how to know the developer of a website


(How To Know The Developer of A Website)how to know the developer of a website

Big data collection

Digital wave,Whether it is an industry or technology?,Faced with a hundred years of failureLarge change

Some traditional companies use TencentQQWork communication,Some people have introduced the company's administrative staff into the nail tissue structure。

Some restaurants also need to call for booking,Other restaurants have taken the lead in opening a small program call service。

Whether it isQQStill nail,Whether you call or a small program,Behind this point points to a feature——Digitizing。And the difference between the two is:The former is active hug,Passive product under the influence of the latter

but,Don't simply think in the case of information-based context,When we put this time node in the historical tide,Electrified this“Historical juncture”It can be seen after it is said.:Who actively hug,Who can master the opportunity,Who is passive,Who is possible out

how to know the developer of a website

In fact,From the site、APP,Today's applet、enterprise,Especially the digital contact layout of SMEs is constantly expanding,How to quickly integrateLeading data technology capabilities,precipitationDigital assets,And intelligentPrivate domain user operation,Become an active attack in the era of all things、Key to open up new competitive advantage。

Digital wave,Developers' definition and category are always changing

So,Everything incentive,How do we define developers??

“Plaid shirt、jeans、Talking is soft but with a tip of the technology”,Everyone is generally believed that developers are a group of people who change the world.,Their biggest happiness comes from“No codeBUG”。Inrectly,As the number of developers increased and gradually systemified,Its definition has long been limited to programmers;At the same time under the polymerization effect,Developer ecologyAlso gradually,And with the development of the Internet,Its border has gradually become blurred。

how to know the developer of a website

From the Internet,The creation of the developer ecology has already appeared,The earliest understanding may be the network of computers and computers,At that time, the individual computer was connected to each other through the server.,Users will sit in front of the computer,Very careful and patiently browsing the news page on the day。

From a more far-reaching perspective,That era has given birth to the Internet giants in many days.。1994year, MosaicBrowser and World wide NebAppearance,Let the Internet start to attract public attention。Also in this year,Yang Zhiyuan created Yahoo。Arrived1996year,For most companies,An open website has become a necessity。therefore,Developer ecosystems expand around the website。This time the programmer is characteristic,Programmer“Pattern”Become a unique standard for measuring the strength of developers。

In that era,Developer、Programmer is doingEnterprise information,True from the tide is not a developer,Just like Li Yanhong2012Year-old,“In the Internet,In a sense, it can be said that it is a webmaster era.,As a webmaster, you may not need to learnC++You can do it well。”E.g,Just20The junior high school graduates can make a very successful website.,hao123Is the most typical example。

It's undeniable,As the Internet accelerates popularization,Personal computer transformation is personal calculation。2010Year-oldiPadAnd lateriPhone,Let mobile device become the most recent Internet entry,And the emergence of various wearable devices has accelerated this process。

In such an era,The morphology is no longer important,Calculate each person with more cheap and convenient way。Such itself accelerates the growth of the developer,Everyone has a calculated power,And you can put your own ideas into product production,Therefore, the process of opening an open innovation。

how to know the developer of a website

(How To Know The Developer of A Website)At this moment,According to the era background,Developers have exclusive nouns:Mobile developer。2010 year 3G,2013 year 4G Network commercial,Late the foundation for the soaking of the mobile Internet,Developers' ecological scale is further expanded。Ecology gradually enriches a series of developer tools,Use these tools,Three or five people can develop APP。

This is visible,Programming capacity is no longer a symbol of developer strength,How to use mature developer tools,How to make timelyAPPPlug-in、Assembly、Hot updates are the only standards for measuring developers。

Low code integration tool,Let the developer's threshold decrease。from 2010Beginning,Domestic mobile developers ecology ushered in the development of wellbetting。During this period, countless developers,They have great enthusiasm research technology and open source and sharing。In those years, it is also the best era of mobile developers.。

