaway merchants, it is tantamount to worse。After the self-built take-out system, only the maintenance fee needs to be paid every year.,it's ready to operate。You can also invite surrounding merchants to work together,Reduce costs。

food delivery website development

So how to build a self-operated takeaway platform,What preparations do takeaway platforms need to do??

1、Choose stable operationsystem

Catering merchants want to build their own takeaway platforms,But don't know how to choose the right system,This is a problem faced by many entrepreneurs today。want to develop their own system,Not only do you have no time and energy,More importantly, there is no technology。So for entrepreneurs,Direct use of off-the-shelf systems,would be a very suitable option。

For entrepreneurs,The fear is the frequent replacement of the system,This will lead to the loss of users to a large extent,Therefore, entrepreneurs must choose a high-quality take-out system in the early stage,Avoid problems later in the operation。The fast runner takeaway system contains a full set of systems,Provide users with rental andOEMServe,Meet the various needs of users。

(food delivery website development)food delivery website development

2、Negotiate business,Ensuring merchants to enter the platform

as a platform,The presence of merchants is very important,Enter as many businesses as possible,In this way, users have more choices,to retain users。In the early stage, no merchant entry fee and commission fee can be charged,This can greatly increase the occupancy rate of merchants,Help operators improve the attractiveness of the platform in the early stage。

3、Recruit couriers

Prepare uniform、Riders such as incubators do not need to recruit full-time staff,Can recruit more part-time staff,When the order quantity is low,There will not be a large number of people sitting idle。Uniform clothing and incubators can be prepared for the riders and printed on the platformlogo,This is usually during the meal delivery process,It can also achieve the effect of platform promotion。

food delivery website development

4、User operation

How to let users know about your platform,and place an order on your platform,is the key to the success of the platform,Marketing and promotion are essential,Reference,There are mainly the following two ways:

1、online marketing:Issue coupons、Shipping fee waiver、Red Packet Package、Time-limited spike、Points Mall+integral*、cash, etc.。

2、offline promotion:push the ground、face push、flyer、poster、Merchant joint promotion, etc.。Fast runners have various marketing applications,Operators can according to their own marketing and promotion needs,Configure Create Activity,Create a variety of marketing forms,Help platform public account quickly absorb fans,Use WeChat ecology to create private domain traffic,Increase user loyalty。

food delivery website development

In summary,People's takeaways are diverse,The food delivery industry is also developing rapidly,Shift from branding to local community。Whether it's a giant company,Or a local self-operated takeaway platform,As long as someone has a good reputation,Who can more easily meet the needs of customers,Does it matter which platform you shop on??All that's left is to see how it works?Fast runners regularly update the function of the system、system maintenance、Operation guidance and one-to-one after-sales service,Provide high-quality and reliable software system services for entrepreneurs。Entrepreneurs directly choose the fast runner takeaway system,There will be one-on-one guidance after sales,Guide entrepreneurs to build platforms,Help operators operate successfully。