gis website development


gis website development

Cesiumwhat is

we openCesiumOfficial website,can clearly see the officialCesiumduty of,to build a world-class3DGeospatial Applications。ThatCesiumWhat the hell is it??

  • Cesiumis a cross platform、Cross-browser display of 3D globes and mapsjavascriptlibrary
  • CesiumuseWebGLfor hardware accelerated graphics,Use without any plugin support,But the browser must supportWebGL
  • Cesiumis based onApache2.0Licensed Open Source Program,It is free for commercial and non-commercial use

CesiumSupported data formats

  • image data:Bing、day map、ArcGIS、OSM、WMTS、WMSWait
  • terrain data:ArcGIS、Google、STKWait
  • vector data:KML、KMZ、GeoJSON、TopoJSON、CZML
  • 3D model:GLTF、GLB(binaryglTFdocument)
  • 3D tiles:3D Tiles(oblique photography、artificial model、 3D buildings、CAD、BIM,point cloud data, etc.)
(gis website development)

Cesiumcan do

  • support2D,2.5D,3D form of geography(map)Data Display
  • Various geometric figures can be drawn、highlighted area,Support importing pictures,Visual display of various data such as 3D models
  • Can be used for dynamic data visualization with good touch support,Supports most browsers and mobile browsers
  • Supports dynamic streaming data display based on timeline

CesiumPosition in the project

in the data、Serve、Application in three-tier architecture,CesiumbelongB/S3D development framework at the client application level under the architecture。As shown below:

gis website development

CesiumKnowledge System

Cesium is a crossSDK,Covers three areas of knowledge : Webfront end、Computer Graphics、geographic information system(GIS)。So want to learnCesium,and can useCesiumCarry out secondary development,must be rightWebfront end、Computer Graphics、GISRelevant basic knowledge has been mastered,Course ReadingCesumThe source code is also very necessary。Suggested study in computer graphics《WebGLProgramming Guide》books。

gis website development

gis website development

Cesiumlearning route

(gis website development)Cesium APIThe learning route from shallow to deep is shown in the figure below:

gis website development

CesiumAdvanced Path

WebFront end direction:Cesiumandwebpack(Crop and Compress),Cesium andvue(framework design, Embedded in complex business systems),CesiumofUI(UI design,custom reusableCesiumuser-interface)

(gis website development)computer graphics:WebGLin-depth,based onCesium Visual customization of(Threshold、flooded、water surface、Heatmap,Flow field map、Flying line diagram、Scan map)

Data preprocessing direction:Projection transformation,Spatial index,LOD ,3dtile generate,data storage,data distribution service,How to solve the problem of ultra-large spatial data in CesiumProblems with smooth visualization。