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(Website developers in Chennai)The slogan of the National Tourism Administration of India isIncredible India(Direct translation:Unbelievable India,Wenya is a little:Magical India,Derogatory“This is India”)。

India is magical,In order to make it full of today's writing content,Let go of today's theme to talk about India(Because the title of the title can be written)。This article is divided into two parts,the top half,Is talking about India's film and television culture;The lower half talks about India's exhibition technology(Indian movies are often divided into top and bottom,So our writing follows up and bottom)。

the top half:India's film and television culture

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My understanding of India benefits from film and music works。

In the Indian music, it is like a complaint,Constant melody,Wavy,Curve,Even spiral music,Surviving,Ethaling,Venecin sound and whimper 泣 声,Endless,A wide variety of slipsy,Ornament,Strong and tone and variable drums and changes in the multi-end,Show a colorful multi-cultural style painting,Impression of a very deep。

I have seen a lot of Bollywood movies,Two types of popularity:Love class、Revenge and love+Revenge,Song and dance are never a melody。Love and marriage are even less songs and dances.:Song is like a prosecution,But dance,The action and brow are very exaggerated,Sometimes it can be said that it is flirting.。The usual plot is like this:There is a male a woman on the beautiful mountain or grass slope,And they look beautiful(Skin beautifully surnamed Yalean),Almost Persian women。The goddess is almost all of the gauele,Young girl wearing yellow、Red、green、Blue four colors。

The usual love song and dance plot is like this:Girl walks in front、Side danceside、Sing,Man is in the back,Also dancing、Sing;Girl stops back to boy in front,Shy、Or in the vergeless or“Lure”Of,Boy chasing behind,It seems that the distance will always be so far,Never catch up,Even occasionally boy still caught the girl's hand,The girl suddenly turned around the boy's arm.,Along with beautiful songs and float,Such a reciprocation,Five minutes later,Enter the plot,Is their conversation。We are more familiar songs with movies《Love word road》Theme song《Girlfriend married groom is not me》。

Love's circumstances seem less complicated,Repeat the love and hate for thousands of years。Generally, it is usually a rich people.,High social status,Another family is poor,It seems to be more poor boys(《Bollywood life》It is a master of men.)。The love between boys and girls are often strongly opposed and ridiculed by a family.,Boy is very self-esteem,I can't bear to be hurt.,I want to leave alone.,This produces the above dance plot。Sometimes a woman's home reluctantly agreed a marriage,But giving boy in the wedding,Or after marriage, there are many stories that have lived and death.,Cut unchanging。India's level and surname concept、Poor difference,Therefore, the tragedy of love is often coming.。Indian love movies are often dramatic,for example,Strong family finally succumbed,Or touch the strong party through some shocking things,Love to the deep tears,Joyful;Or or have to meet,for example《Love》Reunion。So even the scene of marriage is so magnificent、Colorful、Brilliant、Flow of light。

The second movie theme is often revaled around revenge,And these revenge themes are usually superimposed with love,E.g《1942,A Love Story》,《Revenge fireworks》Wait。Classic revenge plot is usually like this:Often happening in the town and the cottage tribe,A young man travels alone,Often being defeated,Nose。Later, continue to revenge,Residents in the town heard the wind and hurry to go home,Street is quiet。Residents have peek out from the door。Young people are moving with the boss,Badges are too confident or in the face,Usually let your own follow-up。Just beginning, it is indeed a bitch to occupy the wind.,After awhile,The young man finds the flaws of the boss or after the manner.,Young people began to reverse the wind,Moment,Unconsciously, the people in the past gradually get more.,As young people go to the battle,The sense of justice to eat melonia is getting stronger and stronger,Also have more sympathy,The last bullion Hu Peng walked a group of dogs and microscopic people.,Hands often defeat。

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There is also a plot is,Seeing this young man is to be killed.,But people who have been rescued by young people led his talent to rush to,Defeat the boss,Then quietly。Or after a few years of hard experience,Young people finally except for strong punishment,Ping Zhao Xue。

In addition to love,Family in revenge movies,Especially the story of the mother and child is very moving.:The mother is often blind, and there is other unfortunately.,Son often be killed by the boss,Or the mother is killed, injured or fallen unknown。At this time, the son is bizarre.,Defeat the boss,Or the son is in the Indian church or a cry.、Pray,Even if you complain about your father's injustice,A bit like our Dou Yu“middle:Day,You don't know what to do;Also,You are wrong and looked.!”The people next to the people are unhappy。Crying the goddess of the goddess,Goddess,Women's gods her mount(Such as tiger)I ran out of the devil,Ambulance,Last mother and child reunion。

