website development for dummies


(website development for dummies)

There are many ways to build a website。if you search online,There will be a lot of website building company advertisements,The keyword that often appears is one-stop site building、Website custom development、Template website、Smart site building, etc.。In fact, it is not difficult to build a website now,The development of technology makes it easy to build a website。The so-called fool-style website building has realized the desire of building websites for those who do not understand the code to build their own websites.。

website for fools,Intelligent website building system using website building platform,The system has already set up all the functions required by the website in advance,Through the integrated front-end and back-end visual operation interface,Build your own website framework,What you see in the background is what your website pages look like。Templates can also be installed directly,Replace each element by uploading an image。

website development for dummies

You don't need to understand this way of building a websiteJava、HTML、PHPWait,Only the person who needs to build it knows the basic operation of the computer,It can be said to be a complete fool's operation.。The fool's website is actually also the template website that everyone usually talks about.。So what are the advantages of this way of building a website??

website development for dummies

Compare the way of building a custom developed website。High price for custom development and website construction,It will cost hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands,And the development cycle is long,Usually several weeks of development time。Dummy builds are a lot cheaper at the price,A few hundred dollars a year。in time,Template construction site construction quickly,basically3It will be done in days。Template-built websites do not require special maintenance,The upgrade of the website system will be in charge of the specialized technical team of the website construction company,When there is a problem with the website that you don't understand,Website construction company is your website consultant expert,can be asked at any time,It can be said that it is a way of building a website tailored for Xiaobai and not-so-professional enterprises.。

For the fool's website, let's introduce it here.,I hope it will be helpful for companies who want to build a website。