website developers in ghana


website developers in ghana

2019Start from year,The non-way innovation team has conducted in-depth market research in more than 10 countries in Africa.,Fully understand the scientific venture capital ecology in African countries,Accumulated precious one-hand information and industry insights。We selected10Estate ecology,And the country worthy of attention,Organize the investigation report by national classification。Every report includes national profile、Creation vote ecological development status、Circular opportunities and company interviews,I hope that the research fruits and field experience of non-way innovation can provide reference for entrepreneurs and investors concerned with Africa.。

This report——Ghana,An important English country other than Nigeria, West Africa,Internet innovation test field。Report covers national macro environments,Local venture capital ecology,10Circular and representative startup companies。Report10,000Character,Expected reading time25minute。

website developers in ghana

(Website developers in ghana)one、Macroeconomic barometer

1. Political situation,It is the popular foreign investment in West Africa.。

(1)The Political Bureau has long been relatively stable,2020Annual election needs attention。

(Website developers in ghana)

Despite the early experience of the founding20Frequent regime,since1992The year has implemented many party systems,Ghana's democratic political reform is effective,Riots,It is often seen as a model of African democracies.。At present, the two major political parties are new patriotism(New Patriotic Party,NPP)And the National Democratic Conference(National Democratic Congress, NDC)。Every4Annual election,President must not exceed the two sessions。

FromNPPPolitical partyNana Akuffo-AddoAt2016End of the president,His policy focus is revival agriculture、Promote employment、Popularize free high school education in the country,And actively promote industrial development。2020The next election will be held at the end of the year,Predecessor、NDCParty candidateJohn MahamaAlso participate in the election,YesNana Akuffo-AddoPowerful competitor。

(2)The business environment has dropped slightly,But foreign investment enthusiasm is still high。

for a long time,The Ghana business environment has always been friendly、Openly。but,2019The annual decline in the rankings of the World Bank's global business environment,The main reason is the new tax policy adjustment,removeVATTaxation,Will collect education trust funds and medical insurance taxes on import and service products。also,Corporate gaining difficulties、Power supply is unstable、The cost of water and electricity is also the obstacle of business business.。

However, this does not block foreign direct investment.(FDI)pace of。2018NagaFDIReach35Billion dollars,And the industry,More than traditional can、Oil and gas and other fields,Renewable Energy、Financial Services、Real estate and other industries are also catching up。from2018Annual absorptionFDIData,Ghana has surpassed Nigeria to become a popular preferred place in West African foreign investment.。

2. Economic recovery results,Capital market development。

(1)Strong performance after the economic recovery,per capitaGDPGifained in Nigeria。

Ghana has rich mineral resources,Especially with gold,It is the world's second largest gold and can be available in the country.。CurrentlyGDPTotal650Billion dollars,Experienced2014Year2016Short-lived economic recession,With the development of new oil and gas projects(2016yearTweneboa-EyenraOilfield put into production,Daily production20Barrel;2017yearSankofaOil and gas project started),2017After the year, the Ghana economy entered a stable resuscitation period.,GDPGrowth rate is restored to7%,And the inflation rate2016Annual20%Control10%the following,2018Year is the fastest growing economy in Africa。Although GhanaGDPOverall scale is not large,But per capitaGDPachieved2,200Dollar bill,More than Nigeria,Earlier has entered the secondary country,Leading ahead of Côte d'Ivoire、Senegal, other West African countries。

From the economic structure,Service industry is the largest in the overall economy,rightGDPUpper contribution to growth,The agriculture is less than20%,But more than half of the labor force is still engaged in agricultural production。also,Industrial foundation is weak,In recent years, the government has also begun to pay attention to the development of local industries.,I hope that the economy can continue to grow through a multi-economic department.。In the manufacturing department,Electrical parts、Automotive parts manufacturing and assembly is the main industrial line。World Bank Forecast,Middle and short-termGDPThe growth rate will remain6.8%about。

website developers in ghana

website developers in ghana

(Data Sources:Deloitte, IMF)

