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(website development intern)

I graduated in Luoyang,so,Work internship is naturally in Luoyang,when starting the interview,nothing will,Very nervous at first,I've had a few interviews, but they didn't go well,Remember to do exercises when you come home,Immediately scared me,At that time, I didn't care much about development at all.,Basic tab hiding attribute value will not be written,now think about it,It's normal for people not to,study at school,basically no knowledge,League of Legends is playing day and night。

website development intern(website development intern)I like Luoyang very much,tourist attraction

website development intern(website development intern)the hustle and bustle of the city

It's been a messy week,I met the company where I interned,I was interviewed by one of the partners,After some conversation,He thinks he can let me try,Initially set a salary of 2,400,three-month trial period,It depends on the situation,It's a rough road to get in,I was almost five months into my internship before I turned regular.,Here I recommend doing web development try to go to big cities,big company to learn,learned formal,learn more,Wide range of knowledge,A good platform can really bring you better development,especially in the early。

what about this company,Still using old technology,Baseaspx page,no three-tier price,normvc,only violentsqlstatement,Direct additions, deletions, and changes,Lots ofnetThe control is referenced in an existing project。I also transitioned from a novice to a basic novice。Data binding that can only write one page per day,delete,edit,That's basically a day's work,slowly learnedsqlstatement,Basic label comprehension ten times faster than in school。do it laterwordexport,excelexport,Image upload and download。But it's a one-day weekend,The time off alone is slow。But overall it is relatively stable。There are many wonderful stories here!