website developers in indianapolis


website developers in indianapolis

Northwestern University Mirror Research Center(Spiegel Research Center)in the right《Chicago Tribune》(Chicago Tribune),《san francisco chronicle》(San FranciscoChronicle)and《indianapolis star》(The Indianapolis Star)A study of three local news sites found,According to media analysis companyComscoreThe data,The time spent by computer users of these three news sites on their websites accounted for less than the total time spent online1%。

The executive director of the research projectTom Collingerpoint out,“This is likely to be a common phenomenon faced by local news sites”。

All media in this issue(ID:quanmeipai)Authorized to compile Harvard Niemann Journalism Lab(NiemanLab)article,Spotlight on what the local news media desperately wants to know:readers outside of visiting news sites,where did you spend your time?And figuring it out will be key to the news media regaining its competitiveness。

Not enough news time1%

99%where did the internet time go??

In the research,CollingerAnonymized data on visitors to these three news sites was obtained,and then counted the time they spent on the news site,and compare to how much time they spent on other sites during the month。

(website developers in indianapolis)exist2016year4month to2018year10month period,《Chicago Tribune》of computer readers spend the highest proportion of the total time visiting the website at only1.29%,That figure was even less than in last month's study0.55%。《indianapolis star》The highest point is2.36%,The last month was0.52%。《san francisco chronicle》The highest point of0.48%,last month only0.29%。

website developers in indianapolis

Statistics based on unique users of the website(Unique Visitors)。While frequent readers may spend more than1%time on a particular website,But the average is affected by users who visit only once during the month。The analysis only measured readers on the desktop,Does not include access on smartphones and tablets。

In addition to analyzing readers' time share,The study also collected visitors to the three news sites in2018year10most visited monthly100websites。

The results show that,The most frequently visited by visitors of the three news sites100most of the sites are the same,including google、Yahoo andFacebookother mainstream websites。but《Chicago Tribune》Most visited by readers100home site,have15not in front of the other two readers100in the list。《indianapolis star》and《san francisco chronicle》Similar performance in statistics。

website developers in indianapolis

The most visited sites by readers of the three news sitesTop 100There are overlapping parts in,There are also separate parts

in,《era》(Time),national public radio(NationalPublic Radio)and《Wall Street Journal》(The Wall Street Journal)of sites only appear on《Chicago Tribune》The top most visited by readers100name。Macy's(Macy’s),Major League Rugby( selected《indianapolis star》the reader's front100name。also,PBS(PBS),Reading community websiteGoodreadsand homestay websitesAirbnbreceived《san francisco chronicle》readers' preference。

Opportunities and challenges coexist

dig deep99%,Understand reader interests

Research proposes,News media need to expand their competitive horizons,Understand the needs of your audience by analyzing your competitors。

for thisTop100How lists can help news organizations,Collingerpointed out three possibilities:

1.By understanding what readers are interested in online content and how to engage,Help news organizations better understand readers' needs and optimize their content and strategy。

2.Help the news media understand what other sites are already doing,Even has done very well in content and form,avoid entering the same track。

3.News media can also explore the possibility of forming partnerships with certain sites that they have never considered before。

Before delving into the frequency of visits100famous websites can also be found,The emergence or growth of some websites reflects new interests of readers。E.g,CollingerSay,《indianapolis star》of readers are2016year only0.29%Visited the game websiteTwitch,But two years later this number has grown to8.8%,increased by nearly40times。This intelligence is valuable to news organizations looking to gain insight into the emerging interests of their audiences。

website developers in indianapolis(website developers in indianapolis)ComscoreSenior Director of Product OperationsJamesMuldrowA deeper dive into the data,“Today's audience has too many channels to consume digital content,So understanding their entire journey in the online world is more important than ever”。

MuldrowExpress,“Comscoreof data can help the media understand,Where do readers go to consume digitally when they are not visiting a particular website。This observation is valuable for driving the optimization of content strategies,and helps media produce more engaging content。”

(website developers in indianapolis)Think rationally about numbers,Position your opponent reasonably

But Niemann Lab News Economics ColumnistKen Doctorquestioned the research:Do local news sites really need to see other sites as their competitors??

‍“People don't just think when they go online‘Oh,I'm going to the news site’。they do a lot on the internet,And the time invested in the news itself accounted for a relatively small proportion.。”DoctorSay。

“What we are asking is,Where do audiences get local news?in many cities,Digitally-focused TV stations generally beat newspaper sites in audience share of online time······in about half of the cities,TV stations outperform online newspapers。”DoctorSay。But many news organizations are not equipped to solve this problem。“In most instances,Their analysts do not have sufficient skills and knowledge,also do not have the time and resources to delve into and understand the problem。”

“if they can figure it out,So the next step is what can they do with this data。There are actually two paths to choose from——Partner with the right local news site,or create your own product。However, due to limited resources,Few media are able to deliver on these visions。”

(website developers in indianapolis)But no matter how the news media defines its competitors,Collingercall it“more comprehensive competitive intelligence”acquisition is crucial。

“There should be a conscious expansion of the understanding of competitiveness,and collect relevant information。no matter howComscoredata or something else,The purpose of the collection is to be able to say‘Our readers' interest in news and information is changing,And it's in tandem with a change in the habits they spend their time in’。”CollingerSay。

Although the results of the study showed,The current news site data is worrying,butCollingerpoint out,News sites should still have hope。because the data show,The total time users spend on digital media continues to grow,Average length of day from2008Year2.7hours up to2017Year5.9Hour。Digital audience options are growing,Their requirements for digital media are also increasing。