Ghana uses currency to plum(cedi),Although the previous year has experienced a large depreciation,But recently has a rebound trend,EarnestBloombergExpected,Sessa will continue to appreciate this year,Is one of the best currency in the world。

website developers in ghana

website developers in ghana

(Data Sources:World Bank;Bloomberg)

(2)Financial system leaping development,Is the important capital market in West Africa。

Although the financial industry in Ghana starts late,But since2010New year。From quantity and quality,Financial institutions have been well developed,Current assets are close toGDPof80%。at the same time,Financial services are getting more popular,Especially in rural areas,The number of financial services provided by non-banking using mobile wallets is already2010Double the year on the basis of the year。but,Traditional banks have faced a lot of challenges,For example, the bad loan rate is high.,Capital structure is reasonable, etc.。Ghana's central bank has begun to take more stringent regulatory measures to the banking industry,Includes minimum reserves(At least4Billion),Merge part of the bank,Recombinant state-owned banks, etc.。Reform,A few major business poor banks are forced to close,Overall system of financial risks。

also,Ghana's capital market grows very fast。From the performance of the private equity market,exist2012Year2016Year,The total ranked fifth part of the private equity financing in Africa market,Compailed with Egypt。Established in1990Year of Ghana Stock ExchangeGhana Stock Exchange (GSE)Also experienced rapid growth,Currently40His listed company,Mineral/Most of the energy companies and banks。along with2017Inc.,thenGSEThe total market value of listed companies has grown year-on-year.52.7%。up to now,The total market value has reached6.7Billion dollars。in,MTN Ghana exist2017yearIPO,It is the largest scale to date.IPO,It is also the first CHS company in Ghana.GSEListed。It is worth mentioning that,Ghana Alternative ExchangeBe parallelGSESector,Broadcasting company and SME,Although it is still in the early development stage,But there is a financing path that is not considering growth。

website developers in ghana(Website developers in ghana)

website developers in ghana

(Data Sources:EMEPA; AVCA)

3. Medium-class group consumption power,High quality population。

Ghana2900Ten thousand people,Although I can't compare with the population big country,But the medium class is more than46%,Provide a very powerful consumer group。A.T KearneyConsulting company surveyed Ghana、Senegal、Nigeria30Developing country,Consideration is considered to consumption from the retail industry,Ghana ranked4,It's much higher than the neighboring countries of West Africa。Kumasi areaKejetiaThe market is also the largest open-air market in West Africa.。

website developers in ghana

(Akra night view; Image Source:Siro360)

website developers in ghana(Website developers in ghana)(Kumasi Kejetiamarket; Image Source:Alamy)

and,Like many other African countries,The population structure of Ghana is very clear.,At least1300Wan active labor force。at the same time,Thanks to the government's attention to education for a long time.,as well asNana Akuffo-AddoVigorously promote free participation in high school education,Young literacy rate exceeds90%,As official language,This is a major advantage in the western Africa in French countries.。and,The improvement of education has no significant increase in human cost,according toEnpactInvestigation,The average monthly salary of college graduates220Dollar bill,The average monthly salary of program developers is570Dollar bill,This is within the scope of initiating technology companies(Nigerian software developer's month average wage750Dollar)。

(Website developers in ghana)

4. Mobile payment,Leading the high-speed development of digital economy。

(Website developers in ghana)

(1)ICTWell-infrastructure,Mobile Internet penetration rate,Cheap。

1994The government's liberalization of the telecommunications industry、2003 yearICTAccelerated development policy(Ghana Accelerated ICT Development Policy) GhanaICTHigh speed development in the field,The mobile phone penetration rate is extremely high in ordinary people,Averages more than one mobile phone,Mobile phone account4,000Ten thousand。

also,Ghana's mobile Internet penetration rate is also far ahead in West Africa,Currently exceeded45%,Even than Nigeria。in,2Gand3GMobile network usage90%,4GUser has exceeded100Ten thousand。at the same time,Mobile data cost is not high,30sky1GBData traffic package price20Plug(Approximately equal3.6Dollar/25RMB),Whenever the average monthly income2%,There is a relatively advantage in West Africa,Provided a good foundation for the development of digital economy and Internet entrepreneurship。

