how to learn website development


With the high boat in the mobile Internet industry,WebThe front-end development of this occupation is also very popular。Especially for nearly two years,WebThe front-end development prospect is unstoppable。Many friends see that this industry is good.,Have money。So,Affirmation is also a work that is not very good,Especially competition is also more fierce。

how to learn website development

Have a lot of friends,I want to do things tooWebFront-end development,But I don't know how to get started.。Today, Xiaobian will share it with you.。

1.The current front end is very high,Not the previous web production can be comparable。Novice learning needs to be a learning plan,Learning program+study-time+Daily learning content,Have a number in mind,Holdly study。

2.Everyone knows,This is not to turn a mess with a flying flies.。After all, a little white wants to learn from yourself and find the right job.,This kind of person is not1%,so,On the road to learning,There must be a leader,Avoid more detours。

3.Front-end base courses can first be able to learn,Then do exercises and cases,Because only by doing a lot of exercises,Understand the knowledge you have through practice。

(How to Learn Website Development)4.LearnJavascript,First of all, know what this language can do.,Can't do anything,Good at doing,Not good at doing!If you just want to be a normal front-end programmer,You only need to remember mostJavascriptfunction,Do some exercises can be。JavaScriptCore part of the front-end developer,Also a standard of salary,Now there is a specialJavaScriptengineer,Salaries are high。If you want to know in depthJavascript,You need to knowJavascriptPrinciple,mechanism。Need to know their own source,Need deeplyJavascriptObject-based nature。still need Deep understanding Browser host Down ofJavascriptthe behavior of、characteristic。

Ten points to the front end circle“Take heart”suggestion:

1、Non-class classmates remember the consolidal computer foundation

2、Avoid all kinds of use every daycliMoving bricks,Belonging to yourselfCLI

3、XPlatform applet and generating small program library,To understand the principle behind

4、Go out of your own peace,Dare to go to a higher level of life

5、Enhance your own technical ability,To read the source code of the frame

6、to learnC|C++ Webkit、Libuv、V8 Wait after it will be used later

7、OOParriveAOPGo back toFunctionalThinking transformation

8、At least one orthodox language,for example:JAVA、NETetc

9、project,Be sure to do quality,Some techniques do not have conditional creation conditions.

10、read more books Perfect your education as early as possible