website development techniques


Now the foreign trade business is developing very fast,For many foreign trade merchants,There is a lot of foreign trade sites.,However, in view of many people, it is a small white.,In this situation,How to develop the foreign trade website??In fact, I want to do it well.Foreign trade website developmentNot difficult,You can start from these points:

1.Smooth access speed

This is what you must do in the construction of foreign trade websites.,Let users at home and abroad can be smoothly accessed。Since many construction stations are currently visited abroad,But it will not be in China.,The page either loads slow,Either I can't open,Inconvenience to domestic visits;Some are convenient for domestic visits,But foreign countries are very uncomfortable。therefore,Novice must use the construction system that can be accessed throughout the property and outside,for example「On the line」,In this way, you can browse your customers at home and abroad.。

website development techniques

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2.Multilingual website

(Website development Techniques)Many foreign trade merchants are all over the world,This requires your website more than one language form.,Therefore, it is necessary to build a multilingual website.,Merchant can use「On the line」Create a Chinese website,Use it online overseas products Strikingly Building an English(Or other small language)website,Then in the website editor“set up”inside,Click“multi-language-Enable language switcher”Open multi-page website,Will Foreign website and Chinese website are bound together。

Notice:OnlineStrikinglyIt is two sets of independent building systems, Strikingly And the server is different from the server,account/Website system is also different。You need to be online.、Strikingly Create a website,Register a new account separately。

website development techniques

Such as the case,Set Chinese、English、Spanish website,Synchronize the global customer show the recommended products、Company Profile、Contact information and other important information,It is conducive to enterprises to open up a broader international market。

website development techniques

3.Domestic and foreign payment

Foreign trade website must make users at home and abroad to pay convenient payment,And support a variety of payment forms。Some foreign building systems do not support domestic Alipay、WeChat payment,This is very troublesome;There are also some domestic construction systems that do not supportPayPal、Stripe,Unable to do foreign trade。you can use itStrikinglyOverseas website,Use it to do a domestic website,Use the multilingual website features mentioned above,Support different regions users to place an order。

website development techniques

4.Compliance with local customer aesthetics

Foreign trade website design should be flexible to adapt to the aesthetics of different countries,For example, the Japanese website usually likes delicate、Small fresh style;European and American users will prefer simple、Generous、Straightforward style。Your foreign trade website must meet the aesthetics of major customer groups,User groups for different countries,Discrimination。

website development techniques

5.Having social media icons at home and abroad

About social media,International main platform isFacebook, Twitter, YouTube Wait;China is Weibo,WeChat,Tik Tok,BStation and so on。When doing foreign trade sites,Pay attention to the use of local popular platforms。

website development techniques

StrikinglyConstruction case,Reprinted

The above is the construction of the foreign trade website5Point,Do these,Your foreign trade website can give our customers a good browsing experience,It is also more convenient for you to do a multinational business.!