(2)Mobile payment penetration rate is high and grows significantly。

Talking about African mobile payment,Most people will use Kenya as a successful case,But in fact, Ghana's mobile payment market should not be underestimated.。2009year,MTNThe mobile payment service began in Ghana,and,2015New Year's new electronic payment service provider guidance(e-money Issuer Guidelines)Relaxed to the service provider,Telecom companies can do with bank cooperation,Apply for a license to the central bank。This allows the mobile payment industry to develop rapidly at this stage.。2012Year2017The number of mobile wallet users turned six times,Ghana has become the fastest growing mobile wallet market in Africa,As of2018End of the year,Registered mobile wallet account exceeds3,200Ten thousand,That is, there is more than one mobile wallet account,Among them, there are active accounts.1,300Ten thousand。at the same time,moble moneyOffline agent is also from the original6000Increasing15More than 10,000,Ghana users can always present in the mobile wallet almost anytime, anywhere.、Cash withdraw。from2015Year2017year,Short two years,Ghana residents mobile transfer amount doubled,As of2017Yearn290Billion dollars。

(Website developers in ghana)

but,Most cases of mobile wallets still are still concentrated orP2PTransfer scene,There is still a lot of applications in other scenes.,For example, the user who uses a mobile wallet as a savings function is not available7%。to this end,The government has implemented some encouragement policies to promote mobile payment.。for example,Traditionally, there is approximately every year1100Wan Basic Medical Insurance Rights Want to Go to National Medical Insurance Bureau(National Health Insurance Authority)Continued underline,Ghana Government is in close contact with the French Development(AFD)do,Developed a platform for medical insurance electronics renewal,Average now every day18,000Users use this platform to use a mobile wallet for payment and renewal。

(Website developers in ghana)

2018year,Mobile wallet interworking system online,Not only can you realize fast transfer,More promoted and bank、Interoperability of offline agent,Greatly integrated market resources for mobile wallets。According to the statistics,Since the line,The number of mobile wallets will increase year-on-year.267%,Total amount of transactions is near320%。Although there is currently no driving payment from East Africa on the scale, Wang Kenya,But regardless of policy support、The degree of participation of mobile operators,Still market acceptance,Ghana is a strong country in African mobile payment field。

website developers in ghana(Website developers in ghana)(Data Sources:Ghana Interbank Payment & Settlement Systems Limited)

5. Overall foreign investment supervision is not large,But still need to pay attention to compliance risks。

Despite the overall look,Ghana is more friendly for foreign investment,However, some areas have not been open to foreign capital.,include:In addition to football、Medicine sales、Beauty salon and other fields。Foreign investment can be established in the form of a sole proprietorship or joint venture。If it is a joint venture company,Not less registered capital20Million dollars,And wholly-owned companies are not less than50Million dollars。In addition to mining and oil and gas,Usually enterprise tax rate25%,In the bonded area(free zone)Export companies can enjoy10Annual preferential tax policy。

(Website developers in ghana)

Entrepreneurial companies related to mobile Internet,2012Data protection law issued by the government,as well as2019New Year Payment System and Service Act(Payment Systems and Service Act)It is worth paying attention,The latter specifies the license categories that provide financial technology companies to apply.、Minimum capital amount、Service category、Fee standards, etc.。also,Startups also need to pay attention to the compliance of labor employment in local operations,2013Opened local employee strike activities for wages and dismissal dissatisfaction。

(Website developers in ghana)

two、Venture capital ecology

In the entire West Africa,Ghana has a relatively mature and active venture capital ecology,This is inseparable from the long-term stable political environment.、The government's emphasis on education and strong support for innovation。2017year6moon,The Ghanhan government launched a name“National entrepreneurship and innovation plan”(National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan, NEIP),supply1,000Wan US Dollar Innovation Fund。NEIPIt is now the main means of providing support for start-up companies.。Currently,NEIPHas also passed the technical center to be about ten regions in the country7,000Entrepreneurs offers structured entrepreneurship spirit and business development training,In which500Name provides seed funding。Ghana government also committedNEIPThe number of employees of beneficiary companies provide a certain tax reduction。

website developers in ghana

From the perspective of talent reserves,The Ghana government is cultivating a large number of future technical leaders。The country has a strong local university network,For example like Qume·Enkema University of Technology(KNUST)Public education institutions such as University of Ghana,LikeAshesiUniversity(TeacherPatrick AwuahCreated)Such private university,Many excellent technological talents will be delivered each year.。

