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Chelsea2020/21Season in the Champions League final1-0Defeated Manchester City,In addition to this historical victory,Chelsea's supporters in India and football enthusiasts have learned from this London club to more joyful information.——In the Celebration Ceremony of the Champions League Awards, the celebration ceremony of the dressing room,Chelsea staff with a perspective face entered people's sight。Mr. is noticed under spotlights is a Mala Agreement(Darro, Dali, Dallang, Laqsha Islands, Southern India,Maslam language),Temina-Mei Nong,since2009Year,He joined Chelsea and served as a health consultant.。

Metie-Mei Nong is a grandson of a Qi Yoga Master in Kerala.,His name is a famous University of Karikot in India(Calicut University)Completed the physical education degree,After that, Mei Nong also got a master's degree in sports psychology.,Then then in India's local governance(Pondicherry University)Entry for yoga courses。Mei Nong put his learning achievements in foreign countries,Before the official joining Chelsea,He has been at the foot of Himalayas Rishikesh (It is a small town in the northern Akanda in the north of India.)A holiday center in Dubai is still working in Dubai hotels。

After Meion got a chance to go to West London,He will have to visit a Russian family there.,And taught them to summarize the skills of breathing,But he didn't realize that one of the Russians is Chelsea Board Abramovic.。Abu looks like Mei'ang's skills,And invite him to become your own private health consultant,The initial year is quite hard,Because Mei Nong has to follow this Russian oligarchy to travel。Afterward,Abu decided to assign Meion to become a member of his beloved club,After you, he will never look back.。Mei Nong actually witnessed Chelsea12-13The climax of the year and the trough,He has cooperated with many clubs.,Terry、Lampard、Drogba、Mourini et al.。

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Interestingly,Before joining the Blue Army,Mei Nong doesn't catch a cold for football.,He himself represents the Judo competition in Kerala.,Is an intercontinental player。

When describing myself in Chelsea,Mei Nong said:“Sometimes we will do yoga,Sometimes I will observe the players and talk to them.。My work is not fixed mode,I help them stay calm.,So this is not what we do or do something。” Mei Nong once accepted《New India Express》This is said when an interview,His spoke further emphasized in a field like top football.,How important is the player's mental health problem?,Especially under the epidemic, the global club has a more prominent.。For Mei Nong,Ensure that the players are in a normal mentality framework is a challenge,Because today's football world players need to face racial discrimination、Insult and offshore interference。

Arrived today,Professor Mei Nong “Adhyatma Vidya(Indian disciplines about mental knowledge)” The course or disciplines about self have become the daily day of players outside the game.。He also developed a name ARFA s project——This thrombin contains awareness、recover、Focus and achievement of several goals(Awareness, Recovery, Focus, Achievement),This project helps trainees to relieve negative ideas and concerns through active channels。In the world of competitive, fierce soccer world,For a player who may be struggling to play the status of the game and the stability of the appearance,This project can make them feel different worlds。

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More commendable is,Mei Nong is one of the few Asian people working in the European Football Club,Especially in a large club like Chelsea。Mei Nong has been accepted《New York Times》Interview,When talking about players to his initial impression issues,Mei Nong obviously impressed this:“In the world of European football,They will think,Who is this guy??at first,They thought I was a person who would witchcraft or a similar role。”

Chelsea can win the European championship,The coach and the players are of course the powerful。But the famous football commentator He Hui also said,Want to objectively evaluate a football club,In addition to tactical analysis of football、Outside of highlights in the game,Field training conditions、Medical team、Management decisions and even young training environments should be included in considerations。It's undeniable,Mei Nong and his decompression method for the impact of Chelsea players are an indispensable factor in Europe.,Story about the staff behind,I believe it will appear in front of the camera more.。