2019year,In the small program business is in an explosive growth,Most small procedures development company business volume boat high。CompareAPP,Small procedure development process is simple,Technical threshold,on the other hand,Continuous improvement in Internet infrastructure,The developer ecology is gradually moving towards“No code”developing,Development is no longer similar“Farmland”。

Even so,These digitized contacts(website、APP、Applets)Still need“reclamation”,“Tie”,“Harvest”,But now there is a high-quality third-party tool,Just use these tools to complete the steps,Work content is simple,Threshold,A large demand,Also means a lot of people enter this industry。and,In the future, with cloud computing、Big data,Sign in no code,Everyone is a developerThe time will definitely come。

Variety is not from its Zong,The core of developer ecology pursuit——Educate

Ecology is initially a biological noun,Take water ecology as an example。Water has different forms,These different forms can change in the process of its different states,Let the ecology go through a process of self-circulation and self-purification,typical of ecosystems。bring the concept to the present,The typical feature of the developer ecosystem is to serve users,Add value to users。in other words,Ecology is not an end in itself,But better service and good developers。Under this trend,Provide services based on developer ecology,Some companies empowering SMEs see more clearly。

(How To Know The Developer of A Website)

Deep cultivation in the field of developers11year,Global Data Intelligence Service Provider Youmeng+Experienced the whole process of developer ecological change,also experience this。interviewing,Youmeng+Chief Product Officer Lin Minghui told《Big Data Digest》,The customer base is now wider than before,Not limited to Douyin、Kuaishou and other Internet companies,but all businesses with data needs,For example, the traditional enterprise Guangzhou Library is actively embracing the developer ecology,Proactively engage in digital transformation。

And in the entire developer ecosystem,“According to the nature of the product,heavy code,low code,no codeAll three typical characteristics exist,Many companies try to developown core-based code framework,This is heavy code;Reduce programmer dependencies,directly use the integratedSDK、API,Fine-tuned for your business,low-code;direct‘cut off’programmer,Fully rely on services based on developer ecology,Obviously no code。”

With the continuous improvement of Internet infrastructure,The characteristics of the developer ecology are from“heavy code”gradually transition to“no code”。An important force driving the transition isCost reduction and efficiency increase。in other words,No matter how the developer ecosystem changes,The core demands of all enterprises and developers have not changed,always cost efficient。Especially in the context of the epidemic,It becomes more difficult for SMEs to obtain financing,Operating income continues to decline,If the issue of cost efficiency is not well grasped,have“Shuffle”Danger of being out。

The income of small and medium-sized enterprises mainly engaged in offline business has declined significantly,In February, the worst of the epidemic,29.6%of SMEs' revenue declined50%above,85%SME cash can only be maintained3month。

how to know the developer of a website

legend:From an industry perspective,User consumption index dropped significantly:go out for meal-0.70、takeout-0.45、business trip-0.71、Domestic travel-0.74、Outbound tourism-0.56、car-hailing-0.55、online shopping-0.22。

on the other hand,artificial intelligence、Big Data、The development of cloud and other technologies encounters bottlenecks,Support provided by the developer ecosystem,actually stay in“low code”stage,Small and micro enterprises“need programmer”and“No need for a programmer”between the two,Taking into account the consumption of labor costs,Cost efficiency issues will be seen more clearly。Third-party developer data service companies see this more clearly,Tools from a business perspective、Exploration of infrastructure,And form a closed loop of a complete set of developer data services。

how to know the developer of a website

Youmeng+This is the case for the cost-reduction and efficiency-enhancing toolkit created。Starting from the user's life journey,Complete quick login through smart authentication,engage usersAPPThe first step is silky smooth;After becoming a registered user,Application Performance Monitoring PlatformU-APMSynchronized and effective monitoring、Locate and fixAPPcollapse、Problems such as flashbacks and exceptions,Improve user retention;

