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  Great era of entering the Internet,Many companies want to build their own websites,However, there is a major part of people who don't belong to the Internet industry.,The construction of the website is not familiar,I don't even know that there is also the classification of website construction.,Sometimes it is just a matter,He established a one, I have to be a,Its website is very beautiful, I have to build a same,But this is actually a wrong practice.,Because the website has a variety of types,Its website may not suit you,So I will introduce some of the categories built for several common websites today.。

  one、Display promotion type

  This type of website,Although you can assist sales,But mainly in the Internet、Product brand promotion show,A postcard equivalent to the company,So introduce the company's introduction to the website、company culture、Business process、Contact information,Partner, etc.,Will also release some companies' current situation,For example, the release of new products and recruitment of talents。This type of website is more concerned about visual experience.,Communicate the company's corporate culture through the website style,Theme,The construction of the promotion website is mainly to increase company credibility,Further, the purpose of attracting potential customers

  two、Marketing type

  This type of website is more common,Their core goals are sales,He can introduce accurate visitor traffic into the website to help companies find accurate intentions users,Establish a customer's trust in the company,And transform these customers to the ultimate goal。Marketing website layout is more challenging than promotional display sites,His page needs to catch customer psychology,Describe products and companies,Make it to create a desire。This website is usually related to us.,product description,Contact us, etc.。

  three、Website mall

  Shopping site and Jingdong、Taobao, etc.。Provide quality services for individual users or business users,And create a relaxed and pleasant shopping environment for users。Website Mall actually classified。E.gB2B,He is a highly commercial website,Serve large businesses and merchants,Alibaba。B2C,This type of daily daily,It is often used frequently.,Can be purchased directly above。In recent years, it is more fire.O2O。There are some categories,Here is not well speaking.,If you want to know more,Please pay attention to the next article。

(Web Developer Website Ideas)  Establish your own website,Idea is good,But we must choose to suit our。Only suitable for us,It can play the greatest role,Okay,I am here today.,I want to know more, continue to pay attention to me.!

web developer website ideas(Web Developer Website Ideas)