From the perspective of ecological support,Ghana24Essators and entrepreneurial space(tech hubs)。Although Capital Accra is the most active innovation,But these entrepreneurial spaces are far beyond the capital.。in,Kumasi HiveexistKumasiArea is in a leading position,HOPin Academy、Ho Node HubexistTemaleandVoltaRegional local technology innovation clusters have also played a positive role。These entrepreneurial space collaborate,Through Ghana Technology and Business Center Network(TBHNG)Mutual support,Committed to establishing a prosperous innovation cluster in nationwide。

In these incubators and entrepreneurial spaces,It is also worth mentioning.MEST (Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology),Is an established2008The Pan-African Technology Training College,Provide seed funding and hatching services for startup。MESTHeadquartered in Ghana,Cape Town、Lagos、Nairobi has a office。MESTOperate an entrepreneurial incubation project,Duration1year,Expert from global、Successful entrepreneur、Executive, etc.、Research and development、Promotion for counseling and exchange,Per yeardemo dayAfter that, it will also invest successfully graduated.。11Year,MESTAlready invested60Home technology company,in2019Annual investment11Family,Each home10Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

website developers in ghana

(Non-way innovation investmentVPLi Xiafi andAlexis Roman, Venture Partner of MEST Africa)

From the perspective of financing and scale,Ghana market is still in the early stage,Clean energy companyPEGIs the only walkCSurprise businesses,At2019year5British development financial institutionCDC GroupLeading2000Million dollarsCRound financing,And follow900Van Gold's credit investment。Apart from this,Medical technology companymPharmaAt2019Annually1200Million dollarsBRound financing。The remaining financing activities are mainly concentratedpre-seedWheel with seed wheel。

three、Interview with major tracks and representatives

(Website developers in ghana)

1. Financial technology track:

(Website developers in ghana)

Ghana's financial technology can be traced back1997year,Social Security Bank at the time(SSB)Will“Western card”(Sika Card)Introducing the banking industry in Ghana,Its purpose is to eliminate the use of large amounts of cash。Domestic first,Smart card can replace banknotes and check,Whether it is between cardholders,Still between cardholders and banks,Can carry out no cash transactions。2008year4moon,Ghana Government in John·Ajijik·Ku Fu(John Agyekum Kuffour)Under the leadership of the presidentE-zwichsmart card,This is a national intelligent payment system。Since it can be carried outE-zwichBanks and financial institutions of transactions,It is currently the only smart card that Ghana users can use such service in the country.。also,It is the safest system,Because trading requires biometric data before authentication(fingerprint)。

2009year,Telecom giantMTNIntroducing mobile currencies into Ghana's payment field。As mentioned above,As of2018year12End of the month,Mobile MoneyThe number of accounts is3,200Ten thousand(Among them, active accounts1,300Ten thousand),Compare2017Year2390Wan registered account has grown17.43%。at the same time,due toMTNHuge success,Other telecom companies also compete into this market,for exampleAirtel、TigoThen start operating in GhanaAirtel Money、Tigo Cash,Then the two mergedAirtelTigo。2015yearVodafoneAlso provided in GhanaVodafone CashServe。

With the digitalization of economic development,The government also pays more attention to this industry.,2019year3Moon Jana passed《Payment system and service law》,Organization services and related issues with standards for payment services and electronic currencies。The bill will allow non-banking institutions to enter,And allowed Central BankBank of GhanaDirect financial technology,The regulatory agency is a more extensive strategy that promotes a favorable environment that promotes both efficient and safe retail payment and fund transfer mechanisms.。

