website development in pakistan


According to the US famous data companyNielsenexist"2019Interconnection"Express,There are Pakistan82%Consumer residential internet covers urban areas,They are mainly purchased by e-commerce channels。

website development in pakistan

With the trend of Pakistan's trade and governance models,Pakistan has become a fairly huge e-commerce market.,The major e-commerce giants compete for leading position,The competition faced by the Pakistan's e-commerce platform market share is also increasingly fierce。

In order to make you more comprehensive understanding of market competition in Pakistan e-commerce,The following will be listed below2019Before the year of Pakistan5E-commerce platform。

website development in pakistan

Darazsince2012Since the establishment of the year,Sensing in Pakistan's e-commerce industry。DarazMainly in Pakistan、Bangladesh、Sri Lanka、Myanmar。Daraz Originally used as an online fashion retail platform, After years of development, it has grown to Pakistan's largest e-commerce platform,Its goal is to provide a stability for suppliers and customers in the country.、Efficient e-commerce platform。

DarazProvide a one-stop purchase solution for consumers,Consumers shopping online from their website or through their shopping apps,Can easily navigate,Personalized comments and seamless online shopping experience committed。

Investment in the Australian community is the reason why this brand grows rapidly。DarazBelong toCDCCommunity——British government development financial institution(DFI),Companies supporting and developing Africa and South Asia——Asia Pacific Internet Group。

website development in pakistan

Goto Is a one-stop e-commerce platform in Pakistan, GotoThe goal is to provide a lasting and complete trouble-free shopping experience for the Pakistani people.,In the past few years,Pakistan's e-commerce platform flourishing in mainstream societies。

(Website development in pakistan)With more and more people enter Pakistan's e-commerce platform,GotoDevelop a unique shopping experience,Combine online shopping with Pakistan's most popular goods,In technology、Fashion、Beauty and lifestyle are far from the leading brand,for customer100%Original product。

website development in pakistan(Website development in pakistan)

ELEMARTIs one of the fastest growing e-commerce platform。TELEMARTYesTradelinkCorporate brand,The company has in the field of mobile phones and consumer electronics products23Year's successful experience,Have a leading brand,Promoting through its online shopping platform and physical store,existITAnd web products、Appliance、Home entertainment products are dominated。

website development in pakistan

IShopping Website is established2011year,With its various electronic products(Especially smartphones)Is known for。 –An e-commerce platform,Provide the most common brand goods and most advanced products and accessories。This e-commerce platform offers a variety of mobile phones,tablet,computer,Television andDVD,Game machine and game,Household appliances and other life and daily necessities,Kitchenware,clothing,Footwear,Fashion accessories and jewels,Beauty and cosmetics,Baby care,Home decoration,Furniture and books, etc.。

website development in pakistan

Ali Express Provided with competitive prices1 100 million products。It200Provided multiple countries and regions5Language website。Simple payment method,Use the most common use in the world、The safest payment method for payment,Its application helps consumers seamless shopping throughout the clock。

The above website is Pakistan ranking5E-commerce platform。As the Pakistan's e-commerce platform market is expanded every year,Karachi in Pakistan,Lahore,The online shopping momentum of Islamabad and other major cities is growing,This growth trend is not limited to the city。Pakistan has a large number of rural populations that are not yet turned to online shopping.,Providing retailers with opportunities to establish talents。

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