affiliate marketing website development


today,Xiaochuang will take a look at the process of building a marketing website with you。We need to know that if the official website can play a good role in conversion,need a marketing website。What is the process of building a marketing website??Next let's see。

first step:Carefully analyze the user base

(affiliate marketing website development)Businesses need to know why they want to make a website,website for whom,This is the first step in building a marketing website and online marketing。therefore,before making a website,The important work to do is to carefully analyze the user base。The analysis results of user needs are not only reflected in website design and website production,Also reflected in the choice of website domain name、The selection of the website server and the formulation and implementation of the later network marketing plan。

second step:Choose the ideal domain name

The choice of website domain name must be based on the analysis of user groups。If our website is for European and American customers,then the domain name of the word combination must be the first choice;same,If most users are from China,Pinyin domain name is more ideal。There is a basic principle for domain name selection,short and easy to remember,The choice of domain name should also be related to the corporate brand、Website business and integrated marketing combined。therefore,Based on the above principles,Domain names are easier to remember and use than short,Because there are fewer and fewer short domains。also,If there are no special needs,comInternational domain names are definitely the first choice for company websites,The reason is very simple,comInternational domain names have been deeply rooted in people's hearts。

third step:Identify professional companies

Now there are many marketing-based website construction companies everywhere,But overall performance was mixed。This is determined by the characteristics of the industry。Years ago,There is almost no threshold for engaging in basic Internet applications and website construction business。Several students can conduct business with several computers。therefore,Companies must screen carefully before making a website。How to choose the right website construction company?first,Take a look at the web company's own website design level。If their website doesn't look good,How they can bring high quality websites to their clients?Second,Take a look at the company's performance case。This is a compelling case for a website,Can find examples of sites similar to their line of business;The third is on-the-spot investigation。Building a website is not a one-man job,planning required、art、Program development and system testing。therefore,The quantity and quality of personnel affect the quality and efficiency of website construction。

the fourth step:Well-planned website

Does the website need to be carefully planned??The answer is yes,If you do a more professional、more marketing website,Site planning is essential。How many companies think about making a website,How to design is a problem for Internet companies,They only have to pay a certain fee,In fact,it's not entirely true。True,Companies specializing in website construction have certain experience,Because they are constantly in contact with different customers,But they don't have a deep understanding of each company's business processes and user needs,This is the key to the success or failure of a website。A reasonable approach to website planning is to combine their familiarity with the company's business with extensive website building experience,Then carefully compare and analyze,In order to achieve the purpose of removing falsehood and preserving truth。

the fifth step:Web Hosting Can't Be Ignored

Maybe this situation is puzzling,but it's really common。Some companies spend thousands of dollars、Even tens of thousands of yuan to make a website is not heartache,But haggle over the choice of web host。It is understandable that marketing website construction focuses on website design and website production,But so underestimate the post-operation support of the website,how sad?you know,When most companies do websites now,they choose web hosting,Approximate cost per year1000Yuan or so。However,Whether a website can run safely is closely related to the website host。If you casually search the Internet,You will find that many websites cannot be opened or open very slowly,One of the very important factors is that there is a problem with the website server。How to do marketing if the website cannot be opened?