(Website developers in ghana)

also,Compared with other African countries,Ghana,useMobile Money APIThe availability and relative convenience make it easier to carry out financial technology-related business。At present, Ghana's financial science and technology,There are some local players that are growing in different tracks.。About traffic payment,Currently in cash,Entrepreneurs can also consider the opportunity of this track。

(1)Mobile Money

As mentioned above,Kenya is a leader in digitized transformation,But Ghana has become the fastest growing mobile monetary market in Africa,2012arrive2017The annual registration account has grown6Multiplication。The rapid reason for Ghana mobile monetary growth has mainly:

(Website developers in ghana)

  • Strong penetration rate of mobile phones(Accounting for the population128%)Make a wide range of use of mobile currency services,Especially in rural areas;
  • In addition to establishing a regulatory framework that is suitable for users and operators,Other key initiatives have also been taken to support the development of innovative payment technology.;
  • mobile moneyProxy2012Annual6,000Extension2015Year15More than 10,000,For more important conveniences that provide more cash payment and withdrawal opportunities and the use of mobile currencies。

2018year5moon,The new mobile wallet interworking system makes mobile currency transactions between different mobile telecom operators.。arrive2019year3End of the month,The amount of mobile payment transactions through this system reaches3.08100 millionGHS(5700Ten thousand U.S. dollars)。so far,Ghana people mainly use mobile phone wallets to transfer to others(peer to peer,P2P)。According to the data of the central bank of Ghana,2017The total value of all mobile currency transactions is reached1,560100 millionGHS(290One hundred million U.S. dollars),and2015Year350100 millionGHS(65One hundred million U.S. dollars)。

website developers in ghana


website developers in ghana

(Ghanamobile moneyProxy outlet)

A representative entrepreneurial companies in this field have:

(Website developers in ghana)

  • ExpressPay:Ghana“Alipay”,2012Annosting。On the platform,Payment TV services can be completed(DSTv,GoTvWait)Payment,Recharge,Pay tuition fee,Book a hotel room,You can also complete the personal transfer of individuals.。B2BServe,Provide Bank payment gateway services for banks。Offline payment service,Provide a QR code payment solution for merchants andPOSmachine。at the same time,Also prepared to provide digital solutions for government payment services。In addition to supporting all card networks(Visa,MasterCard,American Express, etc.)Outside of mobile currency service,expressPayTooVisaOfficial payment technology provider(PTP)。
  • SlydePay:Payment products,Can be from the bank card to anymobile moneytransfer,Recharge phone bills on the platform,Pay tuition fee,Hydroelectric cost, etc.。For enterprise users,SlydepaysupplyQR code, USSD codeSolutions andmobile money POSMachine service。in addition,SlydePayYou can also integrate the payment of three operators on one platform.。

(2)Small loan

Currently, a small amount of small loans in Ghana is telecom operators.。MTNofMTN Qwik,Financial institution with GhanaAFBcooperate(NowLetshego Ghana),Up to offGHS 1000(180Dollar)Loan,CanMTN Mobiel AgentsorATMOngoing。the term30sky,interest rate7%,Unable to pay on schedule,Interest rate12%。MTN Also provide another real-time microfinance productXpress Loan

(Website developers in ghana)

also,FidoIt is also possible to provide fast and simple short-term loans.,First time you can provideGHS 200(36Dollar)Loan,Up to dateGHS 1,000(180Dollar),Borrowing period10-33sky。Has got a license granted by the central bank。Borrowers need to provide individualsIDandmobile money Or bank account,No need to provide mortgage,30Tianli rate14%,Minimum8%。

(3)supply chain finance

(Website developers in ghana)

Ghana,Although the process of obtaining bank credit is simpler than other Saharan African countries,But the bank interest rate is very high,Generally2Bit number,Many SMEs still cannot get loans,Supply chain finance emergency。

A representative startup company in this field has:

