website development depreciation


Software development costs

(Website development depreciation)answer:Website production5000about,Software development depends on functionality,Generally, thousands to hundreds of thousands,currentERPSoftware price10Wabout,Enterprise mailbox a year100Block,Work!Comprehensively, less7-10Ten thousand,Will not be less than this amount。

haveOAEmployee management in the system、FurthermoreERPPurchase、E-commerce shopping cart system, etc.。This cannot just be cheap.,Find a powerful have experienced experience in these aspects。Reasonable consideration of his architecture、performance、Safety。

Software development costs detailed related issues:What are the management costs during the development software?

During software development,Management costs generally include office expenses(With office rental or depreciation fees、Hydropower、Property management fees、Other fixed assets depreciation、Office low-value consumables、Exhibition or roadshow of various fees, etc.)、Travel fee(Investigation to project or topics、analyze、Travel expenses occurring)、Consulting fee(Some need to expend to expense with content completed by external power。

website development depreciation

For example, purchasing a highly professional control or subsystem maturation plan,For example, payment dealers or agents bonuses, etc.)、Management staff(Can contain managers benefits)、Business Hospitality(Some hospitality is inevitable,For example, with customers or potential customers、Administrative agency inspection work、Cooperative business collaborative office、Investment activities, etc.)。

In software development enterprises,Management costs are part of the proportion。