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cost2more than one billion,time consuming2more than a year,connect to an available website orAPPnone were delivered。

(aem website development)want to finish?then pay1000Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

the victim of this、Hertz(Hertz)in a rage, Top consulting firm Accenture(Accenture)sued in court。

aem website development

the story begins2016year8moon,Hertz wants to revamp its online business。

Hertz said,They were impressed by Accenture's presentation all day,Invite him to take charge of the whole project,Include design、Construct、Test and deploy Hertz's new website and mobile app。

(aem website development)According to the agreement of both parties,new website to be2017year12Monthly online,The development cycle is1year zero4month。despite this,Online time is still frequently delayed,first to2018year1moon,Afterwards2018year4moon。

aem website development(aem website development)

finally,Hertz found out,Although it has passed5month,Product and design work done by Accenture is not half the size of the overall requirement。

in a rage,Suspend the cooperation between the two parties,take it to court,said they no longer believed in Accenture's ability to complete the project。

and,Hertz also seeks compensation from Accenture for project costs3200Ten thousand U.S. dollars(about2.15billion RMB)and the multimillion-dollar loss to the company from this project。

What exactly is a website designed by Accenture?so hard to deliver?face this site,Why is Hertz like this“get angry”?

(aem website development)in the indictment,hertz“denounced”the various aspects of Accenture's website design“guilt”。UK tech news siteThe Registercommented that,This is a“from hell”The Story of a Website Redesign。

(aem website development)Top 10 Accenture Rebukes“guilt”

indictment,Hertz mainly lists Accenture's top ten“guilt”。

1、The website is not responsive

(aem website development)Responsive Design,That is, the page can automatically resize to fit the visitor's screen size,whether they are using a cell phone、tablet、Desktop or Laptop。

aem website development

This has been standard practice in designing websites for many years,This requirement is also clearly written into the contract。

But Accenture developers only designed the desktop and mobile versions of the site。Want a website that works on tablets?Trouble shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars。

2、Ignoring scalability requirements

Hertz said,The project's architectural specification clearly stipulates,A fundamental principle of website design is its scalability。That is to say,Use a common core library,Scalable to every Hertz brand's website and mobile app。

But without Hertz's knowledge or consent,Accenture deliberately ignores scalability requirements,Just wrote the code for use only by the North American Hertz brand。And other Hertz brands,neither applies。

(aem website development)3、Code has security issues

in the writing of code,Accenture also has problems。Hertz said in the indictment,Code written by Accenture developers for customer-facing e-commerce sites,Causes serious security breaches and performance issues。

aem website development(aem website development)

Because flaws in the code are very common,They had to scrap all Accenture's work on this。other components in the overall system,Most of the code is also unavailable。

4、Not properly tested

in this regard,hertz“Make complaints”two o'clock:One is the many components in the system,Accenture did not test。Second, there is a serious lack of testing,even misleading。

Hertz said,When Accenture tested,is using“Happy Path”method。In the eyes of many onlookers who eat melons,If this can be detected,strange……

5、Problems with front-end code development

in development“integration layer”(integration layer)when,Accenture's development team struggled to understand Hertz's backend systems,Such as reservation and change reservation system, etc., such that it is difficult to write software for the integration layer。

Hertz said,Accenture itself admits there are problems in this regard。they are2018year1month“Front-end technology(Front End Technology,Angular2)is a challenge。”

aem website development

(aem website development)Yes,Angular2。When many netizens see this,use both“?”and“god”to describe one's mood。

aem website development

Someone gave an explanation that,stable versionAngular 2is built on unstable technology……

Hertz thinks,Accenture has also grossly underestimated itsFEDproblems on。

(aem website development)After Hertz's team took over project development,Completely ditched Accenture's development efforts,Because they think Accenture's code sucks,can't be saved at all。

6、existAEMSerious flaws in component code

(aem website development)AEMcomponents,is to allow Hertz to create、A content management system that edits and changes the content of its website。But Accenture is not based on Adobe AEM Prototyping code and design file structure。

Hertz thinks,This makes the application unreliable,and difficult to maintain,Subsequent updates will also become very troublesome,low efficiency。

(aem website development)7、JavaThe code does not meet the standard

(aem website development)Hz said,EssenJavaCode,Not followJavastandard,Very logical,very bad,It's hard to maintain。

aem website development

(aem website development)8、I bought a technical license.,Accenture can't be implemented

Hertz mentioned in the prosecution,Accenture team suggested purchasing a nameRAPIDTechnical license,This technology can be developed in simplifying new website content management systems。

(aem website development)They follow this suggestion,And obtained technical license,But Accenture can't implement it.。Accenture project person in charge admit,Accenture“Take a lot of time”WillRAPIDIntegrated into Hertz's environment。

9、Project management failed

In the second phase of the project,Accenture replaced some of the most important team members,Including product heads and architects。

But new people do not have the same level of experience,And lost a lot of background knowledge during the handover process。

Accenture also admitted,The delay in the website and the difficulties encountered in the development,At least part of the project“Key resource”Leaving。

10、Only availablePDFVisual style guide

Hz said,Despite clear pointing,Accenture wants to interactively format(Not staticPDFFormat)Development Vision Style Guide,Even give an interactive style guide as an example,But Essezhe still provides staticPDFFormat Vision Style Guide。

aem website development

Directly propose this problem,Accenture refused to provide an interactive visual style guide to make up for defects,Interactive?Take hundreds of thousands of dollars。

Under the role of the above factors,Accenture is not delivered to a available website or application。and,Just complete this project,Herz also needs to pay more than1000Extra cost of 10,000 US dollars。

aem website development(aem website development)

Because the project should go back,It also needs to be discovered and correcting the defects in Essential work.,And develop Essezhe's functionality to be delivered but failed to deliver。

(aem website development)Hertz finally endured,A paper complaint will take Essenz on the court。

Accenture spokesperson said,These allegations are unregistered,And plan to defend your own position。Because this is an ongoing legal issue,They refuse any further comment。

How do you see?

After this incident reported,Extensive discussions in various social media。

Most people's views,Be shocked,I even think this is a“Onion news”。

Some people think,Is Essensz to take out this project out of this project?。Someone said,This is a“Huge budget+Huge company≠Amazing result”Lessons。

aem website development

(aem website development)There are also many netizens who are very sensitive to the fees.,think3200Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Even if it is a very perfect website, it is very expensive.,Never use the website without a response design.。

Industry insiders said,Many small and medium-sized consulting companies only need less expenses,Be able to complete1000Something more work,But these companies have an obsession with the brand,Leading these small and medium companies have no opportunities for participation。

aem website development

Even someone said,Just give me500Can design a perfect website,Washing an advertisement for your website design and development。

Someone still stands directly,Where can I find such a good job??

but,There are also netizens to maintain a rational attitude, I am looking forward to hearing Essezhe's statement.。

What do you think?

(aem website development)also,If you have a deeper interest in this litigation,Please harvest the port of Hertz Prosecution:

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