  • Bloom Impact:FounderDavidforMESTEntrepreneurial instructor。Supply Chain Financial Servicesmarketplace, SMEs and banks that need loans needed。SMEs needworking capitalLoan,Apply on the platform,After submitting information,Platform matching corresponding bank credit products。Already in Ghana7Bank,Nigerian cooperation1Bank,Currently4,000Download。Integrate60Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

website developers in ghana

(Non-way innovation investmentVPLi Xiafi andBloom ImpactFounderDavid)

  • Growth Factor:Provide invoice for SMEs,The entire audit process can be24Completed within hours。Most agricultural suppliers, etc.30-90I can get the payment in the world.,Severe affect business funds,Unable to further develop business。Growth FactorProvide unsecured turnover funds via invoice discount,Thus, promote the stability and growth of SMEs。Interest is an invoice amount2-3%, Provide up to the invoice amount80%Loan。Current source of funds is personal。Already receivedMESTof10Wan dollar seed round fund,At the same timeSeedstars GhanaChallenge champion。

(4)Digital currency cross-border transfer

BitSika, 2018Annosting,This platform uses digital currencies to transfer funds at low cost or zero。 Users can use this product in a variety of currency deposits and remittances,All depositsBitSikaThe money is stored in the form of US dollar credit or stable coin。The current version of this product can achieve cross-border transfer of Ghana and Nigeria,Already attracted about approximately1000User,And handled near100Wan Dollar Transaction。 This start-up is participating in the global encryption currency exchangeBinanceOne of the four cases of the four African block chains in the incubation plan,And obtained Nigerian early investment institutionsMicrotractionSeed round funds。

(Website developers in ghana)

(5)Corporate Services(Pay management)

Ghana is a strong country with a strong cultural,70%The above population believes in Christianity。AsoribaIs a church payment management system,Including member management,Community operations and payments。Current income is mainly from month-subscription fees,Maintenance fee,2.5%Trading commission, etc.,Other income will be expanded in the future:Insurance,advertise,Religious e-commerce。There is already1500Church user,50General member。The founding members come fromMEST。Competition is mainly from the United States,Players in Nigeria and South Africa,inchurchplus(Nigeria)andchurchminder(Ghana)Is direct competitor。

website developers in ghana

(Non-way innovation investmentVPLi Xiafi andAsoribaFounding team)

(Website developers in ghana)

2. Agricultural Science and Technology:

Agriculture is the most important economic department of Ghana,Hematically hire more than half of the population on the formal and informative basis。Ghana's innovation in agritech,second only to Nigeria and Kenya。some agtech startups,through digital or other technological systems,Solve various problems that may be encountered in the agricultural field。for example:Logistics and Traceability;food preservation;food handling;data collection;Farmer Services(finance,technical training)Wait。in addition,There are also start-ups focused on helping agribusinesses build stronger collaborative relationships。

The more representative agricultural technology companies are::

  • Trotro Tractor:A powerful on-demand platform,Connects farmers with nearby tractor operators。by using cell phones andGPS,Farmers can request through a point of contact in the community,Arrange and prepay for tractor service,This allows for easier access to mechanized agricultural equipment when needed。in this way,TrotroDirectly helping farmers and tractor operators in Ghana increase productivity,also increased revenue。Trotro Tractor At2016Year established,Depend onMESTincubation,get5,000 in seed funding。Competitors are mainly NigeriaHello Tractor。
  • FarmerLine:Provide farmers with the information they need to produce,resource,Distribution Network and System Tools,Increase productivity。2012Year established,Cumulative financing74Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Investors includeMastercard Foundation Fund for Rural ProsperityandVillage capital,Also from the African Development Bank2300Grants awarded in ,000 Agriculture Fast Track Fund。
  • Complete Farmer:Crowd Farming(Crowdfunding Agriculture),similar to nigerianFarmerCrowdy。Complete Farmerwas founded in2017year,Depend onMESTincubation,get5,000 in seed funding。Users can acquire and manage farmland through their mobile phones,Earn a share of the income from the sale of agricultural products。

3. travel track:

Ghana's travel track participants are mainly foreign playersUber(2016year6month entry)andBolt(2017year12month entry)。Boltcommission charged10%,Uberfor25%。2019year,Russian car-hailing appYangoEnter the Ghana market。

