facebook developer website


facebook developer website

American time3moon14day,FacebookAnnounce the end of its timely game platform,Open to all developers。This move will become a lotH5Gospel of the game developer,The timely game platform will provide huge amount of user resources for these developers.。

(Facebook developer Website)Understand,The platform will be integrated directly intoFacebookMobile phone andPCEnd of news push applications,Provide a considerable user base for developers。

In the year of the one-year internal test,The platform provides more than200Game。In a detailed introduction, the timely game platform full version of the blog article,FacebookPoke,Period of timeFacebookCommunicate directly with cooperative developers,Prepare for developing new features and is ready for the full version。

existFacebookYou can also find access to advertising in the developer's blog.API、Specific information about related tool modules such as advertising optimization and evaluation。At the same time, you can also check the intersection of timely game platform.、Dynamic ranking system and other general function optimization upgrades。

Currently,Developers who intend to publish games in this platform,FacebookDeveloper portal has provided relevant information for inquiry,Including this platformH5Engine list, etc.。And it has becomeFacebookPeople who cooperate developers can go directly to the application release page,Submit the game to the platform。