And when users are immersed inAPPmiddle time,Developers can also share through socialU-Shareand fission toolsU-LinkHelp users complete sharing、fission,Ensure user stickiness and fission pull new;finally,When users are silent or churn,Then push the product through the messageU-PushImprove development efficiency and user engagement rate,Thousands of people, thousands of faces and personalized real-time push,Help developers achieve more refined operations。in specific practice,Youmeng+ofCost reduction and efficiency improvement5big tool,Directly helped thousands of small and medium-sized developer companies achieve profit growth。

Future developer ecology:Everyone develops

The developer ecology characterized by heavy code mainly depends on the programmer's“Code force”,Low-code mainly relies on the maturity of the integration tools,without code features,so far,Still from the imagination of future technology。

The future is full of imagination,Bill Gates has a saying:“We always overestimate the changes in the next two years,while underestimating the changes over the next ten years”。This inaccurate grasp of the future,let's call it“Bill Gates Trap”。obviously,Understanding of the future developer ecology,Most people are still stuck“Bill Gates Trap”。

how to know the developer of a website(How To Know The Developer of A Website)

From the perspective of microscopic space-time,2021Year in the post-pandemic era,The developer ecosystem will still focus on small programs,First of all, the small program ecology will become more and more prosperous,Cost reduction and efficiency enhancement and realization of benefits will become the continuous pursuit of developers;Second,more than technology,The operation of small programs will also become the focus of the ecology。

From a macro perspective,Artificial intelligence technology will inevitably complete the transformation of comprehensive intelligence,Big data is still commercially produced“new oil”。With the support of these two factors,The developer ecosystem will completely shift to the no-code stage,If still with“code”On heroes,Clearly underestimating the changes over the next ten years。

in the future,Everyone is a developer,Opportunity exists among the masses。Lin Minghui told Big Data Digest:futureThe boundaries between the virtual and real combination of the Internet will become increasingly blurred,Changes in human-computer interaction will accelerate,Its speed of change analogy10Text messages sent years ago and short video uploads today。therefore,in the field of development,In the future, developer interaction will be very strong,very real。”Lin Minghui said,This direction is currently only the layout of leading companies,So a lot of opportunities for future developers exist in this“video based、based on true interaction”Product direction。

(How To Know The Developer of A Website)

Another opportunity is presentData-driven business growth。This direction not only requires an infrastructure to support,Also have a complete set of“process”。Take a small procedure as an example,In the future, many developments,Not only to develop a small program to complete the task,Need to have a new,Keep,Activate consciousness and action。therefore,Lin Minghui said,The second chance of developers is not limited to technical services,Also exists in a set of service growth services。

The third opportunity is aboutAll things interconnected。along with5GBuilding is getting more mature,We will be close to everything in history.,A mobile phone will perfectly control all the electrical appliances in home,A family is called by the data generated in the Chinese interconnection“Massive volume”。How to make these massive data connection and flow,Is the next opportunity facing developers。

(How To Know The Developer of A Website)

facing the future,Only those prepared,Can stand on the tip of the wind。Aliens who have been serving developer ecology with rich experience+In the face of the above three directions,Due to two preparations:Technology and data

Technical Friends+Will continue to invest a lot of research and development power,Build developers' infrastructure,Continue to the protection of intelligence、Technologies。E.g,Currently launchedU-VerifyMain intelligent authentication login,U-APMMain application performance monitoring platform,U-ShareandU-LinkCan help developers do social sharing and fission。

how to know the developer of a website

In terms of data,Friendship+Will continue to help developers build“Internet corporate data bank”,Aims to solve the data“Pick、establish、Tube、use”question:First of all, business dataization and data assetization,Data collection,And quickly form the data asset。Secondly, asset applications,Push to form a variety of messages,Marketing。

(How To Know The Developer of A Website)

On the one hand, understand and layout developers ecology,On the other hand, I always adhere to the developer to provide one-stop developer data service.、Developer tool。Growth as data intelligent drive business,This is the friend+Can deep plow in the developer field for many years,Always promote the secret of developers ecological changes in the large environment。

In a developer ecology that is always changed,Only see more possibilities,First developer's worries,In order to have the power to lead the industry or even change the power of the industry in the continuous updated change。


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