Higher fuel costs in capital Accra,Small cars are the primary choice for drivers。Drivers generally prefer cash receipts,Orders paid by credit card are often cancelled by the driver,Some drivers also opt for offline services,avoid toUberandBoltPay full commission。

4. e-commerce track:

As the middle class grows,Increase in Internet penetration,The popularity of mobile payments,E-commerce is also gradually entering the field of vision of Ghanaians。However, the challenges are similar to those in other African regions,such as poor address system,Logistics is not developed enough,The middle class group stock is still small,Users are not familiar with online shopping, etc.,E-commerce in Ghana is still a track that has not yet exploded in its early days。

JumiaThe largest e-commerce platform in Ghana,2013Year to enter the Ghana market,have30Multiple official brand stores,supply15Day Free Return Policy,payment100%Assure。

website developers in ghana

(local wholesale market)

(Website developers in ghana)

5. Logistics Technology Track:

(Website developers in ghana)

Ghana's logistics industry faces problems similar to other African regions,market fragmentation,low integration,High emptiness rate of trucks,No tools to track orders and trucks,Logistics costs remain high。Startups have seen the huge opportunity and room for change in the current market,The estimated size of the logistics market in Ghana is10One hundred million U.S. dollars。

Trukris a graduateMESTof startups,The business model is similar to that of China's truck gang,Similar tech companies in Africa and NigeriaKobo360and KenyanLori System。TrukrThe platform connects truck owners and shippers,Add tracking tools to trucks,Provide tools for visualization,Real-time update of order status and truck location。Currently there are3large enterprise customers,7SME customers,Pick up per order15%Commission,LTVachieve7500Dollar。Already receivedMESTSeed funding10Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

(Website developers in ghana)

6. Medical Technology Track:

Ghana's healthcare infrastructure is rather limited。Ghana's government makes progress in improving healthcare,Public hospitals are still overcrowded,Seriously underfunded。Ghana has few emergency medical services。Expats living in Ghana always use private facilities,These facilities provide a higher level of treatment and modern medical facilities。Public hospitals in Ghana are usually funded by the government,Religious groups also play a fundamental role in providing medical assistance to the Ghanaian population。Many newcomers find,Compared with medical institutions in western countries,Insufficient quality of public hospitals and clinics in Ghanaian cities。

2003year,Ghana government launches national health insurance scheme(NHIS),The program has greatly improved the country's health,and eliminates the need for Ghanaian citizens to prepay for treatment。New system removes prepayment requirement,Reaching the poorest in Ghana。Currently,2017Physician in Ghana(per thousand people)for0.18,below the level of Nigeria(per thousand people0.38)。

The more representative companies aremPharma,was founded in2013year,Cumulative financing2500Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Investors include4DX Capital,EarlyFacebookinvestorJim Breyerand former Novartis CEODaniel VasellaWait。mPharmaA system to provide pharmacies with timely management of drug inventoryVMI(Vendor-managed inventory),Also on behalf of pharmacies in collective purchases from suppliers(QualityRx),take a commission。mPharmaCurrently in5countries(Ghana,Nigeria,Zambia,Zimbabwe,Kenya)conduct business,have50home hospital partners,200Pharmacy Clients,Serve40Ten thousand+patient。patients can use theirMutti Instalment payment for medicines。

(Website developers in ghana)

website developers in ghana

(mPharmaCooperation network)

7. Education Technology Track:

over the past few decades,Ghana's impressive achievements in promoting universal education。E.g,The country's youth literacy rate has grown from2000Year71%jump to the present90%above。Compared to many other African countries and developing countries in other parts of the world,Ghana has higher school attendance for children。2017year,Exceed84%of children have received basic education,Secondary school enrolment rates range from2012Year57%increase to2017Year73%。Although recent public education spending has grown from2011AnnualGDPof8%The peak value of records falls to2017Annual GDPof4.5%,But compared to other African countries,Ghana's education spending has been very high。Ghana Government2017Announcement will exempt the secondary education tuition in the country。The enrollment rate of higher education is17%,High in sub-Saharan Africa9%Average level,But not half of the Philippines or Indonesia。also,The unemployment rate of college graduates is also high。In education,Especially in rural areas,Serious challenges are still lacking well-trained teachers、Classroom facilities and learning materials, etc.。In order to solve the problem of education demand,Some startups have already focused on education technology tracks。