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Love and revenge movies in India this tradition、Planted surname、Interpersonal relationship complex、The legal construction is relatively popular relative to the country.。The more level difference, the greater,Create a variety of joys and sorrows。

2006I have visited India year.,I feel this suffering from this suffering from the past.。It can be said,India is still worth going once。The people here are still simple、friendly and hospitable,I also wrote more than ten Indian prose works.,Caused here。

the second half:India, International Exhibition Technology

When a phenomenon occurs once,If there is several times in a row,According to induction,Then there must be reasonable。

This is not,If you regular research exhibition technology,Maybe you will find a meaningful phenomenon like I will——That is the founder of several well-known international exhibition technology companies、Leaders are from India。

First of all, I have to say that the domestic exhibition technology industry is familiar with,US basedCVENT(NASD: CVT),CVENTfounder ofReggie AggarwalIndian American。CventListed on Nasdaq late last year,and before2013Listed on the New York Stock Exchange(2016privatization delisting)。

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(Reggie Aggarwal)

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Second,last yearBround financing1.25USD 100 million virtual-real integration exhibition platformHubilo(Hubilo),HubiloofCEOalso Indian。Hubilowas founded in2015year,andCventThe difference is,HubiloHeadquarters in Hammedabad, India,Later the Indian headquarters was relocated to Bangalore,US headquarters remain in San Francisco。

HubiloThe founder isVaibhav Jain。

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(Vaibhav Jain)

Jainmentioned in an interview,He admires several other Indian-born tech giants,including satya·Nadella(Microsoft Worldwide President),Led Microsoft through a successful product and cultural transformation,There is another one that is the first to be realized on NasdaqSaaSIndians with listed companiesGirish Mathrubootham。correct,JainBorn in Gujarat, India。

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The third,is headquartered in Delaware, USALewesTown's Fusion Exhibition PlatformAirmeet,Airmeetfounder ofLalit Mangalalso Indian,AirmeetJust finished last month3500Ten thousand U.S. dollarsBround of financing(Cumulative is5000Ten thousand U.S. dollars)。founderLalit MangalGraduated from Indian Institute of Technology, known as MIT in India(IIT)。

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(Lalit Mangal)

finally,There is another one in India that is not well known,was founded in2016year,Headquartered in Chennai, India(Chennai,Chennai),But the fast-growing nameHexaFairof exhibition technology companies,this company websiteSEOwell done,Site ranks pretty high。

if we assumeHexafairnot very famous,Well, the UK-basedHopin(Hoping)It is a well-known double unicorn company。hopinThe founder is not Indian though,Lebanon in the Middle East(The country continues to be in turmoil,Citizens are scattered),founder namedJohnny Boufarhat。

above,Some of the more famous ones that have popped up recently,The exhibition technology companies with relatively large market value are all founded by Indians,is it by chance?There are more than1Thousands of exhibition technology companies,These more prominent ones are all Indians、founded by middle eastern,Maybe it's inevitable。

answer to this question,I also read a few books on Silicon Valley。Silicon Valley has no shortage of smart people,Purely European and American technology entrepreneurship often chooses some popular industries or industries that are easier to make money,such as fintechfintech,Biotechnologybiotechetc。Compared with other industries, exhibition technology,rather hard,slow to take effect(The industry is relatively fragmented,The time to form the head aggregation effect will be relatively long),Hayepsma graduates generally do not choose this entrepreneurial track。

Speaking of which,I remembered the old days in Australia7-11convenience store,There are more Indians and Chinese who open stores,White people can't take this pain,they want to enjoy life。So,Conversion in the Tech Field,There's a reason Indians have chosen a track that's less competitive with whites——Indians can endure hardship as well as Chinese,have stamina。

The second reason is,Spillover effects of Indian-American connections in Silicon Valley,Indians are better than Chinese for many reasons,Easier to climb to high places,And Indians are generally more likely to get together than Chinese,These Indian startups are struggling in Silicon Valley,It is easy to gain the favor and attention of Indian-born executives who are also successful in Silicon Valley,Easier to obtain financing endorsement。

third reason,have not Get it yet,Please leave a message to help(Can't find three reasons,This article is incomplete)。

What about the Chinese,Of course there are cows,such as the boomingZOOMfounder ofEricLao Yuan。butZoomStrictly speaking, it is not an exhibition technology.,Belongs to General Communication Technology。

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author:Chu Youcai

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