website development course in kolkata


website development course in kolkata

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Static website development

(Website development Course in Kolkata)Benchmark


Typical work task description

Enterprises to improve their reputation,Help business,Need to build your own static website;Website developer design、Develop static websites to meet customer needs。

The process of completing this task is:

Website developers receive tasks from the supervisor,Complete preliminary design,Communicate with customers and confirm the design,Customer review and confirm the design plan,Start using the design tool software template file for the home page and content page;Customer review and confirm the template,Website developers jointly develop the content analysis of the website、Structural design、Layout design、visual design,Start all text materials and pictures of websites provided by customers、Video material,Conduct overall website production、test。After the production is completed, all the website files are unified to the customer acceptance.,And record the completed work。

(Website development Course in Kolkata)

Work content analysis

(Website development Course in Kolkata)Work object:

(Website development Course in Kolkata)1.Website developers receive tasks from the supervisor,Work plan。

2.Complete preliminary design。

3.Confirm design。

4.According to the design plan,Design website home page and content template production。

5.Confirm the homepage of the website,And content template。

(Website development Course in Kolkata)6.Developers jointly develop the content analysis of the website、Structural design、Layout design、Visual design documentation。

7.Website overall production。

8.Website test and perfect。

9.Website acceptance work。

tool、Material、Equipment and information:

Related software development tools(E.g:Dreamweaver、Photoshop、FlashWait)

(Website development Course in Kolkata)work method:

Basic professional capacity

View information

(Website development Course in Kolkata)Method for using software development tools

Method of cooperative group collaboration

Communication communication method

Website test method

Related documentation(Technical documentation、testing report、Operation Manual、Acceptance report, etc.)

Labor organization:

1.Generally developed in the form of a team

2.Receive work tasks from relevant person in charge

3.Effectively communicate with other departments、Coordination

4.Effectively communicate with colleagues,Collaboration

Work requirements:

1.According to customer needs,Work plan。

2.According to customer needs and website construction specifications, website overall style and layout design,And issued a preliminary design。

3.Communicate with customers,Confirm design。

4.According to design requirements,Complete the website home page and content template。

5.Communicate with customers,Confirm the homepage of the website,And content template。

6.According to the design plan,Use the confirmation website home page and content template,Develop the content analysis of the website、Structural design、Layout design、visual design,Form development document。

7.Website developers are based on the development documentation and all text materials and pictures provided by customers.、Video material,Conduct overall website production。

8.After the website is completed,Hand test personnel to test the internal test of the website,Tester will perform related technicians to improve relevant technicians。

9. Need to integrate technical documentation,Preparation manual,Give all the website files to the customer acceptance。

Course objectives

Students in an independent form,Guide through teachers、Tool book or network resources,Develop a static website design,Complete the above scheme within the specified time、Implement、Check and evaluate feedback。In the process of implementing plan,Use tools to use according to the requirements of the task、Equipment and software, etc.,Record the completed task、Archive and evaluation feedback。

After learning the course,Students should be able to develop static websites,Interface beauty and maintenance,include:1.Construction education website;2.Construction commercial website;3.Building a government website。

(Website development Course in Kolkata)Learning Content

1. General methods and steps of website construction

(Website development Course in Kolkata)2. Collect and process web materials

(Website development Course in Kolkata)3. Apply different webpage production software,Production and test website

Reference learning task

(Website development Course in Kolkata)Serial number




Education website construction



Construction of commercial website

(Website development Course in Kolkata)90


Government website construction


Teaching implementation suggestion

Enterprise experience,Teachers and students are less than less than1:20;Each group should have a computer to access the information;Multimedia teaching means;rightPhotoshopandFlashAuxiliary tool,It is recommended to introduce the functions used in the learning task.;Prepare the effect of each learning task presentation material。

This course can take advantage of one or more static websites development tasks,Carrier implemented as a course;The setting of the website development task in the teaching process should be difficult;In the teaching process, special attention should be paid to the application of operating specifications and national standards.;The relevant theoretical foundation adapts to the content of combined training step by step,rightPhotoshopandFlashAuxiliary tool,Just introduce the functions used in the learning task;Teachers should use more demand documents during the teaching process,Guide students to learn independently,Teachers should become a consultant for students。

Teaching assessment

Assessment adoption process assessment method,Specific:assignment+Group collaboration+Tool use+Course Design

(Website development Course in Kolkata)in,Student attendance is included in the learning task assessment,Curriculum design contains complete system design and course design report,Must conduct a reply。