More representative education technology companies have:

  • Codetrain:Programming school,supply1Year programming course,1,100Dollar(40%down payment,60%Pay after work),11Full-time teacher,Have been trained250Famous student。At the same time, it also helps startup companies and technology companies to find developers.。compared toAndela, More faculty。FounderRichardOnceMESTStudent。Integrate100Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Mainly used for the establishment of branches。
website developers in ghana(Website developers in ghana)(Non-way innovation investmentVPLi Xiafi andCodetrainFounderRichard)

  • Ecampus:Ghanae-learningplatform,Students can register for courses after registration on the platform,Teachers can register to provide courses,Platform currently has2A thousand students,374Teacher。

8. Enterprise service track:

(Website developers in ghana)

Due to the payment of enterprises, the power is higher than personal consumers,Business-oriented services are also a track of Ghana。In the African market,Informal fieldinformal sectorsSurvey a lot of SME,Digital levels and capabilities are relatively low,Provide stock management to these companies,Customer management,Revenue management,Statistical Analysis,Payment integration and other services,Have sufficient market space。More representative companies areKudiGo,was founded in2017year,The main product isStorefront, Based on the mobile,Provide daily sales management and financial modules for retailers,Non-cash payment processing and data analysis。2020Year goal online5Thousand enterprise users。Get ready beforeFounders Factory AfricaPeriod6Monthly hatching,And obtained4Wan Dollar Fund。Has been completedFounders Factory AfricaLeading45Wan Dollar seed round financing。

9. Local life service track:

Local life service in Ghana is a relatively emerging track,Current local players are not enough,Mainly the expansion of international players and African head entrepreneurship companies in West Africa。Uber EatsandJumia FoodOperation in Accra, Capital,Nigeria Classified Information Service WebsiteJijiAlso in Ghana has a corresponding business。

More outstandingMeQasa, Ghana ranked first real estate classification information。2013Annosting,The founding team has graduated fromMEST,Already received50Wan Dollar Finance,2017Year-oldJumia House Ghana。The platform helps brokers,The landlord and other real estate industry are effective online business,Simultaneously simplify the search experience of potential tenants and buyers。MeQasaAlso association with Ghana Real Estate Professional Association(GREPA)cooperate,Developed Africa's first centralized central real estate database。

10. Media and advertising track:

(Website developers in ghana)

The track has generated an entryY Combinatorcompany ofOMG Digital,Africanbuzzfeed, SiteOMG Voice, Provide content such as entertainment and lifestyle for young people,Already expanded to Kenya and Nigeria。OMG DigitalCurrently financing110Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

Four、Non-way concluding

Ghana is a very good entrepreneurial test field,English-speaking countries,Political situation,Foreign policy friendship,ICTPerfect infrastructure,Attracted a lot of European and American entrepreneurs returned to China。at the same time,Support for innovation and technology,Many incubators,Accelerator and entrepreneurial space,I have chosen Ghana as a foothold in West Africa.。but,Ghana market is small in volume,It is often used as the next stop in the national extension of Nigerian Entrepreneurship.。From Ghana departure to startups from other West Africa countries,At present, the entire venture capital is still lacking some leaders.。

For entrepreneurs,If you want to carry out your business in West Africa,Ghana is a national market that is more important than Nigeria。Or as a test field in Ghana first wear products,Or after the Nigerian market,Extend the business naturally to Ghana。For investment institutions,If you see excellent Ghana local entrepreneurial companies,It is recommended to investigate the strategic planning and capacity reserves of national markets such as Nigeria.。

This article is a non-way innovation team"African Tenth Country Investment and Research Report"Second article,In the next period, you will bring you Côte d'Ivoire venture capital ecological report.,stay tuned。

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