website development technologies


one、Front end of the website。

  Convert a beautiful website design drawn from art designers toHTMLViewer readable syntax,We call it a front end of the website,htmlSyntax can't be called。Sequential design,And it can only be called syntax(The browser is a readable website.,Common from MicrosoftChrom.googleofChrom.Apple Safari .FireFox)

(Website Development Technologies)  righthtmlThe needs of the language are more familiar,This is a bit like program code,Different,Some art designers can be competent in this language,Some can't。So this work is also possible.。Can be done by programming staff,but,For high-order programming designers,This is a little thing,Therefore, it is usually treated by the partition.,By the way, some exercises have certain familiarity on the improvement of future abilities.。


(Website Development Technologies)  If the website you want is very simple,And there is not much page,Nothing special effect,Maybe you don't need a programming designer.,These two only need to use the station technology to complete the website。But if you want the website there is a shopping function,Member information(Database),So must have programmers to handle。if,Your website has background management(Enter the picture in the background,The front desk will display),The program is then required to process。

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1.Run graphical user interface。

  It belongs to one withGUITechnical related website technology,Identify certain files during the running process,To add some simple words and pictures,Don't be in the construction of the website,These techniques need to be identified during the construction process,To ensure that the big framework for website design is determined!

website development technologies

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2.multimedia technology。

  During the site information transplantation,Plug-ins has different features,Especially for construction technology in multimedia construction technology,Can play different roles,And in the independent design process,Directly affect users' experience,Especially the website search,When optimized,Can write code directly。

  Zibo website  three、Database Technology。

  The website you have to do is a display website,Database technology can be ignored directly,Display website does not have a data writing and reading,The database is some of the needs of the mall type website.,Website user registration, etc.,These user data needs to be written in the database table,Need we design the structure of the website database table,Also have a certain master of database technology!

(Website Development Technologies)  all in all,The station technology is still very,It is not easy to build a website.,Need professional technology。