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(website development courses london)Websites are an essential part of doing business in the modern world。but,It is regrettable,Five basic rules are missing from many websites,These rules will greatly improve user experience and website conversions。

(website development courses london)We are based on experienced UK web developersEntrypointAsked them some tips,These tips are based on them17Years of web design and development experience,and pass it on to our visitors。

(website development courses london)By applying these five golden rules to your website or your client's website,You can greatly improve your leads,sales and conversions。

call to action

Does your website have a clear call to action on every page?If the site is not going to generate sales,Inquiries or sales leads,that would be pointless。If you add a call to action at the bottom of every page,conversions and queries will increase significantly。

(website development courses london)A call to action is a short one-line sentence,Indicates what a person should do by clicking a simple button here。

(website development courses london)A call to action can be“Call us to discuss your requirements”,“Click here to request more information”,“Add this item to your basket”。On the site where the call to action is added to the page,We see an increase in the number of websites40%Or more。

Write useful content

before you start writing content,Please define the purpose of the website。Too many people think they need a website,So create a website,but don't know what the purpose of the site is,just fill it with text。

(website development courses london)Another pitfall is trying to cover too much or too much,Ultimately weakens the effectiveness of the site。

  • Some things to consider:
  • Whether the site can provide information to your customers?
  • Is your goal to cross-sell and introduce people to other services and products you offer??
  • Is the purpose just to make money or to generate leads or revenue?

If your website is not useful or offers any unique features,frankly,You should resign it to obscurity。As search engines increasingly focus on user experience,Forgetting to make a site useful and easy to use is really stupid。

keep things simple

Write compelling copy,and try to show people's faces。If you can show your visitors why they should choose you over a competitor,then you give yourself an advantage。

if you can escape4words,please don't write10words!People don't read web pages,Instead, scan web pages and extract key phrases and titles。

(website development courses london)If you use the title easily,bold text,Lists and bullets to make content easy to navigate,people will spend longer on your site,and are more likely to interact with your company。

Generally speaking,One or two sentence paragraphs work well。Never fill a page with text or fill a page with waffles,Instead, combine pages with similar content and subject matter。

website development courses london

an examination,Check and recheck everything

Spelling or grammar mistakes stand out,and attract many customers。

Failure to pay attention to detail on your own website can give the impression of,i.e. you are not professional,detail,Accuracy and accuracy are not important to you。

It's worth checking if the link is also valid。Broken links and missing images can frustrate and disappoint customers。

After your website is complete,Please take some time and visit it with fresh eyes。actually read the text,If you find yourself drifting,Then don't expect your visitors to stay。

Ask friends or colleagues to use your website and watch them carefully as they browse,You can learn a lot from this experience。

In addition to the initially suggested goals,Do not prompt or give instructions,E.g“Discover……”。or“you can find...the price of”。Obvious usability issues often arise。Buttons or links that you thought stood out are actually hard to find。

contact form

Make it easy for your website visitors to contact you。A simple call me back form works great。

We see too many website forms being overly complex,Poorly worded questions keep people from ever filling in。

The basic element of the form is the name,Here's how to contact them,Hence the email address,postal address or telephone,then provide free type space for query or question。in every other field,you both increase the likelihood of form filling。

therefore,Its slogan is to keep it simple,easy to use,Thoroughly inspect the site and give users clear guidance on the next steps。

Now your website is ready,It's time to drive visitors to your website and start your online marketing efforts。