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What is a website directory?

The website directory is the directory created by the construction site.,The directory structure of a website is mainly divided into physical structure and logical structure.。When the website is designed to multiple pages,Generally requiring a clear website structure,This ensures a search engine and user access。Good and bad directory structure,There is not much impact on visitors.,But upload maintenance for sites,The content expansion is important in impact。

(Website development Directory)website development directory(Website development Directory)

Planning of website structure plays a very important status in website design。A reasonable website,Not only can you improve your access speed?,Sustaining development of the website plays a very important role。So,How to build a directory structure??

Avoid using Chinese named files or folders

Although Chinese naming about the use of Chinese users is more clear and easy to understand,But because many servers are used in English operating systems,Can't provide a good support for Chinese file names and folder names,So that may result in reading fault or access to failure。

Don't store all files under the root directory

The root directory refers toDNsSavage Directory of Index Files Pointing to Domain Name Server。If all files are placed in the root directory,Even uploading a file,The server also needs to retrieve all files again.,Establish a new index file,The amount of file will be large,Waiting time will also be。

(Website development Directory)Resource is stored

Resource is stored in different folders by class,Don't be too deep in the folder level,Find trouble when system maintenance。


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